June 28, 2010

MRQ distracted by bright, shiny objects


wearing pants. Wigdy

minutes away from doing #1 Sara

Kevlar underpants Bussorah

nobody told. Deekaman

I have to go scrub my brain Trog.

a bunch of democrats looking for a handout Silent E

The thrill is gone. Mary

ask me why I know this. Elliot

I know what they were going for Owen


I forgot how to use it CFR

I just spit Spammy

Go all the way. Corey

tabloids & old police reports AL Gore's brain.

I'm stimulating. Shoebox

show the gams. TheTeditorial

milk an almond. Dipity

a different calculator involved Chris

The Secret Knuckleball Tom

the blathering begins... Dean

want my image tarnished Hohner.

the first time I had sex. Michael

HerB.O.T. 6000 Kevin

distracted by bright, shiny objects Lance.


Behind every farmer's daughter Wigdy

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Real Debate said...

Well, I was wearing pants.