May 10, 2010

MRQ useless, but entertaining, information.


Swimming in seaweed. Althouse

They just don’t make ‘em like that 'Ol Broad

no longer covers Patrick

a sexy gal in a black nightie. Paul

hit with 13 inches Jack

useless, but entertaining, information. Owen

xenophobic bigotry Steve

is the device overusing me? Mme Zoltar

you've always wanted to beat the crap out of him Tom

I can see November from my house. Peter

will be revealed. CFR

Obligatory blogwhoring Trog

buy fun As seen in WI


men rock!! CFR

Between loads Corey

Personal Exhale Tax Al Gore's Brain

it's plaid. Shoebox

single handedly saving Saturday Nick.

is it kinked? Carrie

about to get a crotch punch. Sara

Crossing my fingers that Lady GaGa is next. Christian

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