May 3, 2010

MRQ might get slapped


Seeing the beginning. Patrick

A socialist, an atheist, and a Muslim Althouse

there’s no hope Owen

functionally meaningless. Elliot

Take a left when you enter the trailer park SER

How completely radical. Me

poor and oppressed Silent E

It's not true. Tom

little good ever comes Trog

always the good girl. Carrie


Romantically Challenged Alyssa

playing with it in the potty CFR

might get slapped. Corey

faux white trash. Bruce

1398.6 sq ft of tin foil on hand for each family member. Al Gore's Brain

Twitter=blogging for ADHD sufferers! Shoebox

a lot of "heat" Carrie

my toof is on fiah Sara

easy to miss. Egg. (Not in my book)

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