May 14, 2010

$9 Rental Car Tax to fund KRM?

This is a slide from a SE Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority power point summary of the KRM project, which they refuse to let die the death it deserves.
CRG is reporting that the SERTA will vote to increase the existing tax on rental cars from $2 to $9 on Monday. They plan on doubling that tax in just two years.
This is the money they claim they will need to run this project as projected at an 83% loss. I tell you now that will not be enough money.
The slide below shows their ridiculous ridership projection of 1.7 million annual transit trips.
The KRM line would need to maintain that 1.7 million number to meet projection. Let's break it down shall we?
14 trips on weekdays, 7 on weekends and holidays. So that's 250 days at 14 trips, 114 on weekend and holiday schedules at 7 trips (assuming 10 weekday holiday schedules). That is 4,298 trips a year, divide by 1.7 million and we get 395.5 riders per train on average in order to meet that projection.
That's right people, the SERTA expects you to believe that the KRM route will average nearly 400 riders on every car in order to meet that projection of 1.7 million riders. (As a point of comparison, the popular Hiawatha service averages a million riders less that this projection annually)

And what happens when they do not meet that projection? At that point they will need even more of your tax monies to fund their train.
They are also claiming ridiculous job growth numbers along the KRM route, as many as a million new jobs. Go ahead and drive to Kenosha (better yet ride the existing coach service that runs the proposed KRM route) and take a trip on the METRA and see the economic boom that caused. (sarcasm off)
I have confirmed that voting on this new tax is item 7.C. on the meeting agenda, consideration of enactiment of car rental fee increase.

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