April 27, 2010

Maximum Justice for a Change

Quote from the 25 year old who was recently sentenced for shooting a guy in a drug-deal-gone-bad in the Walmart parking lot:

"I just can't accept the fact that I'd never be a father to my daughter," said Reynolds, who family members said has a 2-year-old daughter. "My mistake doesn't determine my character and the man I want to be. After the tragic accident, I turned myself in - I couldn't live with that. I don't want to run from the law. I'm a man of integrity."

This from a guy who claims that it was a "tragic accident" and that it was a "mistake." No, mistakes and accidents are when you turn out in front of an oncoming car in traffic.

Mistakes and accidents are not shooting someone because they were trying to rip you off in a drug deal--while you're serving probation for cocaine dealing, no less.....

Your mistakes don't determine your character....but your willing decisions to deal drugs, and shoot at people in crowded parking lots do.

And this classic quote from his enabling auntie: "The only reason Reynolds got the maximum sentence, his aunt said, was because there were white people there at Walmart when the shooting happened. If it had happened on 12th Street, she said, he would not have gotten the maximum."

How about responding with something like, "We failed him. We didn't raise him to understand that there are consequences to bad actions. He risked the lives of dozens of innocent people in the parking lot that day. Now he needs to pay for his bad decisions, and we hope this can serve a greater good--that other young men of all colors will see what happened to him, and work to get their lives straight."

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

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