April 7, 2010

A Narrow Electoral Escape!

Here's an excerpt from the Journal Times that illustrates how delighted I am that "King of the Knock-And-Drags" Jameel Ghuari lost his aldermanic bid in the city of Racine:

At the Dr. John Bryant Community Center, where the votes for the 2nd District were totaled, Ghuari wished Marcus congratulations. But when Marcus said, "I hope we can work together," Ghuari, executive director of the George Bray Neighborhood Center, did not return the sentiment. "I can tell you why we cannot," he said. He said Marcus lied to him about information for a campaign meet and greet event. Then after Marcus left the poll, Ghuari said he did not think Marcus was sincere about working with him and said, "I firmly believe racism decided this race."

Of course he would play the race card. That's what poisonous, race-baiters like Ghuari do. Frankly, I'm surprised he lost. I guess he didn't "help" enough voters to cast the right vote! Jameel, where were all those democrat "friends" you helped get elected over the years? I guess they weren't as supportive of your efforts as you were of theirs.

Next time I bet he'll make sure to "help" drag 31 more voters out of the taverns on election day....

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