April 26, 2010

MRQ where 'smart ass' came from.


Please support my tour. Nick. Please click this link.

Pirates get paid. Dan

Around beautiful naked women. Althouse.

where 'smart ass' came from. Kate

aim well. Owen.

there’s no such thing as “green.” Elliot

bringin' the Ex-Lax Steve

isn't that precious. SER

unicorn dreams. Shoebox.

pee on my leg Casper

one lap dance at a time. James T

burning bush. ASIW

remove your shorts. bussorah

full-bone birther Trog

The passion is gone. CFR


I love Beer Erik

windmills or clown faces Corey

made mostly of steel Shoebox

that's what hubby says Susan

Who's going to put me over the top? Nick.

no questions, just enthusiasm! Carrie

I want to crotch punch them back to their trailer park. Sara

7 Best Orgasm Tips Chris.

I'LL be saluting TAB

tattoed near there Hohner

ugly nuts Michael

you clean up nice. Kevin. (Courage)

it is 5 o'clock somewhere Egg

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