April 12, 2010

MRQ Walleye on a Stick


A nation of moochers. Bruce.

Fuzzy bunnies. Althouse

Resisted having women. Elliot

drowning people. Casper.

easier to commit Owen.

Art of Screwing Dad29

a body to die for. SER

It's not how often. Shoebox

I have a chance. Still Unreal

I feel so violated Silent E

ol’ fashioned wienie Carrie


shortsandgoodlegspleasedon'tlookattherestofme CFR

home crying. Bruce

I accidentally invented the Nose Hair Trimmer Al Gore's Brain

If this day had a crotch, I'd kick it. Sara

go away. SamdHam

butt cheeks Christian

she only charged $50 a throw. TAB

Walleye on a Stick Kevin

the last rack Jones

stuck with the village idiot Wigdy

anyone can have a bad century Peter

VERY long Egg

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