April 5, 2010

MRQ over-invested in cheek implants

MRQ (Monday Random Quotes)

A butt of jokes. Althouse

too young for the Truth. 'Ol Broad

showing some signs of wear. Bruce

need to do her bidding. Elliot

Pay up, Andrew. Steve

a misanthrope and a hermit with occasional bouts of marginal friendliness. Owen

Loneliness! SER

Release the Kraken! Tom

being a pompous jerk Kevin

crazy talk. Trog

TRQ (Twitter Random Quotes)

hardly got ANY last night CFR

re-hickified Bruce

The large amount of abandoned eggs I found today must be tied directly to the ravages of Global Warming. Al Gore's Brain.

I blame Gay Marriage Nick.

flight attendants on Glee Airlines. The Teditorial

they are all at Opening Day, and I am not. Brew Crew Babe

make me laugh each time I see their bodies, Candid Carrie

funded by terrorists & ACORN... Sarandipity.

over-invested in cheek implants SamdHam

woody biomass Christian

Happy Opening Day Hohner.

might have to swing Jones

Tattooed-skanks of America Kevin

Hooray beer! Egg

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