April 1, 2010

Movie Quotes

How many can you get without Googling?
  • those could be giant Jiffey Pop Poppers. The X-Files
  • Where are my tic-tacs?! You've Got Mail
  • you take the blonde, I'll take the one in the turban. Young Frankenstein
  • If I have a day off I'll spend four to nine hours in front of the mirror Zoolander
  • No I don't like guns The 40 year old virgin.
  • you...you...you got a gift my friend. Analyze This.
  • Horror and moral terror are your friends. Apocalypse Now
  • No, I never saw Star Wars. Armageddon
  • You look like Gandhi! Bachelor Party
  • I've been dead once already; it's very liberating. Batman
Nice job folks, you got most of them. The one that were missed are in red.

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