March 29, 2010

Why government sucks and it always will.

Two stories on Racine Unified Schools today in the Racine Journal Times.

1. A plan to spend $8,500,000 to lease 8,000 computers replacing every computer in the district. That's 8,000 divided by 8.5 million, $1,062.50 each to lease. (Every staff member gets their own laptop, isn't that spiffy?)

That's right, they won't even own them.

On a quick visit to here is a complete system for $419.98, it even has a wide screen monitor. My guess is with purchasing power to buy 8,000 systems they could even get a better deal. Even at the $419.98 price that's a savings of $5,140,160 and you own them.

On the very same day they come out with this idiocy is the anouncement that Racine Unified will holding a meeting today to discuss another in an unending stream of referendums to increase taxes.

The board will vote in April as to having a referendum or not. (They will)

So here on the same day that a plan to spend money unwisely is announced they'll also discuss raising taxes on a community that is already overtaxed.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I brought attention to it, I must hate children.

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