March 31, 2010

Stop the mail-in rebate ban.

In case you missed it, the Wisconsin legislature is pushing a law that would make Wisconsin a safe haven from evil mail in rebates.

You see the legislature does not think you are smart enough to be a good consumer.

This idiocy is scheduled for a committee vote today. The Racine TEA party site has a good summary up including contact information for the committee members.

I wonder if the legislature understands how much tax revenue they will be passing up? Probably not.

I bought a cell phone a couple of months ago. $100 with a $50 mail in rebate. I bought the phone and paid sales tax on the $100. Then I got the rebate and spent that on something else where I paid sales tax again on the same $50.

But then Bob Wirch and the nanny staters in Madistan need to protect us from ourselves...

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Real Debate said...

Can't you read??? I rewarded TMOBILE for NOT having a mail in rebate and giving me the deal instantly.