March 29, 2010

MRQ didn’t do anything stupid.


get subsidized Althouse

Clown in Chief Kate

embarrass yourself Patrick

it better not ^%$#*&( snow anymore. Owen

didn’t do anything stupid. Elliot

the Zoo Interchange will stand long enough for us to resolve these issues. Tom Barrett

Chavez tested, Castro approved Scoff

unfair to cheap crack whores. Trog

Do you ever clean the lint filter Mrs Redenz

waiting for my 2010 Census Singing Bear Telegram Mr. Pelican Pants

101 years of losing and counting. Egg


I can fix anything. I'm a man. Peter

Mysterious gelatinous substance Bruce.

How do you stop a train? Rebecca

Why doesn't mars get an hour? Kevin

easy to get CFR

delirious from the sugar withdrawals. Sara

his junk up around his neck Carrie

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