March 22, 2010

MRQ a dirty lil' treat

telling Al Gore to go to hell? Althouse.
forever young and appealing, Mdme Zoltar
Kissing AND touching LMS
Favrenfreude Kevin

Could you live without your cell phone... BeeJay (Good question)
Good bye scarcity Brad

can’t shoot them in the head. Trog

mooooderate carping Malkin

Hope my prostate exam is to your satisfaction Rabbit

Freedom is fleeting. James T

My Majestic Steed. Lumberjack

lower quality. Mario

(D-isgrace) Zip

the world of unicorns and high-empathic dreams. Kevin

Over 300,000,000 screwed. Peter

A prostitute asked me if she could borrow $20 Bussorah


it's not bad. Bruce.

Another day, Another.. uh Al Gore's Brain.

I'll buy you a beer Rebecca. (I thirsty too)

beginning to sound like a commercial! Shoebox

not exactly punishment Nick

I hit on three of them Carrie

a dirty lil' treat. Sarandipity

comfort in Geraldo's mustache Christian

I have your parts Hohner

Спокойной ночи мои коллеги Patrick

remember what you did. Jones
I'm not talking to you. CFR

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