March 15, 2010

MRQ #&#^^$%%@ &#^^$&*$7 7^^$)(@ ~

an old minivan with two flat tires. bussorah.

Carrying a concealed weapon. logjam

paid for a back wax Trog.

I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once. Steve

expressive urges. Althouse.

Torches and Pitchforks. Deekaman

fan of Gladiator movies. Kevin.


hubby makes me go to bed. CFR

a wonkish twit. Bruce

Roasted Paulnuts Peter

I see his Candid Carrie.

release the flying monkeys Tom

involves ankle holsters. TAB

Something is pollinating. Radish

Quick! Somebody bore me! Michael.

Putting the "silly" in Scoff

#&#^^$%%@ &#^^$&*$7 7^^$)(@ ~ Badger Blogger


don`t blame me for looking Jones

Yes, yes, and yes. Egg

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