March 24, 2010

Journal Times misses the story on KRM meeting.

As I reported last night, several hundred people turned out at South Hills Country Club to hear Randal O'Toole of the Cato Institute speak on transportation issues.

I was surprised this morning when there was no coverage of the event in the Racine Journal Times.

I reached out to one of their Editors and asked why there was no coverage of the actual event. He informed me that they had done an advance story instead of covering the event including an interview with Mr. O'Toole. He said the paper likes to be a "user guide for the community"

You can read that advance story here, it was a good piece.

Frankly I'm stunned that the paper had no interest in the turnout or the crowd reaction. The Journal Times has been decidedly pro KRM from an editorial stance and has always solicited reaction from advocates at public meetings in the past.

Mr. O'Toole did indicate that this was the largest group he had spoken to regarding transit issues.

It is a shame that story was lost on the Racine Journal Times.

The Journal Times also took a pass on a KRM meeting last month featuring former Young Radiator head, Fred Young sharing his thoughts on rail expansion. Better than a hundred people attended that meeting as well.

As far as I can tell the only reporter to cover the event was Sean Ryan of The Daily Reporter. His report can be found here, it is definately a pro union piece featuring lots of quotes from IBEW union head and Racine County Democrats Vice Chair Jeff Van Koningsveld. Sean if you are reading this I'd suggest you view the video I did of rail development over the last four years from the new Sturtevant depot. You spout the union talking points well but reality is much different, kudos for covering the event though.

I will continue to upload videos of the event as time allows, the first four are up on my YouTube page.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly the pro KRM Racine Left Post also ignored this event.


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