March 15, 2010


Gov't says it cannot explain runaway Toyota

By ELLIOT SPAGAT and KEN THOMAS, Associated Press Writers Elliot Spagat And Ken Thomas, Associated Press Writers – Mon Mar 15, 10:02 am ET

WASHINGTON – The federal government said Monday it cannot explain a reported incident of sudden, high-speed acceleration in a Toyota Prius on a San Diego freeway and acknowledged it may not be able to solve the mystery of what happened to the hybrid.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said its engineers continue to investigate and are reviewing data from the Prius owned by James Sikes to try to understand what led to last week's high-speed incident. But so far, NHTSA says it has not been able to find anything to explain what Sikes reported.

Any one of us with an ounce of common sense can tell you what happened....

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