March 16, 2010

Coffee Party Pictures

These are pictures taken at recent coffee parties around the country. Coffee parties are the new play thing of left-wing activists jealous of the success of the tea party movement. My observation? Poorly attended, and very white. The absence of persons of color at these events of course proves that they are raaaaacists.

This is the hometown group from Milwaukee

Tucson, AZ. I wonder how many of these retirees escaped from Wisconsin's tax climate?

Troy, MI. Home of government motors.

Texas. Tell you what, how about the teachers union stops playing politics? Isn't that amazing, give us your money and we'll do whatever we want with it.

Colorado, They all seem really happy. Think air perhaps?

Kentucky - Too many mint juleps? The idea is to talk to each other people.

Boston. Apparently these are the Mass., voters that did not vote for Scott Brown.

Anchorage, my guess is none of them are in the Sarah Palin fan club.

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