December 29, 2010

Your Packer Pro Bowlers

As Obama focuses on....

As Obama focuses on the economy global warming, I thought we should take a look back at the lies of AlGore and the global warming crowd.

But then facts don't matter when you are pushing an agenda.

Racine Mayoral Update

Racine Alderman Eric Marcus is collecting signatures for a run for Mayor.

Update: Penny Sharp has thrown her hat in the ring as has someone named Alfonso Locke whom I have never heard of before.

I know Eric and Penny, they are both persons of high charachter.  I am not slighting Mr. Locke here we have simply never met.


That's the fine Brent Favre will pay for "failing to cooperate with a probe into allegations that he sent inappropriate messages and photos to a sports-television personality employed by the New York Jets".

Brent made $1,000,000 for not even holding a clip board on the side lines last night.

I'm sure he learned his lesson.

This will make you appreciate....

New York's snow removal failure really makes you appreciate the services here.

Documented alien with questions.

If I choose not to pay my taxes, can I just say that I want to be an undocumented taxpayer?
If I choose to sell cocaine, heroin or pot can I be called an undocumented pharmacist?
If I choose not to get a driver’s licence, cant I just be an undocumented driver?

If I choose not to buy health insurance that the Federales mandated on the people of this country, cant I just be an undocumented citizen?

Tell me, how is this different?

December 28, 2010

Ah the gift that keeps on giving...

I refer of course to global warming.

Only in ennviro whacko land in the span of a week can you have claims of children never seeing a white christmas and big snowfalls each blamed on global warming.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, never have people who have been so wrong so often been taken so seriously.

Badgers win National Football Championship?

Steve has it figured out.

Milwaukee County Thug Rule...

Has Begun.

Guess the number


UPDATE: Chris from Racine nailed it, debt per person in the US for this Congress.  More than every other Congress that came before them, combined.

Remember the "Rent is too damned high" guy?

He's back.

December 27, 2010

MRQ reindeer games

conspiracy nuts known as “Woofers”  Doug
let’s see if this sets the mood  Shoebox
a Festive Holiday Hat.  Tom
Just to see what it’s like  Trog
more stressed than usual Kate
you just can't buy class.  CFR
I’ll hold the chickens  Bussorah
a piece of crap. Owen
I just couldn’t help my self  Ric
are you suuuuuure it's really chocolate  Sta'Cee
I have a few friends   Frank
 I win.  Dipity
check for breathing every night  Jimi
spray-on wrapping paper.  Aaron
my pics are safe  CFR
I have to go to the bathroom!  Raydene
crying from a dream  Holly
Rough evening ahead  Wigdy
expecting presents  Kate
reindeer games  Nancy
take our relationship to the next level  Carrie
you can't rush toast   Keith
give it to the annoying teenager  Wigdy
I dont want to talk to anyone  Patrick
Slowly?   Egg
I was a good boy   TAB
Flat=good  Dean
 the Ooga Oooga chant Peter
Monday is winning  Dipity
Can I borrow somebody's brand new Lexus  Tom

Drinking Right Party Update!

In their infinite wisdom the NFL has moved this Sunday's Packer game.

Accordingly we will adjust the starting time of the Drinking Right Christmas party from noon to 2:30 pm.

Spread the word folks.

December 22, 2010

Well... one could hope.

What a wonderful thing this would be.

Pssssst! Psssst! Don't tell anyone but ...

Diamond Jim felt he needed one last junket at our expense, so when the opportunity to have another "free trip" before leaving office presented itself he just couldn't refuse.

Now, before all you Doyle Defenders try to deflect this as a trip to drum up "Green Jobs" business for Wisconsin let's check what took place against logic.

Doyle and his assistant's travel expenses and maybe some hotel and meals were paid by someone other than the state tax payers. But we paid the tab for the two body guards and another person. Over all not likely to be a huge budget busting expense, but still paid by the tax payer.

On ALL of Diamond Jim's previous junkets to get business for Wisconsin he took along a much larger group of people including those from our Commerce department and often a good number of business leaders who were there to assist in looking for ways to gain business for Wisconsin. Why not this time? Was he really seriously looking for more jobs for Wisconsin or was this just as I suggested - one last fling before leaving the governors job? After all the weather in Can-Cun is great this time of year. Did he even attend any of the sessions? Where are the agreements and a report about all the new "Green Job" opportunities he brought back with him?

On ALL previous trips the Governor's office made a HUGE splash in the media ahead of time about the great significance of the trip to wherever - looking to boost Wisconsin jobs and business. On this trip he tried to completely hide the fact that it even happened. Why? It couldn't be because this was just a free trip with no intention of bringing back anything to help out our state, or could it.

In the great scheme of things surrounding our states fiscal mess this is not by itself going to create a lot more ruin, but it is just another confirmation of the TOTAL LACK OF CHARACTER and ETHICAL PRINCIPLES that our soon to be X-Governor has had for the 8 looonnnggg years we have had him in the Governor's mansion doing everything possible to screw up our state!! Good ridance to an absolute failure as our Governor.

Do the math...

PEOPLE: 308,745,538
DEBT: $13,868,461,000,000

December 21, 2010

What a disgusting worm.

Barney Frank: Double-Dip Estate Tax Not Punishment Because Heirs Didn’t do Anything to Deserve It...

Oh yeah?  What exactly did you do to deserve it Barney?  Not a damn thing. 

Work hard, pay taxes your whole life and then Barney the worm Frank thinks he should get a cut of whatever is left over?

The death tax is immoral and should be abolished FOREVER.

Donkey can't be happy about this

Click me to biggie size.

Guess the number game.


I'm going to give this one to you.  0, the number of hearings, amount of testimony and number of amendments offered to the "Dream" act.

That's right folks, for all the scrutiny and for all the sanctimonious headlines written about this bill it skipped absolutely every normal process a bill going through our governmental system usually has to traverse.

Remember this with every headline you read that does not mention this.  The Dream Act was nothing but a political stunt.  I wish the left was willing to have an honest debate about this instead of just posturing for political purposes.

This should start with sealing our borders.

Christmas Music Favorites

While you sleep...

Your freedoms are slowly eroded and stolen from you by people you didn't vote for.
Just another Christmas surprise?

December 20, 2010

No thanks.

I'll keep my cars.

MRQ how not to play

children throwing tantrums.  Mary.
lewd and lascivious behavior  OrbsCorbs
likely to end up in the TSA  Egg
The margin of Wood  Egg
sounding like Ebeneezer Scrooge   Bill
a very good month  blue
frozen friendsicles Mdme Zoltar
scattered  Kate
TRQ (Packer Edition)
need a freakin haircut Erik
looms large Jason
Deep ball threat cianciola
hit the gym  Kevin
 whispering to you.  Wigdy
cut your hair.  Spammy
how not to play   Chris
In like (Matt) Flynn  Hackbarth
the jumble about bumble.  Me
good will to all.  Will
coconuts full of rum  Raydene.
 the paranoia of him doing it again  Nancy
an interesting game  Chris
the godfather of dumbass  Jimi
everything a total stranger can possibly know about two elderly ladies in the waiting room  Kate
comprised of morons  TAB
feeling mischevious  Holly
I bow to your greater FF knowledge  Frank.
all out of wood glue.  Mr. Peanut

December 19, 2010

Should Xcel Energy Clean Up Its Act in Owen?

I interviewed Dr. Pamela Jaffke, a veterinarian in Owen, Wisconsin, who is suffering because of the bullheadedness of her utility company, Xcel Energy. They, along with the other state power companies and the Public Service Commission, refuse to take action to improve the safety of their product in spite of the continuous stream of health complaints like Dr. Jaffke's over the years.

It is time for the Wisconsin utilities to stop releasing their voltage trash - known as transients and harmonics - into the ground, and upgrade the system statewide to protect people, and not just cows, from exposure to biologically harmful ground currents. Rather than repost the whole shebang here, here is the link.

Who owns human genes?

For my first Real Debate Wisconsin science article, I have decided to focus on human gene patents. The issue involves the patent protection of thousands of human genes and the elimination of drug development, diagnostics or any type of discovery based on these genes without approval of the patent holders.

Genes, the DNA sequences found in cells, “code” for RNA which in turn codes for proteins, often contain non-coding sequences called introns. Think of a blind person “coding” Braille into words. Cells have to skip over the non-coding introns when turning DNA into RNA. The RNA made by cells therefore only contains the sequence that leads to production of a protein. When a gene is cloned in a laboratory, scientists fish around and create a synthetic gene called a cDNA (c for “complementary”) which excludes the introns and stitches only the coding sequences together. This construct does not exist in nature and can be used for further study. For example, diseases are often caused by mutations in genes that in turn lead to faulty RNA and ultimately proteins, so studying these genes can lead to diagnostics and drugs. It is important to note that the cDNAs contain no information not already found in genes, they are simply versions that have edited out the non-coding parts.

Beginning over twenty years ago, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as universities and foundations, tested the waters at the U.S. Patent and Trade office. They argued that these cDNA sequences were patentable, even though they only contained information already found in nature, because the cDNAs were synthetic products of scientists in laboratories. The PTO agreed. One of the early patent submitters, Myriad, applied for patent protection for two mutated genes responsible for some inherited forms of breast cancer, and these mutations were named BRCA1 and BRCA2. The patents were granted, and from that point on only Myriad could screen for those mutations in clinical tests.

The ACLU and a number of scientists have been challenging these patents for some time, and this past spring the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York invalidated Myriad’s BRCA patents. The U.S. government recently filed an amicus brief which argued for reversal of the original position of the U.S. PTO. I encourage anyone interested in this issue to read this brief (although it is not brief in length) because it provides a wonderful review of the science and explains their arguments extraordinarily well:

I am a strong advocate of the patentability of drugs and diagnostics – without patent protection there would be no drugs or diagnostics available – because they are based upon new chemicals, new processes, and often both. However, I have always found the concept of patenting the information found inside human cells to be an abomination of patent law. One of Myriad’s many arguments is that production of a cDNA is non-obvious and in fact difficult, and does not exist in nature. No it doesn’t – but the sequence information does! As for it being difficult, I cannot patent a rock I find in my backyard, but if I spend lots of money to take an expedition to the Amazon, should I be able to patent a rock I find there?

A series of articles are now being offered by the Journal Sentinel that talk about a little boy who had all of his genes sequenced (no introns, just the coding information). This led to the discovery of a unique mutation in one of his genes and a subsequent treatment:

Imagine if a company (or WARF) “owned” the mutated gene these physicians discovered. That little boy’s doctors would have been unable to do anything without permission of the patent holder.

What do you think?

Caption Obey Claus

Trains to nowhere...

A different take than you have been reading in the local reactionay media....

Worth the read.


Way to go UWW!


The Brewers have traded for Zach Greenke!

Pitching?  We suddenly have it.

December 17, 2010

A rare moment...

A rare moment of scientific honesty....

Christmas Music Favorites

This year's predictions revisited....

At the annual Drinking Right Christmas Party we take predictions from the attendees.  For purposes of accountability these are the prediction from last year.

We entered 2009 thinking the Republican party was going to be "whigged". We'll exit 2010 seeing the first stages of the Democrat party actually being "whigged" from within. Shoebox.  All rightie then.

There will be a rebound in the Republican party. The US economy will worsen. We will be more invested in global wars. Expe.    Nice try.

Herb Kohl will leave the Senate. Sam Hagedorn.  Way off

Brewers miss the playoffs, Macha gets fired. Dean.  Nailed it!

Price of gold over $1,700 an ounce. I will not be asked to appear on the Charlie Sykes TV show. The Asian Badger      $1428.57

David Clark will be the next Milwaukee County Executive. Corey.   Wrong!

Scott Walker wins. Jill  Well done.

Scott Walker will be Governor. Da Bears will have a new Coach. I will lose 30 25 20 pounds. Chris from Racine.  1 out 3 ain't bad.

Governor Walker will drive Capper insane. Patrick.   False, he already was insane.

People will spend the $ they have. buy local. Gas will stay around #3.00 / gal (Fair $). Homes will start to move on the market, Barrett will stay in Milwaukee, and the Packers will win today. (They did) Jackie    Mostly correct.
Scott Walker becomes Governor. Lindsay Lohan dies. Mrs. The Chad.  Well, her career died.

Favre will do to the Vikes what he did to the Packers and Jets. Steve  The Egg man is wise.

Ann Coulter will pose for Playboy. James Wigderson.   Thankfully wrong.

Feingold wins re-election, GOP will get majority in house of Representatives, Dems retain majority in the Senate. Bill   Fail

My blog will make a comeback! Walker wins. The Divine Miss J.  Right on both counts!

Hillary will resign her position as Sec. of State in late 2010 and will announce her intention to run against Barrack Hussein Obama in a Democrat Primary. Glenn.   Not yet

Mary Landrieu gets recalled & Nebraska passes a recall law to get Nelson out. Kyle.  Don't try this for a living.

Brewers in the playoffs. The Tea party movement overwhelms the RNC. The Chad.  Chad and Mrs The Chad are well matched.

Packers will win the Superbowl. Doyle will retire out of the State of Wisconsin. JSOnline will charge a subscription fee. George Clooney will marry. Jimi.  I don't even know what to say here.

Mills Fleet Farm will merge with Blain's Farm & Fleet. Tom McMahon.  I eagerly await your next prediction

Kathy Carpenter will be re-elected to Kenosha City Council. Lisa.   Sadly you are correct and of course Kathy passed this year.  She is dearly missed.

Scott Walker will become Wisconsin's next Governor. Republicans will take back both houses of the state legislature. Peter.   Peter knocks it out of the park!

Obama will host a beer summit with Bin Laden... All we be hunky dorey. Still Unreal.  Have another beer

That lousy health care "reform" bill will be forced upon us. :( Marjie  Sadly true

Walker, winner. Joel Kleefish   Kleefish, correct.

Republicans pick up 20 seats in the House, 5 Senate seats. Walker wins. Pete.  Way low

Newmann drops out of race in May! Tom Snyder.   Way early

After the mid-term elections Nancy Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House. Me.   WOO HOO!  My correct prediction is the country's gain.

Jail Bird.

Yeah, they put me behind bars on Tuesday!

No new Wisconsin Labor contracts? Blame the leftosphere.

This point has not been made that I have seen...

The left is completely out of their minds over the failure of the Wisconsin Senate to ratify new labor contracts for state workers.

If the left wing blogosphere, the unions and all their left wing pals had stuck with Jeff Plale instead of throwing their weight behind a truly radical left wing primary challenger they would have likely been able to get Plale's vote and had their new contracts.

While they throw their focus on Russ Decker, I say don't forget to blame Folkbum, Capper, Zach and all their left wing blog pals for this weeks completely dysfunctional embarrassment by the Wisconsin Democrats.

Well done.

Progressive Lib Princess Pelosi gets an Economics lesson from Paul Ryan

I heard this on the radio on the Jay Weber show on the way to work this morning. Ryan's comments clearly show his total grasp of what America is about vs. Princess Pelosi and the other Progressive Libs and their belief that the working people of the country should be kissing her ring as she "allows" us to keep a little of our hard earned wages, since in her world view the government is doing us a favor by not taking all our money and then giving us back our "fair share".

Grocery prices are soaring...

But there is no inflation and no COLA adjustments for social security.

December 14, 2010

How cool is this?

I'm sure all this was all due to government intervention....

My Profound Thanks.

In two short hours I report to MDA jail for Jerry's Kids.

I am humbled to report that through this effort we received 58 individual donations totaling $2,770.  That's enough money to fund 3 & 1/2 summer camp scholarships.

You helped make a difference, I thank you for that.

December 13, 2010

Caption These Fish Flops

Stolen from Bookface

Holiday T's RDW Gift Guide

Need T's?  Having a special event?   My pals at The Sign Shop of Racine will print as few as 1 or as many as you need.  High quality stuff, these do not fade like those cheap T-Shirts do.

Give Ann or Will a call, 262-634-3000

Hey brother, can you spare $430?

ONE DAY LEFT!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know, I bet you are all sick and tired of me begging for money for Jerry's Kids. 

We are just $135 short of fully funding a third kid to MDA summer camp.  In four short days I report to jail and I'd love to be able to fork over enough bail to send 3 kids to camp.  (Do I hear four?)

Can you help?????  If so please click this link and give a little joy to a kid that has struggles that most of us could not imagine!

UPDATE:  Hey brother can you spare $615 $585 $555 $525 $430?  We smashed that $135 and are well on our way to sending a fourth kid to camp!  You guys & gals rock!

Obamacare mandate unconstitutional.

How fast will they appeal this?

Forced Food Diversity?

Here it comes.

MRQ without the hot ex-Governor


Mr. .000   Kevin

she was very good  Dan

that wasn't good enough  Van Helsing

that’s a tingler Trog

one and done  James T

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Paul 

Do it.  Owen

impotent and limp  Althouse

dropping F-bombs.  Mary

may have been a scuzz ball  Jib

Twinkle lights.  Dipity


totally bringing the suck.  Frank

stopped showing it  CFR

without the hot ex-Governor  Lou

Wine or beer?  Holly

I think it's time we see other people.  Chad

before they splat Tammy

If Obama Care is so great, why do we need a death tax? Aaron

WOOD!!!!!!!  CFR 

the corner of Capitol Drive & Hell  Dipity

a whopping 2.7%  Paula

Can I hear a Brrrr  Nancy.


playing w hostile crowds  Shoebox.

collapse dammit!  Kevin

screwing with football  Pete

pretty experienced   Nick

many tapestries  Conrad

salted like a pretzel  Wigdy

come get sum  Patrick

pissed off actual Communists  Egg

scarred me forever  TAB

being redundant  Michael

packed for all four seasons Jones

I'm cheating  CFR

not quite so tingly  Lance

bullsnow  Dipity

spreading the wealth  RDW


December 12, 2010


Thank you Fred for your kind invitation to be a contributor to Real Debate Wisconsin!

I plan to post at least once a week with news, analysis or at least an interesting article that I read. If anyone ever has a question about an issue in science please let me know and I'll do my best to provide more information. I am not an expert in all areas of science, however, the scientific method is the same (at least it is supposed to be the same) whether the field is biology or geology.

While most of you consider yourselves scientific laymen, I am never surprised by the insight that "laymen" often have in science. Too often I hear "well, I'm not a scientist". Really? Have you ever checked the gas mileage in your car? If so, you designed an experiment and analyzed the outcome.

Have a great week everyone!


The latest victim of global warming?

Maple syrup.

My Christmas Music Favorites

Caption the Metrodome

Talk about an under stated position....

JS OnlineWhen it comes to assessing and improving teacher quality, the most powerful voice in Wisconsin - and perhaps the biggest obstacle - could be the teachers union.

Could be?

The Snowpocalyspe Cometh...

Brace yourselves!

December 11, 2010

We're growing...

I'm proud to announce a new contributor to the RDW family, Dr. Edward Diehl.

If you have ever had the opportunity to enounter Dr. Diehl you'll know the man is passionate and articulate I can not wait to see what he has to say here!  Ed's main focus will be science but he is welcome to post on any subject.


Bloody Brunch to benefit tha MACC fund

From WTF

Time Sunday, December 19 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Location AJ bombers
1247 N. Water Street
Milwaukee, WI

Created By Bloody Brunch

Tis the season for sipping bloody marys topped with AJ Bomber burgers & bringing some good tidings & cheer to the community.

This time around all cash proceeds support the MACC Fund. Bring a toy to benefit Toys for Tots & get a swag bag filled with goodies from all your favorite local businesses....WOOT!

We'll have complimentary limo rides thanks to Blackline Limos...bring the family & take a ride in luxury to see the city's holiday lights!

Get your photo taken paparazzi style in front of our step & repeat courtesy of Rob Gustafson Photography!

Snack on the delicious pizza stylin's of Streetza Pizza!....AND MORE!

Stay tuned....tell your friends....& RSVP.....see ya on the 19th! :)

You can RSVP here

December 10, 2010

Get Fred Out Of Jail

You wouldn't leave me in jail would you?

Come on folks, we are close to sending a 3rd kid to camp, I'd like to wrap that goal up and start working on a 4th!

Help me help Jerry's Kids.  There are only a few days left until I go to jail for Jerry's Kids.

Click this link to bail me out.  If you give enough you might be able to bribe them into keeping me in there!

Come on your bloggers help me spread the word on this!  Let's show what the blogosphere is made of!

Guess the number game.


UPDATE: 97, the number of people it took to decorate the White House Christmas tree

Stupid is...

Its funny that that most of the "breaking" stories I see lately is because I DVR a silly little talk/comedy show at 2 am on Fox. A show, by the way, that has higher ratings in that time slot than MSNBC does in prime time.
The latest is a topic I've touched on several times - liberals, you are NOT what al-queda and other fundamentalist islamist really like. To wit, this was the hosts (Greg Gutfeld) commentary last nite about idiots that just. Don't. Get it.

[ "So Tom Krattenmaker wrote a piece this week for USA Today, about Portland, Oregon being targeted by a Muslim terrorist. This gist: How could they bomb Portland! We're just a quirky place everyone loves!
Or at least, doesn't take seriously.

After the cliched warning to not rush to judgement, Tommy says, and I quote,

Why would Portland, of all places, be the site of a terror attack? The "People's Republic of Portland" - so dubbed for its liberal ways - seems so utterly different from New York, Mumbai, London, or the other places that one associates with terrorist attacks. Portland is so much smaller, light years from the figurative front lines.This is a laid-back city where the red-hot rhetoric around terrorism, Islam, the "ground zero mosque," and the like runs cooler.

So, because Portland's a leftwing haven with homemade fliers for guitar lessons stapled on every Peet's Coffee wall - terrorists should skip us, and focus only on the big, boring cities without all those great organic cafes. Heck, they probably don't use cloth bags or read Chomsky (stuff jihadists care about).

And since Portlanders find red meat topics like terrorism so unseemly - our enemies should totally dig us! We love Bill Moyers!

Damn, these folks are dumb. They think their behavior is at the root of other people's actions. And that, if you're nice, terrorists won't kill you.

These jacknuts don't get that no matter how liberal you are, you represent everything terrorists hate, and your touchy-feeliness only makes them hate your sogginess more. Your clogs don't help.

Trust me - terrorists have more respect for the "red-hot rhetoric" of Dick Cheney than a naval gazing goof like Tom. And closing your eyes to Islamic jihad, in favor of contemplating the dent in your consciousness is why the terrorists may come for you first.

Because you're annoying." ]

December 6, 2010


With your help we have exceeded our goal of sending two kids to camp!

That's really not good enough for me though, we can do even better.  Click this link and let's send 3 or 4 kids to camp instead!

Maybe I should require a donation for getting listed in MRQ, or better yet require a donation to not get listed in MRQ!

Come on folks, give until it hurts!

MRQ enjoy it just a little

confiscate the underwear  Trog
work off that binge  Mdme Zoltar
I hear North Korea is recruiting   Dipity
enjoy it just a little  Wigdy
Blam! Kapow! Smack!  Dan
the rish I took Trog
getting a Hot Wheels set for Christmas  Jib
jabbed through the web of skin Aaron
I saw Spongebob and Patrick Wigdy
Is she a democrat?  Ric
shaking head  CFR
Princess of Power  Dipity
happy as all my guy friends  Frank
 it would be nice to have some  Holly
kept in cages   Kate
$1.5 million or best offer  Nick
Algebra is my kryptonite  The Chad
Coffee anyone?  Cindy   (Yes please)
doing it by hand   Jimi
Party on.  Shoebox
Blah blah blah Nancy
What happens on twitter stays on twitter.  Carrie.  No, it doesn't.
one really lousy dresser  Kevin
Fred Dooley behind bars  Wigdy
No likiee  Patrick
subsidize your unwillingness to work  Egg
shoot him again  TAB
my but-tox  Jones
blah blah SEX blah blah FOOD, blah, blah BEER   Dean
the better James Bond villain  Peter
Off to stab someone with this candy cane  Dipity
the party really is over   Tom
I won't have any eyebrows  Samdham

Listen to Mr. Wigderson...

He knows of what he speaks!

Oh, and he has the full text of Reince's letter to the RNC announcing his candidacy for Chairman.

Help me send Reagan to summer camp.

Say hello to Reagan folks.

Reagan is 5 and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy type II.  Reagan loves playing Wii with her Dad and swimming.  She is very much looking forward to summer camp next year.

Can you help me send Reagan to camp?  Please click this link if you can help bring some joy into a child's life.  Every little bit helps folks.

My personal goal was to be able to send 2 kids to camp.  With your help, we are very close to realizing that goal.  Let's send three!


A hybrid I can believe in.
A 3.4-liter V-8 good for more than 495 hp, and 3 electric motors that kick out another 215 hp. What does that add up to?
~198 m.p.h. top speed and a car that can "lap the Nürburgring faster than the Carrera GT"

The bad news? If you're reading this (or writing this) you probably can't afford it.

December 4, 2010

Drinking Right Christmas Party.

Our Cheddarsphere Christmas party this year will be on Sunday, January the 2nd, from noon until whenever at Papa's Social Club, 7718 W. Burleigh Milwaukee .

Just like last year we'll be collecting predictions from the attendees for the coming year. (I'll be reposting last years predictions soon so we can see how we did.) 

The Packers will be facing the Bears on the big screens. This game could very easily determine the NFC North Division Champion, come and watch it with friends!

Our White Elephant half-time gift exchange will also be revised for a third straight year, just bring a gift to participate.


Please leave a brief RSVP in comments so we can let Papa's know how many to plan for.

Miles away...

December 2, 2010

Please help me help Jacob Smith

Meet Jacob Smith.

Jacob sent me a letter today thanking me for being locked up by MDA to help send kids like him to summer camp.  Jacob lives right here in Burlington and he tells me his favorite game is Monopoly (mine too).  Jacob is pictured at camp with one of his favorite counselors, Mo.

I don't ask for much folks but I need your help here.  Please help me raise enough money to send Jacob here to camp.

I am half way to my goal and I do need your help to put me over the top.  I know things are tough out there but if you can help out with a buck or twenty please click this link to make a safe secure donation.

Help me make some smiles like this.  PLEASE!

Talking Points Memo....

If you ever wondered why left wingers all sound alike....

H/T Boots and Sanders.

You have GOT to be kidding me..

Really, Silvio??


Seriously?  First Rio and now Qatar....

Well I'm glad Eric Holder doesn't have anything better to do.

Aaron Rogers...

Class act.

Journalistic Malpractice....

Meg Kissinger gives the slumlord a total pass on the properties he owns that house patients of the very place he says he cares about.

What a joke.

Congressional Committee on Chicken Little


Good move.

December 1, 2010

November 29, 2010

MRQ not this week.

You attention please, MRQ TRQ FBRQ is taking a week off.

Why?  I just spent an hour putting it all together and blipped it into nothingness with a couple of errant keystrokes.

I don't have it in me to recreate it any more today.

Guess the number game.


UPDATE:  8, the number of Feingold mentions in my reader today many of them touting him for President  .

On the fourth day of TSAmas my true love gave to me...

Fourth Amendment Wear.

Three pat downs.

Two carry ons

And a low dose of radiation.


November 27, 2010

November 26, 2010

Quick, hide it...

Better hope Phelony Jones never discovers this....  Alcoholic Fluffy Stuff...

Muslim "Tolerance" in action

Here is an example of Muslim law in action. I am curious why those like Whoopi G. get sooooo upset that they have to leave the set when Bill O'Reilly says "Muslims attacked us on 9/11", because he did not properly separate "Peaceful Muslims" from "Muslim Extremists". Which group is this that plans to execute this Christian convert in Pakistan? Are they extremists? or just "faithful Muslims"? Have we heard Whoopi say anything about this situation? Where is the outrage from the MSM or the Whitehouse. Why haven't we seen protests in the streets in the US against this religious intolerance in Pakistan? What do we do in the US? We get all upset when reasonable people say that it is not right to build a Muslim mosque close to the 9/11 site. Emperor Obama steps up and wimps out rather than stand for what he should stand for and at least try to help work out an alternative and less controversial site for the mosque. We just celebrated Thanksgiving and most took time to remember that it has roots in religious freedom and the many blessings we have as US citizens. When will our leaders WAKEUP?

November 23, 2010

Who Said It–Barack Obama, Dan Quayle Or Sarah Palin?

The Snark Factor has the questions.



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