December 19, 2009

Obama gets


You mean they hadn't reached an agreement like they said?

Republican Senators Ask Americans to Stop Flawed Health Care Bill

Condoms at MPS.

If the age of consent in Wisconsin is 16, isn't providing condoms to persons who may not be of legal age contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

I'm not speaking for or against the policy I just think the policy for those under 16 is against the law.


Jack Bauer interrogates Santa

December 18, 2009

“Tyranny for Christmas”

This came to my attention through the email today. Upon hearing of the Senate trying to push a vote on the health care bill on Christmas Eve a local resident sent this note to Senators Kohl and Feingold.

I would add, how can they bring a bill like this up for a vote when it has not been allowed to be seen by anyone outside of Reid's office?

I will not disclose the identity of the author, if they would like to do that themselves they may do so in comments.

They provided a “Subject” field, in which I put “Tyranny for Christmas”

I just heard that Harry Reid is pushing to have this Healthcare Vote on Christmas Eve. The Senate is completely out of control. You people are so desperate to execute your tyranny, that you will have the gall to do this on a cherished holiday, when the People are all focused on love and family and joy... to sneak through your despicable, tyrannical bill to take over all our lives.

This is truly a new low, and just completely over the top. Stunning. Stunning. The government is completely out of control.

As a Senator, you have a responsibility to break outside of this box. Change your leadership, get a grip--STOP. The Constitution and purpose of 'the people's' Congress is like a distant memory.

I just don't know what else to say except Knock It Off. Return to your real mission! I don't need to recite the Constitution and Bill of Rights here--READ IT.

I am just so appalled.

December 17, 2009

Susan Boyle - Silent Night

Thanks for the tip Sherri

Borowitz on CompromiseCare

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) - The United States Senate today unveiled details of its health care plan, tentatively called CompromiseCareTM:

* Under CompromiseCareTM, people with no coverage will be allowed to keep their current plan.

* Medicare will be extended to 55-year-olds as soon as they turn 65.

* You will have access to cheap Canadian drugs if you live in Canada.

* States whose names contain vowels will be allowed to opt out of the plan.

* You get to choose which doctor you cannot afford to see.

* You will not have to be pre-certified to qualify for cremation.

* A patient will be considered "pre-existing" if he or she already exists.

* You'll be free to choose between medications and heating fuel.

* Patients can access quality health care if they can prove their name is "Lieberman."

* You will have access to natural remedies, such as death. More here.

Less than a year I bet.

Mayor McPervert is going to get a plea deal.

Hey Milwaukee...


You can thank the Governor and the Mayor who would like to be Governor for your latest tax increase.

December 16, 2009

That Chuckie Schumer...

What a classy guy.


President don't scare the people is trying to scare the people.

Entertainment during a timeout at Sundays Houston/Jacksonville game

Silent Monks Singing Halleluia

This bit of awesomeness was delightfully swiped from the Old Borad.

Wisconsin Democrats Statement on Multiple Offender Drunk Drivers.

They're fine with it. As long as it gets them a vote.

Mike Tate will find a reason to blame Scott Walker.

Massive Protest Against Global Warming.

Hold onto your wallets Racine

RUSD is back with their hand out, this time they want to build 4 new schools...

Yeah, the community has the money for that.

Gee Whiz, Wisconsin is another billion short.

I'm not surprised.

Why not take the billion from employee benefits?

December 14, 2009

Al Gore is making stuff up again.

Chicken Little Chicken Little.

UPDATE: It was not Al Gore making stuff up, it was the "scientist" he quoted.

Tiger and Santa

MRQ raunchy, and tabloidesque


the beginning of Snowmageddon. Owen

called the Grinch. Elliot

tell him when to spit Steve

The best way to stimulate the economy is to go to a ball game with aprostitute that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day until you're drunkenough to go get tattooed SER

Is it in you? James T

Barbie, sluts, Woody, Woods Althouse.

inconvenient news. Denis

Sarah Palin came to visit and bagged a local polar bear. Steve

my slushy snowbirds. Mdme Zoltar

How many licks does it take Shoebox.

super-soggy Egg

I almost never dabble Candid Carrie

naptime's over Dad29

Well that son of a… Trog.

raunchy, and tabloidesque Nick.


Nice cleavage Candid Carrie

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we can go to bed now. Badger Blogger

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chill and tweet, Foxie News

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she has not gotten paid The Chad

some of them can really squeeze! Pete

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I thought he might pull out Jones.

I make big messes. Cindy

December 13, 2009


After further review, the Bears still suck.