December 12, 2009

My Heisman Prediction

After all, he did talk about reforming the BCS system on the campaign trail.

December 11, 2009

Hatred on Display.

Someone is impersonating different individuals and placing some of the most vile hatred I have ever seen.

To those who's identities have been used I apologize. I can not imagine the depravity of this individual based on what they said.

Watch for this on your own blogs.

The IP of this monster is watch for that on your own pages.

I have banned that IP but my guess is they are using some remote server and could change their IP at will. If they did it here they will do it elsewhere.

This must be the Asian Badger's Office.

Perhaps Owen's


US Youth Crash Climate Denier Live Webcast in Copenhagen

Leftist tolerance on display again.

Time and time again they prove they have not a shred of decency or manners. Free Speech is not shutting down someone else's speech.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Jingle Bells - Live!

December 10, 2009


I forgot about this... Thanks to the Egg-man for a Twitterminder

Mrs RDW Update

After nearly 5 hours Mrs RDW's surgeon just came out and told me everything went very well.

She is in the process of being transferred to Intensive Care, hopefully I can see her soon.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon Rock

Caption This

Photo: Steve

December 9, 2009

Mayo Clinic On The Senate Plan to Expand Medicare

The current Medicare payment system is financially unsustainable. Any plan to expand Medicare, which is the government’s largest public plan, beyond its current scope does not solve the nation’s health care crisis, but compounds it. We need to fix Medicare by moving it to a system that pays for value – quality health outcomes that are affordable over time – and ensure its success, before bringing more people into a broken system.

Expanding this system to persons 55 to 64 years old would ultimately hurt patients by accelerating the financial ruin of hospitals and doctors across the country. A majority of Medicare providers currently suffer great financial loss under the program. Mayo Clinic alone lost $840 million last year under Medicare. As a result of these types of losses, a growing number of providers have begun to limit the number of Medicare patients in their practices. Despite these provider losses, Medicare has not curbed overall spending, especially after adjusting for benefits covered and the cost shift from Medicare to private insurance. This is clearly an unsustainable model, and one that would be disastrous for our nation’s hospitals, doctors and eventually our patients if expanded to even more beneficiaries.

It’s also clear that an expansion of the price-controlled Medicare payment system will not control overall Medicare spending or curb costs. The Commonwealth Fund has reported this result for Medicare overall by looking at two time periods – one four-year period where Medicare physician fees increased and one four-year period where Medicare physician fees decreased. Overall cost per beneficiary increased at the same rate during each time period. This scenario follows the typical pattern for price controls – reduced access, compromised quality and increasing costs anyway. We need to address these problems – not perpetuate them – through health reform legislation.

We believe insurance coverage can be achieved without creating or expanding a government-run, price-controlled, Medicare-like insurance model.

Jim Doyle's Muckety Profile Needs Work

I know he's on the way out, but couldn't someone add a few links to Governor Doyle's Muckety Map for posterity's sake? Seriously, he's missing important links to the teacher's union, the Native American tribes, and the vast web of big money donors that kept him in power.

Check out Nancy Pelosi's or Barack Obama's Muckety Maps and you will find tons of connections. Jim Doyle should get equal coverage. Someone may also want to add to Tom Barrett's skimpy entry and start one for Scott Walker.

Actually, I just came across for the first time last week. People can add to and update it, kind of like they do for the Wikipedia encyclopedia. So, the accuracy may suffer some, but the connections can always be double checked, and it is an interesting way to get a shot of a famous person's ties. You can get maps on organizations, too. Celebrities, sports players and numerous public figures are included. Say, anyone want to update the links for Tiger Woods?

Obama to GOP: 'Stop trying to frighten the American people'


This from the party of if you vote for Republicans your water will be polluted, your social security and medicare will be taken away, your infratructure will crumble, the planet will boil, your children will die of starvation, the streets will run with blood, the world will hate us, and they won't let us kill babies any more?

They think Republicans are frightening?

Oh yeah.

You should get with Harry Reid too and explain which party really stood up against ending slavey and was against equal rights... Go on you know it...

Prayers for Mrs. RDW

At 5 am Thursday morning we will be checking Mrs. RDW into St. Lukes Hospital for her second major back surgery of the year.

Her first surgery in August was a painful experience for her to go through but the surgery was a complete success. She spent six weeks in an uncomfortable neck brace and it will take the better part of a year for her to completely recover from that procedure.

She needs this second procedure to help relieve the chronic pain she has been living with for the last decade. (no, not me, she has been dealing with that chronic pain for more than two decades)

Mrs. RDW is a very private person so I really don't like to spread our personal lives around the Cheddarsphere but I wanted to bring this to your attention.

Frankly if it weren't for the wonderful relationships that we have built through blogging I would have stopped doing this long ago. We really do treasure the friendships that have developed over the five years plus that I've been doing this.

We would appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you could send her way during this time.

Left Wing Hatred.

Over night Michael Mathias called me a racist (again), a fascist (that's a new one) and threatened to sue me for deleting his hateful comments. Seriously, how far are you going to get insulting the host on a continual basis? This guy must be great fun at parties, your food sucks, your house is ugly and you are fat; can I come to your next party? And this ill-tempered clod thought he should be on the MPS School Board.

In the same breath he does not understand why he is not welcome here. Look in the mirror, that's why.

Additionally, Capper dropped an f-bomb and threatened violence against another participant. His comments were deleted.

If you can not let go of your left wing hatred at the door, don't bother coming at all.

There is a line, do not cross it.

Of course they would like me to ban them so they can try make me the bad guy for their bad behavior.

Seriously children (and that is what you are), play nicely or find a new sandbox. My tolerance of your bad behavior is it an end.

December 8, 2009

Double Standards.

Capper would have an absolute coronary if Scott Walker's Chief of Staff made any comments about Walker's campaign for Governor. He'd have a point for once as well.

However, when Tom Barrett's staffer Patrick Curley makes inappropriate comments about Barrett's campaign, nothing from the press.

If this had been Walker OWN would have had a complaint filed already.

Racine Left Post Shuts Off Comments Again.

Global warming is not up for discussion any more....

Yo Dustin, clue in, it is bunk.

It is a damned shame our kids are indoctrinated with only one side of the issue.

At least one left winger admits the truth.

On a spin around the radio today I heard Left-Wing radio talker Ed Schultz say the following, "Without the public option we will never make it to a single payer system."

At least Schultz is willing to admit the truth.

The health care "reform" being shoved through Congress is designed to destroy the best of our system and lead us to 100% government run health care.

No thanks.

Guess the number


UPDATE: The sitting SE Wisconsin regional transit authority has a $2 tax placed on every rental car as a funding mechanism.

To date the RTA has spent 44% of the money raised by that tax on a consultant, Mueller Communications Inc., for "public outreach and government relations".

A tax to hire lobbyists to push for even higher taxes.

And they want us to believe Wisconsin is not a tax hell.


Even the pro KRM Journal Times thinks this is ridiculous.

December 7, 2009

CBS Evening News: Climategate Casts Cloud on UN Global Warming Conference

Lookie what CBS finally mentioned.

Global Warming Fanaticism Heats Up

"Hopefully the world is waking up to the fraud being perpetrated upon it," said RDW in a recent post about Climategate. But, did anyone really think the momentum of the mass fraud of human-caused climate change would be easily stopped with all the power and money at stake?

Global warming zealots everywhere are frantically pulling out all the stops to insure their agenda moves forward, despite the damaging Climategate truth.

In Wisconsin:
Last week, Governor Doyle defended the state's pursuit of job and prosperity killing moves based on global warming.

In Washington:
Today, an AP article reported, the Environmental Protection Agency has concluded greenhouse gases are endangering people's health and must be regulated, signaling that the Obama administration is prepared to contain global warming without congressional action if necessary.

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen:
Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said,The ultimate responsibility rests with the citizens of the world, who will ultimately bear the fatal consequences, if we fail to act. Of course, it is up to richer nations of the globe to help poorer nations to convert to a cleaner economy to avoid this end of the world scenario.

Will truth out? Hard to say. When you have people whose beliefs and goals are more important to them than facts, extreme things can happen. History brims with examples.

Weekly Address: Pushing Forward on Jobs, Translated

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