November 27, 2009

November 25, 2009

Racine Left Post Shuts off Comments.

If ever a local website was more in any local politicians corner than Cory Mason I don't know what it could be.

Mason is out with a ridiculous proposal to pass toxic toys legislation in Wisconsin. I guess somehow the Consumer Protection wing of the Federal Government is not good enough for Mr. Mason. Commenters said so and now Dustin Block has cut off comments calling them, "especially nasty".

This is the same Racine Left Post that has placed multiple Cory Mason puff pieces in recent weeks while never covering Cory Mason's vote against bringing resources to Racine County to fund fraud investigation into the Wisconsin Shares program. The same Racine Left Post that jumped on the Tom Barrett bid for Governor on day one but has never written one word about Scott Walker's candidacy.

This is the same Racine Left Post where the daughter of one of the authors there, Pete Selkowe, works for Cory Mason.

The Racine Left Post does a better job of covering community events than anyone, I am a huge fan of what they do in that area. However, when they turn political their bias is so blatant it is becoming ridiculous. Sure, I have a bias, I admit it up front. Dustin and Pete claim to be objective but their writing proves otherwise. Their website would be twice as good if they were honest in their political reporting.

Before comments were turned off one of the readers there asked if someone could photoshop Cory Mason's head onto the baby with the poison bib... I'm not very good at photo editing, but here you go.

It is a shame the Post cut off comments on that thread. Feel free to comment about it here.

Hide The Decline - Climategate



This is a comment from a Boston Globe thread on the hoax that is global warming. A reader at Sykes site pointed it out.

Most of these posts are so delusional. It's being reported that the "hacked emails" supposedly discrediting the work of East Anglian climatologists were planted by a right-wing conspiracy funded by GOP shadow corporations. Bush, Cheney and their cronies will do anything to discredit global warming so they can all keep getting rich from the irresponsible burning of fossil fuels. True leaders like Presidents Gore and Obama are trying to save the globe from devastation at the hands of solipsistic and unprincipled right-wing extremists who appeal to the lowest common denominator of human intelligence, which is very much on display in these posts.

What a precious little nutball this person is. So, some right-wing extremist planted damning evidence while being funded by shadow GOP corporations? Big Oil no doubt. Thank God we have President Gore on the job to save us all.

One things these idiots never have is facts to back them up.

By the way, still waiting for apologies from the left r.e. the Kentucky suicide that was labeled as a right-wing hate killing....

WKRP Turkey Drop

November 24, 2009

These people who are still clinging to their belief in global warming...

Are starting to remind me of the people who thought OJ was innocent.


H/T Elliot


Thanks Bryan

Unemployment map.

I see the trend continuing in the same direction. Taking money out of consumers hands and growing a bloated government even more will only make things worse.

Click this to see the map.


ManBearPig is dead. If you still believe in this you have lost touch from reality.

November 23, 2009

The Wealthy...

Is there anything that Dave Obey does not want them to pay for?

Workers blow whistle on SEIU election fraud

And yet the President supports card check.

MRQ 100% certified organic free-range roadkill


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Give a girl a comma or two, and next thing you know, she's begging for an entire paragraph . . RSM


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I might have to start watching SNL

ONN Reports, Obama Teleprompter Fails During Family Dinner

Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner