November 20, 2009

Nothing New

So the Interwebs are talking about some hacked emails that prove global warming zealots have been tweaking their data and spreading lies for years.

I've been talking about that for years...

Good luck Josh!

(Josh suggested that I should run from the 99th District in Wisconsin)

The latest thing blamed on global warming.


I thought it was the oldest profession?

November 19, 2009

When the truth simply won't do...

Actual picture of the Earth

Photoshopped picture of the Earth adding in scarry looking hurricanes to push the lies Al Gore's latest book is spreading. (source)

You should all look up the work of Dr. Christopher Landsea. Dr. Landsea (An actual scientist) has discredited Al Gore's Hurricanes are getting worse and more frequent lie.

RDW International Bureau Expansion

I'd like to welcome Sandra back aboard as the latest RDW International Correspondent.

Sandra joins Plebian (who does not post enough but just wrote a riveting 10 piece series about playing Mr. Mom while Mrs. Plebian was on Holiday at Daily Dollop) as our eyes and ears outside of the 57 states. For those unaware Plebian shares his thoughts and observations from a bunker somewhere in Belgium.

Sandra and her husband Frank have taken up residence in the UK and she has volunteered to wax poetic now and again about life in Europe.

For those who are aware of who Sandra is, she has a pending legal issue with the City of Racine and will not be commenting about that at all. If anyone posts anything derogatory about that situation those comments will be deleted by me.

1 Union Job to Hang The Wreath, Two Union Jobs To Supervise The Hanging of the Wreath.

H/T Paul
The Milwaukee County Board would have voted to save these jobs, the Obama administration would give them a raise and count them as jobs "saved".

Lindsey Graham Destroys Eric Holder

What we will have in New York is a disgusting political show trial. This guy is making it up as he goes along, worst AG EVER.

There is only one goddess Gaia and Al Gore is her prophet

When you don't know the facts you can just make stuff up.... If you are Algore

Tea Party Protesters Assaulted by Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporters in Ft. Lauderdale

Protests turn violent again. I'm sure Capper will blame this on Scott Walker even though it happened in Florida.

November 18, 2009


Guess the number game


UPDATE: 37, the number of pieces of legislation offered by Tom Barrett in his ten year stint as a Congressman. 36 of them never made it out of committee.


Obama Lied, the Economy Died

It's becoming increasingly clear that the so-called "stimulus" plan transcends mere incompetence into the realm of criminal fraud.

November 17, 2009

Who is this?

Vote 484: H R 333: Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, No

Vote 480: H RES 609: Providing for the Consideration of the Senate Amendments to H.R. 5063, Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act, No

Vote 475: H RES 600: Providing for Consideration of H.R. 5710; to Establish a Department of Homeland Security, No

Vote 465: H R 2155: To Amend Title 18, United States Code, to Make It Illegal to Operate a Motor Vehicle With a Drug or Alcohol in the Body of the Driver at a Land Border Port of Entry. No

Vote 454: H J RES 114: To Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq. Yes

Vote 445: S 2690: To Reaffirm the Reference to One Nation Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance. Yes

Vote 403: H R 3295: Help America Vote Act. Not Voting

Vote 398: H RES 527: Providing for Consideration of H.Res. 524; Sense of the House That Congress Should Complete Action on the Permanent Death Tax Repeal Act, and H.Res. 525 Sense of the House That Congress Should Complete Action on Legislation Extendingand Strengthing the Successful 1996 Welfare Reforms. No

Vote 387: H RES 521: Providing for the Consideration of H.R. 5193, Back to School Tax Relief Act. No


Gunpowder Tea, Anyone?

Even for those of us who support the Tax Protest Tea Parties, and the Gun Rights marches, mixing the two at one event seems a little different. I just never imagined combining them. Gun Rights is a very specific issue, such as the Pro-life issue is. These are subsets within the Tea Parties, which draw much larger crowds. Still, for what it's worth, the Hudson Tea Party with Guns appeared to have a good turnout, and interesting interactions between participants and their opponents.

Speaking of firearms news, did anyone else notice Tom Barrett was featured in the recent NRA magazine?


Move over Swine Flu.

Is the Ukranian flu the next medical horror story?

This makes no sense.

In the wake of the pinkest month of all time, this makes zero sense.

November 16, 2009

Guess the number game




85% The percentage of trade ins on cash for clunkers from GM, Ford and Chrysler.

39% The percentage of cars sold on cash for clunkers from GM, Ford and Chrysler.


MRQ a dark, evil place in Racine County

try out your moves. Althouse.

Too damn dumb to know the difference. Kate.

eating their own. Badger Blogger.

Potted crow. Owen.

Broke. Caledonia Unplugged.

little more than a frothing beast. Plebian.

Kills you? Denis

for the children. Steve.

TalkMess. Egg

sipping coffee and taking advantage Casper.

takes one to know one. James.

over and over and over again. Trog.

I had no choice but to show it twice. Candid Carrie.


I'll wear a mini skirt to DR!! CFR

why are they called parties and do they have cake. David from Bill

Proud. RebeccaforReal (I would be too)

Nick Knievel Nick.

a dark, evil place in Racine County I bet. Cory. (my house?)

Belichick Peter.

We wuz too drunk Bizymare.

better to fall asleep after rather than during. CandidCarrie

I just wanna thank all the real packer fans who had our back even after last game!!! Nick Barnett

Some are nice, some suck. Sarandipity.

Bought the Christmas tree this morning. Samdham (already?)

the look on my face when I was forced to first try raw oysters. Christian

It talks, but only after you waterboard it. Tom

the night is slowly coming back to me. Amy.

pass the germs Jimi

Let's drink. Radish

more meat for me! Michael

anyone else notice the silence that is the @Jwigderson Twitter account right now? Kevin

Wigdy and Owen upset we are happy. Me. is the only website that really speaks truth to power Keith

McCarthy is a ________ Pete

snuggly goodness Jones.

I wonder if Tony Romo has a new girlfriend Wigdy

Steve is frustrated Egg.

Simulus creates 30 jobs.

Way to go stimulus!

The Obama administration is reporting 30 jobs created (or saved) in Arizona's 9th Congressional District. They are pleased that it was done by spending only $761,240, a mere $25,374 per job.

Wait, hold the phone.

Arizona doesn't have a 9th Congressional District?

You're kidding right.

Well what about the the 40.3 jobs created in the 99th Congressional District of the U.S. Virgin Islands?

There are no Congressional Districts in U.S. Territories?

Surely not Peurto Rico?

The Presidential Bow...

I agree with Casper and Kevin.

Bowing in Japan is like shaking hands here, it was respectful not subservient.

UPDATE: I might have to rethink my position, Nick concurs.

Bumper Art

Look it up.
H/T Kate.