November 14, 2009

Trouble at the Neumann Campaign?

Long time Wisconsin political operative Jim Klauser has left the Neumann campaign.

November 13, 2009

Guess the number


UPDATE: 17, the number of interceptions thrown so far by the Chicago Bear's new quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler is leading the NFL in interceptions.

Buy up now Wisconsin

Governor Lame Duck, having solved Wisconsin's massive spending and unemployment issues, has just signed a law banning dish washing detergent containing phosporus. (You know, the stuff that actually cleans dishes)

Just think of the massive new carbon footprint from people traveling out of state to buy dish soap. Perhaps that is where all the proposed KRM ridership is supposed to come from!
Seriously, whatever would we do without liberal elites to protect us from ourselves?

Jossart on Mason.

Racine County Humans Resources Director Debra Jossart puts the Smackdown on Cory Mason.

Deservedly so.

Fort Hood terrorist charged with murder

13 counts of murder....

Should have been 14, one of the victims was pregnant.

This will tick off the libbie blogs.

Judicial panel recommends dismissal of Gableman complaint

By Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Nov. 12, 2009

Madison — A three-judge panel said Thursday the state Supreme Court should dismiss a complaint against Justice Michael Gableman that alleges he lied in a campaign ad last year.

The often-divided high court has the ultimate say on whether Gableman broke an ethics rule and should be disciplined. Gableman could benefit from divisions on the court because it may be difficult to put together a majority that would rule against him.

The panel of lower court judges was united in saying the complaint should be dismissed. Two judges said the ad was misleading but did not include outright lies; the other said the ad lied but that the court couldn't regulate political speech under the First Amendment.

The amazing thing is I remember all kinds of scurilous ads pointed at Judge Gableman sponsored by left wing special interests (primarily the teachers union). The same people who pretend to be outraged about Gableman had no issues with those ads.

Cooking the books.

With every one of these report Obama looks more and more like Bernie Madoff. Let's just make up numbers so we look good. The sheeple will believe anything I tell them.

This time it is Massachusetts

If the media would actually look at this in every state I am sure we could do this report 50 times.

November 12, 2009

Dalai Lama, Slave Driver?

Okay, let's get this straight. Because the Dalai Lama is Tibet's spiritual leader, he is now a slave driver. So, China is taking on the heroic Abe Lincoln role of preventing Tibet's independence, just like Lincoln forced the South to stay in the Union. Hmmm. Last I looked, the monks were not owned by the Dalai Lama. Isn't this China statement totally warped and bizarre?

America, the Gullible

The original America, the Beautiful is well-written and inspiring. An old lefty version can be viewed at Democratic Underground. I came up with a couple verses in response to the attack at Fort Hood. Seeing as there has been much discussion of the massacre, I thought it might be of interest to one or two RDW folks.

November 11, 2009

Liberal Compassion on Display.

Al Gore's TV network cutting 80 jobs in the middle of their most profitable year.

Caption This

Time for another beer summit.

This time a liberal university proffesor sucker punched a woman in a bar.

I'm sure she behaved stupidly to deserve that.

Hi, I'm Government Healthcare

Predictions Revisisted.

Here is the list of predictions made at last year's Christmas party. How did we do?

Inflation will be at 14% in one year. The Asian Badger. (Silly AB, unemployment, not inflation)

Jesse Jackson Jr will NOT be appointed to BHO's vacant Senate seat. Lisa, Caledonia Unplugged. (Nailed it)

A major scandal in the Doyle administration, all the facts and proof will be there although they won't matter. That, and I will get back into my size 2's. Phelony Jones, The Confidentials. (Not sure about the 2's, Doyle never gets called on his scandals)

Algore will be eaten by a Polar Bear. Ric, Silent E. Speaks. (Sadly wrong but there is still some time left in the year)

The Celtics will win the NBA Championship. Josh Block. (Lakers)

Scott Walker announces he will run for Governor. Jimi, Prozak Playground. (No brainer)

Obama will pass out bailout money like candy, increase government spending and not solve the economic crisis. Kathy, Stepping Right Up. (Correct, correct, correct)

Name change, colostomy bags will become known as Democrat bags. Glenn, Badger Blogger. (Health care bill not yet passed)

A close member of the Obama team will be indicted. (Obama will throw them under the bus) Kathy, Stepping Right Up. (Silly Kathy investigations will be ongoing ones until further notice)

Packers will not go to the playoffs, Brewers win the NLCS, Obama will continue the Bush legacy. Steven Thompson. (True, flase, true)

Brett Favre will retire for good. Chris from Racine. (Stick to Bears predictions)

Obama puts us in a a bigger war. Jessi Olson, Wake Up America. (If you want to count class warfare you are correct)

Ted Thompson will be fired. Steve, No Runny Eggs. (Make that a 2010 prediction)

The Packers will not fire Ted Thompson. James Wigderson, The Wigderson Library & Pub. (Correct)

Fred Dooley will NOT run for Alderman again in this, or any other year. Mrs RDW, Real Debate Wisconsin. (It helps when you set the rules. Dooley for Assembly?)

A Major WI Corp., will threaten to leave the state. Sean, The American Mind. (Just one? Mercury Marine gives Sean a checkmark)

The State Superintendent's race will be much more interesting than the State Supreme Court race. Kevin Binversie, Lakeshore Laments. (Judgement call)

The oil drilling bans will be put back in place. Patrick, Badger Blogger. (True)

Glaciers will advance, global warming will be blamed. Heather, Hasenpfeffer-Incorporated. (Ice has expanded, global warming is blamed for everything)

Matt Kenseth, 2009 Sprint Cup Champion. Deep Economic trouble. No World Series for the Yankees. Chad, The Chad Has Spoken (Wrong, right, wrong)

Scott Walker will officially announce his candidacy for Governor. Doreen Wigderson. (Did Doreen copy Jimi or did Jimi copy Doreen?)

Someone will ask me, "You're Owen right?" James Wigderson, The Wigderson Library & Pub. (Wrong Owen, D'oh!)

Eric Holder will not be confirmed as AG. Kathy, Stepping Right Up. (Radicals welcome sign is out in DC)

Rose Fernandez wins the DPI Race. Mark Block, AFP WI. (Nope, though I wish you had been right)

Milwaukee Brewers, NL Central Champions. Fred, Real Debate Wisconsin (Holy starting pitching disaster Batman)


Here's to the Heroes: A Military Tribute

Hat Tip to: on the video.

A huge thank you to all of our veterans.

November 10, 2009

So What? - In Obey's Own Words

Duffy is playing to win.

Your Justice Department Running Wild.

Asking for all visitors from a news website. (A left of center one at that)

OK, all you Patriot Act rabble rousers should be all over this one.

(This occured at the end of the Bush administration) Why would they want to look at all the visitors?)

November 9, 2009


Tuesday Night, Papa's 78th & Burleigh

MRQ sweetest, snarkiest, smart-assiest


A little spooked. Jimi.

what a ride Hale-Bopp

shrinkage. Steve

you're nuts. Owen

glass shards in my underwear Plebian

I am disgusted. Mary

What is this? AWL

sweetest, snarkiest, smart-assiest CFR

fourth-generation gleeful snatcheritis Trog


didn't get the delivery guy!! Chris from Racine

full of Vikings Shoebox

non-creeper Adam

easier to kill blind pedestrians. Nick

nice looking grill. Todd

Bromance. Corky

laughing all the way from Minnesota Peter

Twinkie Casserole Bizymare

snortin' the salad Candid Carrie

Happy freaking birthday to me!! Sarandipity

Gorby and Bon Jovi Samdham

taking advice from a horse on how to play the accordion Chris

dumb and dumber kckenosha

The Packers are like White Castle: Get 'em by the sack! Tom

make it an even $10,000,000 Dean

morally superior Caughill

land on something hard... Scoff

Strippers in danger Wigdy

Immediate brain bleach Jones

consequences are intended Egg

Reagan - Tear Down This Wall

20 years ago today, the wall came down. Today, our President ignores.


When I pointed out that the young Jared Christiansen was the only declared candidate for Governor on the donkey ticket (a post clearly made on the lighter side of things), local left wing blogger Zach W. had to stick his nose into things. (taking a post intended on the lighter side and accepting it literally is a specialty of left wing bloggers after all)

He attempted to zing me saying, "Fred, the fact that you think he's the "big hope" of the Democrats speaks volumes about you."

I have no idea what Zach was trying to say, I really don't. Jared is the only declared candidate brave enough to run on Jim Doyle's stellar record of destroying Wisconsin.

Well apparently Zach is excited about having an interview with young Jared, he even used an exclamation point!

By the way Zach, ask Jared about his fundraising efforts. I understand he raised his first 10 bucks. You are on your way Jared. You might also want to ask him how his first speech went. The one nobody showed up for.

Zach's just watching his tail folks, he is a state employee after all. Jared could be his boss one day.

Help Wanted

Click the ad so you can read the job description.

Last week the President said....

Last week Obama told the American people not to jump to conclusions....

The President also said the following while trying to get Democrats to pass the House health care bill, "Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”

So, persons concerned enough about the out of control growth of government to voice their opinion are "extremists" and we should not draw conclusions about the terrorist who opened fire on unarmed US Troops.

This is the man we elected President. The same man who had time to go to Camp David this weekend but has not been to Ft. Hood.

This is the man the liberals will continue to defend.

And those same liberals will try and make me the bad guy for pointing this out.

Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 9, 2009

The President is unwilling to say it...

I will.

Nidal Hasan, terrorist.

Keith Schmitz

Scam artist

We meant to open a Co-Op...


November 8, 2009

For those who think the Smart Car is just too big.

Racine County Executive Bill McReynolds Statement On Cory Mason's Activity

Actions speak louder than words. Representative Cory Mason says he opposes child care fraud. Last week, he twice helped vote down fraud investigation funding for counties, including his own. For good measure, he refused to close loopholes in the program.

Representative Mason told fellow legislators not to give Racine County any funds to investigate child care fraud, saying, “Racine County, under the leadership of Bill McReynolds, has really failed to take full responsibility for the child care fraud that’s been going on in Racine.”
He’s flat wrong about that; we’ve stepped up. But here’s the real point: even if there were mistakes early on, blocking funds to Racine County only punishes county residents and hampers anti-fraud efforts. Why did he do it?

A recent Journal Times series showed that our welfare fraud investigative resources declined over time, because state funding kept dwindling. In 2010, the state is giving us nothing, leaving county property taxpayers to pay the costs of investigating fraud in a state program. That’s why Representative Mason’s actions are as puzzling as they are troubling.

Equally troubling is his breathtaking ignorance, or disregard, of what Racine County and the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families (DCF) are doing. In a Journal Times commentary last week, the Sheriff, the District Attorney, and I announced a multi-agency county fraud task force with DCF. Our Human Services Department (HSD) is hiring a seasoned investigator.

Sheriff Carlson and the Racine and Mount Pleasant Police Departments promise investigative resources. DCF promises data and analysis, and the DA promises to prosecute provable cases.
But the commitments of the DA and three law enforcement agencies apparently aren’t good enough. Representative Mason refused to give Racine County any fraud investigation funds without adequate “oversight and … assurances that it won’t just be more of the same and we’ll get better fraud investigations from Journal Sentinel reporters than we will from Racine County.”

But why punish Racine County taxpayers? If he thinks some part of county government won’t investigate cases properly, why not direct funds elsewhere—to the Sheriff, the DA, or even DCF—where they can still help combat fraud? Don’t we all want to end fraud?

And why not vote to change the child care program to close loopholes that look wrong and invite fraud? Although Representative Mason speaks of “child care fraud that’s been going on in Racine,” no case has been strong enough to be criminally charged. What he calls fraud are practices that we all agree are unacceptable, but permitted under current rules; e.g., child care providers sending their own children to other providers, and child care provider employees caring for their own children. For months, we’ve told our legislators those loopholes must be closed. We’ve also urged a “card swipe” system to prove attendance and rules to permit quicker termination of benefits when provider infractions are discovered.

Each of those items was the subject of an amendment to the child care reform bill. They would have cost little or nothing and would have sent no extra funds to Racine County. But they would have weeded out “bad actors,” strengthened the program, and helped restore public confidence. So why did Representative Mason vote against every one of them? Don’t we all want to make the program accountable?

Some disputes in government seem like “inside baseball,” but these facts are clear to everyone.
We’re all outraged by child care fraud; but ending it requires closing loopholes and conducting sometimes expensive investigations. Representative Mason explicitly refused to help his county fund investigative resources, and he systematically voted against measures to close loopholes.
Actions speak louder than words.

That they do Mr. McReynolds. Cory Mason voted for every single tax increase in the latest budget, he also voted to allow every single piece of pork in that bill. Cory Mason never met spending he didn't like until it came time to fight fraud in his own district.