October 30, 2009

Paul Ryan October Townhall part 1 (of 4)

The Egg-Man went to see Congressman Ryan Today.

Cash for Golf Carts?

From the Opinion Journal:

We thought cash for clunkers was the ultimate waste of taxpayer money, but as usual we were too optimistic. Thanks to the federal tax credit to buy high-mileage cars that was part of President Obama's stimulus plan, Uncle Sam is now paying Americans to buy that great necessity of modern life, the golf cart.

The federal credit provides from $4,200 to $5,500 for the purchase of an electric vehicle, and when it is combined with similar incentive plans in many states the tax credits can pay for nearly the entire cost of a golf cart. Even in states that don't have their own tax rebate plans, the federal credit is generous enough to pay for half or even two-thirds of the average sticker price of a cart, which is typically in the range of $8,000 to $10,000. "The purchase of some models could be absolutely free," Roger Gaddis of Ada Electric Cars in Oklahoma said earlier this year. "Is that about the coolest thing you've ever heard?"

The golf-cart boom has followed an IRS ruling that golf carts qualify for the electric-car credit as long as they are also road worthy. These qualifying golf carts are essentially the same as normal golf carts save for adding some safety features, such as side and rearview mirrors and three-point seat belts. They typically can go 15 to 25 miles per hour.

In South Carolina, sales of these carts have been soaring as dealerships alert customers to Uncle Sam's giveaway. "The Golf Cart Man" in the Villages of Lady Lake, Florida is running a banner online ad that declares: "GET A FREE GOLF CART. Or make $2,000 doing absolutely nothing!"

Golf Cart Man is referring to his offer in which you can buy the cart for $8,000, get a $5,300 tax credit off your 2009 income tax, lease it back for $100 a month for 27 months, at which point Golf Cart Man will buy back the cart for $2,000. "This means you own a free Golf Cart or made $2,000 cash doing absolutely nothing!!!" You can't blame a guy for exploiting loopholes that Congress offers.

Up for a good laugh?

Check out the campaign website of Jared Christiansen, the Democrats big hope for Governor of Wisconsin right now.

An example from Jared's folks:

Jared has done many aspects of volunteering, but helping neighbors is the one closest to his heart. One time, Jared raked a yard for his neighbors for four hours, even though they just asked him to water the gardens while they were on vacation. He has even done walks for the local humane society. When he was going to public school, he helped teachers correct tests and quizzes. All throughout his life, Jared has made accomplishments and has strived to be excel at everything, not even stopping at politics. While Jared may have run for the state assembly, he decided to take it a step higher: the governor's seat. Helping others around him, listening, and bringing joy to everyone around him will make him a great governor! After all, he has brought joy to your lives!

Seriously Jared, get a proofreader.

I'm far from perfect I admit, but I'm not running for Governor.

Get your House Healthcare bill.

Months and months to draft this all behind closed doors without any input allowed from the minority party.

If you would to read through the bill you can do so here.

Pelosi is going to fast-track a vote on this next week.

1990 pages of legalese, that is not enough time for anyone to digest the intricacies of this bill.

So your Democratic leadership is going to push a trillion plus dollar bill for a vote before anyone has the ability to digest it.

That's some responsible leadership.

Again, if this is so important why doesn't it kick in until 2013?


Swiped from Kate

Guess the number game


$ 52,520 The average compensation of a teacher at the Racine Unified School District. (Ranked 81st out of 427 Wisconsin Districts)

$ 28,832 The average cost of fringe benefits of a teacher at the Racine Unified School District. (Ranked 43rd out of 427 Wisconsin Districts)

In total average compensation ($81,352) RUSD ranks 58th of 427.

For your information the highest paid district is Nicolet where the average salary is $71,936, fringe benefits add an additional $30,607 for a total average compensation of $102,003.

As school taxes grow by double digits across the state always remember that almost 90% of those budgets are salary and benefit expense. If school spending just has to go up, remember where it is going.

I hope the teachers are having a nice convention in Madison this week. Why can't they do this in the summer months again?

October 27, 2009

Headline of the day...

Drunk clown nabbed after crash

Surprisingly they were not talking about Jeff Wood.

To believe in this health care plan you must suspend logic.

I, nor anyone else, knows what the final package will bring.

However this much we know, the Senate bill would require citizens to carry health insurance. If someone chooses not to carry that coverage they will be assessed a fine of $750.

Health Insurers would be forced to underwrite everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions.

To put this in a free market example lets pretend you just went to Best Buy and bought a new computer. You were asked at checkout if you would like to purchase the extended warranty and you declined. Two years later that computer dies a horrible death. If Best Buy’s extended warranty worked like this health care plan you could retroactively purchase the extended warranty and have Best Buy replace your computer.

Consider auto insurance. Under this example you could drive without coverage, get into an accident, then buy insurance and stick the claim to your new insurer. After that claim was paid you could drop your policy again. Now that, is some government mandated fairness.

The government says they are spreading out cost by forcing more people into the insurance pool.


Consider human nature.

If you are a young person, a healthy person, you have a choice. Buy health insurance at a cost of $10,000 a year or more, buy into your employers plan at considerable cost, or pay the $750 per year penalty. You make that decision knowing fully well that if you get sick or pregnant you can go ahead and grab some government mandated coverage and your pre-existing conditions will immediately be covered.

Knowing what you do about basic human behavior what choice do you think people will make given those options? The least expensive one of course.

I believe that more people will actually leave the insurance pool and opt for the $750 penalty; after all there is a government safety net to fall back on. Yes, I believe this plan will actually add to the number of uninsured in our country.

And there is the cause and effect; human nature will increase actual costs to insurance companies eventually causing their destruction. And then what will we have left? The Government.

This is really just a Machiavellian scheme to put us on the road to a single-payer system. The architects of this plan are well aware of this. They will not admit it, (well Barney Frank did) but they know it.

Why else would they be putting off the implementation of this plan until 2013? If they were honestly concerned about the number of uninsured persons why would they wait?

This is simply politics, they want to make sure President Obama is re-elected before they start destroying our current system in favor of their government mandated utopia.

Queue the Darth Vader music please.

School Taxes Up.

All over the state School Boards are raising taxes despite the troubled economy.

People are struggling to make ends meet with less and school boards could care less and are adding to an already too high tax burden.

There is no end in sight.

Here in Racine, the school board increased taxes 8.3%. The local fish wrap's headline actually tried to put a rosy picture on this outrage by saying they passed an increase that was less than the proposed amount.

Up in West Bend they took every penny they could legally get.

Remember folks, pushing 90% of every dollar goes to salary and benefits. What the school boards are saying is screw you, we don't care about your struggles, we are going to get ours.

Throw the bums out.

October 26, 2009

MRQ playing outside the sandbox


Thumbs up to Dick. Kate

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I’m just selfless Trog.

drop the f bomb. Owen

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drinking Blatz. Steve

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playing outside the sandbox Egg


as big as it gets Me.

you smelled delicious! Sarandipity

far more quotable than I Egg

No Skittles? Nick.

put a bag over your head Radish

abt 2 go public. Andrew

I'm not too bright. Peter

Hi, my name is... uh.. DebsSweet

this will include pictures! Candid Carrie

a bad ass Stacysnook

the Bears look like crap!!! CFR

Hey, dembass... Samdham

the loss of civility. Dean

I might as well have the famous one Keith

strikes me as a closet homosexual. TAB

Kool-Aid for breakfast. Chelsey

Zombie porn. Jones

October 25, 2009

First Daughters Not Vaccinated Against H1N1

This was on Drudge today, so am assuming it was not updated and the Obama urchlings have not yet gotten the shots. Next week, the shots are being offered at our schools to all children. Wonder when the opportunity will come to the President's family. With Obama's recently called H1N1 health emergency, you would think his family would follow the CDC recommendations as soon as they can. If they don't, wouldn't you wonder why?

BTW, a friend of mine out east said the H1N1 ran through her preschool a couple weeks ago already. Classmates of one of our children had confirmed cases here last week. One of our kids has the symptoms this week, but doctors did not test to verify. They just said to keep children who have a fever home until 24 hours after it ends.

Here's another thought to ponder. The H1N1 vaccines, which are being touted as important for children age 6 months to 18 years, are too late for many. Is this the shape of things to come for future pandemic vaccines, and other governmentally-run health programs - of any sort? (duh)

Gads, I'm feeling a little achy myself. Let ya know later.

Visit the new, warmer Canada. The Canadian Tourism Federation welcomes you.

Escape to Canada

Caption This

24 Season 8: Run This Town

Guess the number


UPDATE: 2% the profit margin of the EVIL, MONEY GRUBBING, health insurance industry last year.

4 - 2

Who's next?