August 20, 2009

MSNBC: Gun-Toting Protesters are 'White' Racists... Black Guy with AR-15 Edited to Conceal his Race.

Only problem, he is a black man. MSNBC purposely conceals his race to make up their spin.

This is what goes for journalism at NBC? Disgraceful, everyone involved should be fired.

Brevity rocks.

I give to you an editorial letter to The Racine Journal Times.

America's health care system is not broken. Our government is.

Robert A. Robinson


In 10 words Mr. Robinson nailed it.

Fantasy Football Time.

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Yesterday I posted about the JT Irregulars league, looks like they need one more. Info to join that league is here.

Crash For Clunkers? Wisconsin Ingenuity.

By Joe Fryer, KARE-TV

TURTLE LAKE, Wis. — The spectacle that drew hundreds to a gravel pit down a dirt road might make most city boys blush.

But in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, you'll find no red faces. Just proud rednecks.

"It's a little redneck, but we love it, we accept it, we admit and we enjoy it," said Brett Moravitz, a self-proclaimed redneck.

The event resembled a demolition derby or NASCAR race. But honestly, those events would feel like the opera compared with what's really happened.

VIDEO: "Rednecks" enjoy the car carnage
"This is pretty much a redneck car launch," said Mark Hubbard. "Don't get no better."

Oh now that's good.

H/T Steve.

August 19, 2009

Bumper Art

Fantasy Football Help

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Lieutenant Lena?

Let's hope this happens. Rumor is that losing candidate for Milwaukee County Exec, Sen. Lena Taylor (D) Milwaukee, is considering a run for Lt. Governor.

You remember Lena Taylor's hissy fit over the Milwaukee police department actually expecting her to follow the rules of the road--you know, like we commoners have to. Or how about when she was detained for electioneering at a polling place--something she most certainly would have known is against the law. She is a lawyer, --actually a former public defender--to boot. (Something she reminded us of quite regularly during Judiciary Committee Hearings in the Senate.....) She was also a leader of the Catch And Release a Felon (similar to Racine's Salmon-a-Rama) plan that was implemented into the state budget to help save taxpayer dollars on corrections' costs....neglecting the fact that those "salmon" just keep getting caught! But that's for another post.

Anyway, I would imagine the dem's aren't really keen on their limited bench of so-called leaders. Having handily lost the county exec race in Milwaukee--to a republican on top of it--doesn't really give her much momentum going into a state-wide race. I don't think dem candidates that would be looking to craft a "kinder, gentler democrat" image that they're desperately going to need would want someone as combative as Lena can sometimes get.
One thing I'll hand her: she was a great sport about when I zapped her with my trick flashlight.


Swiped from Lisa at Caledonia Unplugged.

Creative criminals.

Leave it to drug dealers to take advantage of a fad. What we have here is designer ecstasty with the President's image.

I'm sure the Obama administration will blame this on an astroturf effort from the right to hurt Obama's image.

The Smoking Gun has the details.

Good for them.

I hear the Minnesota Vikings are taking advantage of the Cash for Clunkers program.

Hopefully they will not have to wait too long for their $4,500. Or is a 39 year old model only worth $3,500? Oh well, they're happy.

August 18, 2009

Bumper Art

Hurricane Bill

Someone had to do it.


Here It Comes...Courtesy of Doyle & the Dem's

It's important you read this article with a critical eye. Why? Because you'll see there's no mention of Doyle's broken promise of funding public schools at the same levels that have been done since the Thompson Administration.

Folks, the reason your property taxes are going to go up in the RUSD (and all over, after talking to our administrator in the western end of the county) is courtesy of your local and state Democrat representative.

It's the old back-door way of raising taxes, and still getting to say with a somewhat straight face that you didn't raise taxes. If you're the guy who cuts the amount of aid to school districts and local governments, but it's up to the locals to take the beating on the head to come up with the difference in funds--you WIN!

Or not.........perhaps that's another reason Doyle doesn't see himself able to win re-election? By the time 2010 rolls around, people's eyes will have rolled up into their heads with their property tax increases. Maybe by then, they'll have put 2 and 2 together to realize it's the dem's who are in charge and enacted these policies.

Although, you can only put 2 and 2 together if you were lucky enough to get an education while attending your local public school. Something today's kids may not be so fortunate to receive.

Notice at the end of the articles the groups in favor of the tax increase? Of course! The union members who stand to gain in salary and benefit increases. (What a crappy misleading headline, by the way.)

Where were the advocates for the kids?

Failed Public School Policies

So what's wrong with this picture? This is a photo from the Journal Times of the nearly 1,000 kids in line for free school supplies. The photo is somewhat encouraging to me; in that these are kids who just may want to be EDUCATED in school....something that gets lost in the debates of school funding, teacher's union contracts, etc....

The photo is discouraging to me; in that I'm sure there are many more families with children who need help with school supplies and didn't hear about/know about this free giveaway. Or perhaps they did know, and don't care if their kids come prepared for school or not.

The other discouraging part: that of the $12,000/student spent on average to "educate a child" (and I use the term loosely), there still are teachers who will run out of supplies and textbooks in the classrooms and will use their own money to compensate for the kids in their classes.

Hmmm, did I sound like a liberal for a moment? In contrast to the liberals, I don't advocate for more money--since it's clear the money isn't getting to the kids. Pointing out how the money goes to everything BUT the kids was my point here. A dramatic restructuring of how we fund public education will need to be addressed by the next governor.

Let's hope it's not the same failed policies of sentencing kids to failing schools and dumping more money into the black-hole bureaucracies.

Cool, Obama is going to put $2 billion into offshore oil exploration.

Wait, off the coast of Brazil.

No doubt this is from a Congressional fact finding mission to carnivale.

Please heed this warning.

I have sleep apnea, it is easily treated and can be deadly if ignored. If you think you may have an issue please contact The Sleep Wellness Institute in Milwaukee. They helped me, they can help you.

Sleep disorders linked to premature deaths: study

Tue Aug 18, 5:28 am ET

PARIS (AFP) – Persons afflicted with severe breathing disorders during sleep face an increased risk of premature death, according to a new study.

The risk is most apparent in men 40-to-70 years old, said the study, published this week in the open access journal PLoS Medicine.

The signature symptom of sleep-disordered breathing -- experienced by one-in-four men and one-in-10 women -- is the temporary collapse of the upper airway.

This leads to brief interruptions of breathing known as sleep apnea that can last from a few seconds to more than a minute.

Earlier research has shown that sleep apnea can lead to increased incidence of hypertension, heart failure and stroke.

It can also cause daytime sleepiness, impairing an individual's ability to drive a car or operate machinery.

But previous studies have not included enough participants to reveal whether other factors, such as age and sex, are linked to an increased risk of premature death.

In a study led by Naresh Punjabi of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, researchers measured the so-called apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) for over 6,000 men and women.

A person's breathing during sleep is severely disrupted when the AHI index -- which also monitors blood oxygen levels -- is 30 or above. Hypopnea is abnormally shallow breathing.
Regardless of age, sex, race, weight or smoking status, participants followed up for an average of eight years were one-and-a-half times more likely to die if they had an AHI of 30 or above at the outset of the study.

Men aged 40-to-70 in that category were twice as likely to die from any cause as men who did not suffer from sleep apnea.

Death from coronary heart disease in particular was linked to sleep disorders in men, but not in women.

Persons with milder sleep-breathing problems did not have a statistically increased risk of dying, according the study.

The researchers called for clinical trials to determine whether treating the condition can reduce premature deaths.

August 17, 2009

Bumper Art

Exciting Times for PJ's

Political junkies are gonna have trouble picking which topics to talk about on any given day, soon. With all the focus rightly being on government run health care, there has been an awful lot going on right here at home we haven't had time to talk much about.

Sure, Doyle's announcement that he's not seeking re-election is rather "new news," and I don't expect any dem's are going to talk much about it until he makes his official announcement later this morning. (It's a political courtesy thing...)

No doubt that an open seat for governor will bring a huge amount of attention (both positive and negative) to our state. It will prove to be an exciting time for PJ's statewide. (that's political junkies, not pajamas.)

For our side, it doesn't matter who the dem candidate is. The dem party has done an excellent job coming together on ideas like: cutting shared revenue and cutting state aid to school districts (which equals a tidal wave of property tax increases coming our way soon), giving health care to same-sex partners who are paid by the taxpayers, trying to stuff another ethanol mandate down our throats, increasing taxes on job providers who happen to have locations in other states as well, releasing felon drug dealers and stalkers from prison early,....Good Lord. I'm going to have to have another post just on this stuff!

So, on one hand, taxpayers will have to thank Jim Doyle for bringing his party together in raising our property taxes and skyrocketing our unemployment numbers. Nothing like a strong party message to deliver to voters in November of '10.

And this couldn't have been done by Doyle alone--we have a legislature chock-full of democrat lawmakers who were his wingmen. Guys like Senator Russ Decker, Senator Jon Erpenbach--both rumored to be considering a run--both leaders in their party in the Senate helping to ram these policies through.

Let's not forget his co-pilot, Lt. Gov Barb Lawton. Standing by his side while these policies were bantered about, and celebratory smiles galore when they were implemented into law.

It'll be pretty tough for these state pol's to seperate themselves from the consequences that are still coming down the pike for all of us.

These dem's are all cut from the same cloth, and hopefully voters here in Wisconsin will have had enough of their social planning experiments by the time the race rolls around.


A report is out claiming that Twitter is 40% "pointless babble".


It has to be much higher than that.

(remember 47% of all statistics are made up)

August 16, 2009

MRQ I love mobs


such hopes for me Althouse.

Brats without manners Kate.

who out-liberals the other liberals Patrick.

he's too pretty to go to jail ALa

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Ding, Dong, the Doyle is... Elliot.

You’re such a homophobe Tony

I am not a doctor although I could play one at a town hall meeting. Steve.

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May your grundies stay dry as you splash through the fountain of life Mdme Zoltar

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Thankya. Thankyaverymuch. Peter.

So when will the doctor be here? Still Unreal.

WWGD? ChrisfromRacine


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I do NOT wear red jammies ChrisfromRacine.

I am not a fan of canned beer. Corky.

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what ever happened to poor Porthos Pete.

a beer in my future. Bizymare

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what song is in your head Flapjackmorty

I love mobs. Dean

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time for bed. Jones.

my name is Chris and I'm a tweetaholic... Chris from Racine

Shaky Knees?

Well, looks like Obama's advisors are acknowledging the overwhelming amount of public opposition to their obamanation of our health care system in this country. Appearing to be backing down from their original "it's gotta be in there or else" public option piece, they're realizing that if they want to retain their power both nationally and across the country in state races, they better start compromising--big.

I'm having a Michelle Obama moment, here.....although it's by far not the FIRST time I've ever been really proud of my country, this is indeed a moment to be proud of. It's proof to people of all political persuasions that the spirit of our nation's founding--speaking truth to power--can still have an impact on the directions we go.

Caution: The democrats are much better than we are at accepting "baby steps" in matters of policy change. This is their proverbial foot in the door, and we'd best keep a vigilant watch.

This was a close one. And the silver lining to me in the near miss of socialized health care is that it shone a light on the dark corners of the democrat party. By their own statements and deeds they demonstrated to the public that their party is being run by people who believe in a culture of death and that a human being's worth can be measured by life years, and their ability to contribute to the Greater Society. That passing over those who are too young, too old, too feeble-minded in favor of those more able to labor for the Greater Society is a tide their party leaders are riding.

It also showed how they value giving handouts of free health care to illegal aliens at the expense of our citizens who are deemed too young or too old. All in the interest of building a larger dependent base of voters who will keep them in power for generations.

Dont' kid yourselves, though. Their side never stops pushing. Time to man-up, Republicans. The public is paying attention now--real, scrutinizing attention. Be proud of your conservative values and ideals--shout them from the rooftop, and we'll start winning elections again.

Excuse me.

Since when did the US President think it was his job to attack an American Industry?

He is trying to put tens of thousands of people out of work.