August 15, 2009

I have a question.

If it is so critical that we insure the 50 million uninsured (that number is an ever-growing joke), how come the full Obamacare bill doesn't kick in until 2013?

Go on, you can figure it out, what happens in 2012?

Yeah, you guessed it Obama getting re-elected is more important and that should tell you everything you need to know.

Bumper Art

More fuel for the fire against socialized medicine

He knew something back then:
Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

She recently experienced the price of Medicare rationing, which Obamacare will be based on:
If life is not valued, no life is valued.

A Train De-Railed?

Governor Doyle is not seeking re-election. My prediction on who will be the democrat candidate is Ron Kind. Charismatic, and careful to craft a somewhat moderate persona in the media, he could be a formidable candidate for our Walker or Newman. (Jeez, just his name alone invokes images of kittens and candy.....)

However, Pelosi won't make it easy on him. With some tough votes that have already taken place, and more to come....Kind's gonna have a tough time towing the line of his party in Washington and pretending to be a moderate here at home.

August 14, 2009

Would you like this treat?

Federal technological monitoring and snooping on U.S. citizens is nothing new

Of lies and Hope.

Ok, so call me inspired by Chris’s story (ONCE, get over it Chris :-P). Here’s the skinny on my medicare/government overpayment stories.

For the sake of expedience, I’ll give you the Cliff’s notes version:

About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS.
At the time, I had no idea what the heck it was. My questions for the doctor included “Is it contagious?”, “Did my drinking copious amounts of alcohol contribute to this?” and “Do I need to change how/what I eat?”
When the answers to all those questions was “no”, I thought nothing of it and went on my merry way.

Fast forward a few years, and it became obvious that I couldn’t just ignore it and hope it went away. So I went to a neurologist and started a treatment of daily injections that cost $1,600 per month. Thank you insurance.
Well it turned out that there was not really a cure, it only something doctors could barely (if at all) manage.
News soon came of a new FDA approved drug (Tysabri) – but it could only be administered at a doctor’s office through an hour-long “infusion” (that’s a way too fancy word for IV, I think).
Unfortunately, by this time I had lost my job…and insurance.
No problem…swallow my pride and apply for state medical help.
I got it. In the second month (visit #2) this was my conversation with the nurse:
ME: So when will the doctor be here? I have some questions about how my treatment is progressing.
NURSE: Oh, sU, I’m sorry. But while the insurance covers the treatment, they have decided that they will not cover your conversations with him during treatment anymore.
ME: What?!? That’s crazy. I only need a few minutes of his time!
NURSE: We know, but they won’t cover it.
ME: So how will he know what I want or need??
NURSE: He’ll read our charts.

So basically, this new “wonder” drug costing $18,000 per month was OK, but actually talking to a doctor was not.
No problem I guess. By the end of this episode I had finally qualified for permanent Social Security. I was happy to get it while I could.
I said while I could.

See, I did this crazy, crazy thing. I got married.
Unfortunately for me, I did not know that Mrs. sU… was an independently wealthy mother of 2 . That additional income apparently pole vaulted me into the “does not qualify” segment of the state health care system.
Again, I thought “Its not entirely bad, I now qualify for Medicare.”
Once again swallowing my pride, I went through all the necessary paperwork in order to qualify correctly.
All I ever heard about Medicare was how it was going to be my savior.
Not so much.
Conversation with my Physicians Assistant during my first visit:
ME: So, how quickly can we start the treatments?
PA: Well, here’s the thing. Do you have any other insurance?
ME: Uh….well, no. I have Medicare.
PA: sU, we can do that but you need to know that Medicare won’t cover this drug 100%
ME: What are you talking about? Its FDA approved. And according to you and your boss, deemed it necessary!
PA: True but Medicare still won’t cover it –
ME: You mean the $18K month.
PA: Exactly. They’ll cover 80% -
ME: Of a drug they approved??!?!
PA: Unfortunately, yes.
ME: So I’m supposed to come up with $3,600 a month for the privilege of being on Medicare?
PA: (flashing an apologetic smile) Afraid so.

That was the end of my “treatments” and visits to the doctor.
Yeah, Medicare!

I have been incubating and debating this story for a long time. I didn’t really want to talk about it. But comments made on this blog by the absolute clueless lemmings have struck such a rage in me that I had to say something. Rant or not. Incubating be damned.

Government overpaying or even paying in some cases for your illness is a lie.
Those that only repeat talking points without actually experiencing it, are a joke.
THATS Medicare, Noonan.
My story or not, Thats Medicare.

WWGD (What would the government do)

Since RDW has been rather busy the past few days, he has requested that I post this in his stead. For an illustrative look at what could happen if Obamacare gets pushed through, you might want to head over here. I will be curious to hear the opinions of those who are in favor of government run health care after you check it out.

August 13, 2009

Followup: Is the U.S. government visiting our blogs?

So I get this email at work…

I thought because of the melting ice caps, there would be too much water.

So now gorebal warming does not produce rains and hurricanes, just drought?
Somebody give him the Nobel Piece prize for his insights already.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fair

I had the pleasure of taking my son and his friend to the State Fair on Tuesday. On the way, I was astounded at the conversation taking place in the back seat. The two boys were talking politics and policies. It was interesting to listen to. They seemed to be well informed on what is going on around us. There were a couple of times I corrected them, such as the instance in which they blamed the current administration for something that happened in the past administration. I'm fair and balanced that way, y'know!

I listened to them talk about Obamacare, the war, the economy. They clearly didn't like the direction this country is headed. They are very well aware that they will be inheriting the incredible debt that is being foisted upon us/them/their children. If fact, they were angry about it. They understand what socialism means, and that this seems to be the direction the current administration is hell bent on going.

I asked their thoughts on whether or not everyone deserved to have health care. One of them, bless his heart, asked me where in the constitution it states that we have right to health care.

What amuses and saddens me is that these are 12 YEAR OLD BOYS!! These boys were more informed about what is going on around us than many adults I know. In the case of my son, that doesn't surprise me as we talk about it whenever he has questions or opinions. What gives me hope is that his friend was just as well informed.

Friends - talk to your kids. I don't mean preach your beliefs...I mean talk to them. Answer their questions honestly. Be an example. After all, they are our future.

August 12, 2009


What makes someone wake up one day and suddenly decide to write a $350 check to a politician they have never given money to before?

No bid train purchases for routes that don't exist, checks for hundred thousand dollar jobs as legal advisors who aren't lawyers, nothing to see here, move along.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee talks on the phone as a woman asks a question at a town hall event

Oh yeah, they care enough to listen....

Brewers Shake Things Up.

Designated for Assignment.

Bill Hall

Sent to the minors.

JJ Hardy


Pitching Coach Bill Castro

Health Care: It's Personal

From my friend Paul Miller:

Emotions are running high in America as the country is entrenched in the debate over health care. Conventional wisdom dictates that rational thinking must always prevail over irrational judgment that almost always accompanies human emotion. However, as a victim of child-hood cancer, I can tell you as I live and breathe today, it is our humanity that must triumph in our national discussion that may ultimately decide who lives -- and who dies.

Twenty-four years ago this month I found myself on an operating table in a suburban Chicago hospital undergoing what was supposed to be routine surgery. Doctors were removing a mass of calcified tissue that was present for a few years in my right arm, but finally, the growth had caused this 14-year old baseball fanatic to lose the zip on his fast-ball, or so it would seem.

When I awoke from surgery, I learned that I didn't have a harmless calcium deposit - I had cancer.

The decisions and actions taken after the diagnosis would determine if I would live or die. My fate would ultimately be transcended by choices that were made by my parents and doctors.

The cancer discovered was described by doctors as "rare, mean and deadly." It was almost unheard of to be found in a teenage boy. My pediatrician advised my family and me to seek treatment at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. I transferred there the next day. A team of oncologists reviewed my case and they recommended I see "one of only two doctors in the country that have ever treated this type of cancer." This time my path to survival would take me to the University of Chicago.

In less than a week's time after my cancer diagnosis, countless medical professionals, including some of the finest medical minds in Chicago, had reviewed my case and advised my family how to save my life. Every step of the way, my parents and I were always given options, ultimately allowing us to have control and make the final decisions.

Amputation or Radiation Treatments were the choices presented and explained to me by the doctor that countless of other medical professionals agreed was my best hope for survival. My doctor and his team took into consideration numerous intangibles such as age, type of cancer, location in my body, but possibly most important; my quality of life.

When my family and I made the decision to proceed with Radiation therapy I was fully aware that if my cancer returned (reoccurrence) an amputation would most likely be required to save my life.

Two years later my cancer returned and my right arm was removed.

Over twenty years later I'm alive, married with two beautiful boys and lying awake at night knowing that if my medical care in 1985 was left to politicians and bureaucrats, I most likely would be pushing up daisies and my children would have never been a twinkle in their mothers eye.

Read the rest at the American Thinker.

Who am I?

Hint: Earns more than you.

***UPDATE: I suppose I shouldn’t be too shocked no one got this.
Fred was closest, tho.
For those of you little people that don’t think The Chosen One spends enough on the military, I present to you: Price Floyd, the Pentagon Social Media Czar.

Sleep well, everybody.


You had to prove you lived in Gwynn Moore's district to get into her town hall meeting yesterday.

You do not have to prove that to vote for her.


Via Gateway Pundit.

Kenneth Gladney, the gentleman who was viciously attacked by organized union thugs in St. Louis last week, is going to file hate crimes charges against his attackers.

Wisconsin State Government Officials Intimidating Reporters?

Robert Gutsche Jr., says that is exactly what's going on.

In Jim Doyle's Wisconsin is anyone surprised?

August 10, 2009

Health Reform

Why would U.S. Senate Sergeant At Arms visit my blog?

IP address:, U.S. Senate Sergeant At Arms, Washington D.C. visited my posts on a recent tea party and a town hall meeting. Why would the chief law enforcer of the U.S. Senate bother with my folksy, amateur reviews? Should I be concerned? Should I worry about the everyday citizens in photos or audio clips?

MRQ nostalgic for days of Bill Clinton

MRQ (Monday Random Quotes)

Note the tail. Althouse.

Cool tail feathers. Kate.

I rather enjoyed it! Holly

misinformed rubes. Bruce.

hard times. Owen.

watching bloggers get loaded. Elliot.

Candy from a stranger. SER

I AM THE MOB! Millions Opposing Barack Gopgal.

turn yourselves in. Kathy.

Holy separation of Chruch and State, Batman! James T.

scared monkeys. With computers Trog.

I am nostalgic for days of Bill Clinton Peter.

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Hubbie LOVES Dicks. ChrisfromRacine.

anything is fair game for TRQ Peter.

toy parties... Amy

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pony up cheapskate. Fred.

big butt!! ChrisfromRacine.

Boys chase girls. Lisa.

you spay Aggie wives, you don't neuter them. Samdham.

Astroturfer. You're probably wearing a suit right now, aren't you? Conrad. (Brooks Bros.)

I don't do food on a stick. Pete. (not even marsmallows?)

I'm not exactly 'hip' DebsSweet

I could have had a pony. CandidCarrie

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I'm reporting ALL of you to Mob Watch. Ladylibertas93

two degrees away from Kevin Bacon Nick.

Devious females. Patrick.

6 Months to Pick a Dog Trog.

Heat+girlies Jimi.

my eyes are watering Amy.

If guns kill people, do pens misspell words? TheChad

I don't play well with others. TheAsianBadger

Leah From New Hampshire Rips Media on C-SPAN

I'll vote for Leah.

Rep. Brian Baird accuses protesters of driving people to violence like Timothy McVeigh

They are not disrupting anything, they are trying to let their opinions be heard by their ELECTED representatives, jerks like you who don't give a damn what they have to say.

Bumper Art

August 9, 2009

Drudge is reporting...

The Drudge Report has the following headline....

Pelosi/Hoyer op-ed in Monday USATODAY calls townhall protesters 'un-American'... Developing...

If that's what Nancy Pelosi thinks, she should resign. Immediately.

UPDATE: Yeah, she did it. This woman is not qualified to be the Speaker of the House. She should resign, today.

Gotta love leftwing hypocrisy.

The left is advertising on Craigslist for paid protesters to promote Obamacare.

All of their hyperventilating about organized protest and they are hiring people?


The left will destroy anyone to get their way.

Jerry Bader exposes how the left wing media is trying to destroy Heather Blish.

The Character Assassination of Heather Blish

This blog posting is going to take the form of a more formal essay than most of my postings. Before I begin I’d like to say two things:

1) In the interest of full disclosure, Heather Blish and I have known each other for several years and I consider her a friend. 2) Heather, I hope you can forgive me for posting this; I know you and your family want this to go away. I know I said I would honor those wishes. But experiences this weekend have convinced me that too many conservatives have bought the lie about you. I know I’ll never convince anybody who gets their news from MSNBC or the Huffington Post. But those who would speak up for what they believe in need to know the truth about what happened to you.

It would be fair to say Heather Blish isn’t comfortable with public speaking or being in the limelight. She's sounded nervous the few times she's called my radio show. Until early 2008 Heather held various positions with the Republican Party in Wisconsin. Heather walked away because of frustration she felt over the lack of organization in the party. Nonetheless, Heather felt it important that she attend a listening session held by Congressman Steve Kagen just down the street from her home in Kewaunee on August 6th.

This listening session came on the heels of emotionally charged sessions Kagen held elsewhere in Northeast Wisconsin, and similarly contentious sessions held by members of congress throughout the country. This session was mostly civil by comparison. Heather was given the opportunity to speak. She identified herself as an independent, not affiliated with any political party; just a mother of four from down the street. What happened next is nothing short of McCarthyism.

For reasons he hasn’t explained, Kristoffer Engebretson, a reporter for a Green Bay TV station perpetually mired in last place in the ratings which also has a reputation for being the “National Enquirer” station of the Green Bay market, decided to explore Heather’s past. There were numerous others there who spoke, but he was aware that Fox News had spoken with her, and Fox News had checked out her Linked In page, a page Heather hasn’t kept up to date. Engebretson discovered her past affiliations with the party and reported them as current, something he has never corrected as an error. He never contacted Heather to see if the information was current, he just ran with it. So, he reported she was an “operative” of the Republican Party when she hasn’t been a member of the party for a year and a half.

The liberal Huffington Post site quickly picked up the lie and reported it as fact. Soon came numerous other liberal blogs, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC were next, spreading the same lie. Then came the hate mail to Heather and the emails to her boss telling him she was a liar and should be fired. Then came the New York Times (which actually did a better job with this story than the local joke of an NBC affiliate. Let that roll around in your brain for a moment)

Then came the follow-up story on the local TV station, never admitting their very egregious initial error about Heather’s political affiliations, instead congratulating themselves for being told by Rachel Maddow they did a great job. I exposed them for the fraud they are on my show Friday, and by late Friday afternoon Heather was willing to approach the national conservative talk shows and fight back. By Friday evening Heather and her family were too weary to fight back and I don’t blame them. Heather, who fears public speaking, had her worst nightmare come true. She overcame that fear to have her voice be heard on a critical issue and was branded a national liar for her efforts.

Read the rest here

If she was a party official, SO FREAKING WHAT? Do you seriously mean to tell me there aren't Democratic party officials speaking out? Paulette Garin was a candidate for Congress and she gets called on "at random" by Obama in Green Bay? Don't believe it for a second.

These Democrats have no ethics, no shame. They don't care who they destroy. These are people with families and lives being attacked without cause by Obama's propaganda machine.

If you are a Democrat, you should be ashamed. If you are a Republican you should be energized to fight the lies of Obama and his operatives in the leftist media.


Am I the only one that didn't know that the Wisconsin State Fair kicks off every morning with the Star Spangled Banner blasting loudly from the speakers at 8:00 am?

'Cause its kinda cool to hear it in the background while you're making coffee.