August 1, 2009

Thoughts on Cash for Clunkers.

1. Whenever the government gives something away demand will be much higher than the government ever anticipated.

2. Whenever the government forecasts something why does it wind up costing 3 times as much as initially thought?

3. This program is actually hurting people who can not afford new cars and rely on used parts to keep their older cars running, people usually on lower end of the earning scale. If it was not clear before it should be crystal clear now, the left cares more about their radical environmental agenda than about actual suffering by the populace.

4. Why is there no incentive for newer model cars to be traded in and left to keep their value instead of being destroyed? Again, the left cares more about their radical environmental agenda than doing any real stimulus,

5. Is anyone surprised that the government is hopelessly behind in administering a program of their own ridiculously complicated design?

6. Do you really trust these people on health care?

Paul Ryan on MSNBC: "Let's have an honest debate"

Paul Ryan smacks down MSNBC liberals.


Since I don't think this person will do it, I will.

Someone on this blog who's name rhymes with "fled" or "shed" (you know, like when a cat or dog sheds their hair) has a birthday today.

Please feel free to convey your well wishes to "Shed."

Thank you, that is all.

July 31, 2009

Has Hell Frozen Over?

It must have....if the day has come that the Capital Times newspaper in Madison (affectionately known as the Crap Times by conservatives in Madison) is suing their Governor Doyle over not giving them records they asked for in an Open Records Request.

Seems the Gov's got a feisty spokesman, Lee Sensenbrenner (absolutely cannot be related to conservative congressman Jim Sensenbrenner--DNA just never gets that screwed up) on the job. Notice some of his snarky comments about the newspaper that's been "bery bery good to him." (That's me, channeling Garret Morris from 1970's Saturday Night live....God, I am SO OLD.)

Here's one remark from the Gov's designated Snidely Whiplash (another 1960's/70's reference....I've got to update my IPOD.): "...Lee Sensenbrenner, a spokesperson for the governor, initially dodged the question by saying he was surprised The Capital Times had the resources to file a lawsuit." An obvious reference to print newspapers' financial hemorrhages.

It's good to see that even this newspaper is willing to speak truth to power--when it's convenient to them, but at least they're doing it--to a Governor who's run amok with power. Clearly he feels untouchable; hence his failure to detail his travel receipts, turn over records when asked, dole out no bid contracts to companies from the other side of the globe, etc...

I don't know....something tells me he's acting too recklessly to be considering a run for governor again.

Homer's Beer Song!

In celebration of the beer summit. To alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of our problems.

Help me with this one.

So President Obama has suggested a plan that would tax "generous" health benefits, he is referring to so-called Cadillac plans.

1. We are going to improve health care by taxing people who have great health care benefits? Why do liberals always want to punish success?

2. I can guarantee you this will never go through. Generally speaking, the people with the most generous health benefits in our country are government employees and union members.

So in following his gut instinct of punishing those that have, the President does not even realize that he is going after his own base. Think I'm wrong; the head of the AFL-CIO hates this idea.

Guess the number game


I knew this was too easy. The top 1% of wage earners now pay 40.4% of all income taxes (2007 numbers). In fact the top 1% now pay a higher percentage of the income tax burden than the bottom 95% of wage earners.

And somehow the left still doesn't think the rich pay their "fair share".

Obama / Biden, becasue everyone else deserves what you've worked hard for.

July 30, 2009

Riddle me this.

This government can not properly implement their own ridiculous cash for clunkers program and at the same time they are telling us they know better and can save money in health care through efficiencies?

They can't handle a flipping trade-in program of their own design. How does this example give anyone any faith that our government could manage health care without making it worse?

How Exactly Does The State Spend $47 Million Without Issuing A Bid?

A fascinating story is breaking across Wisconsin putting a focus on the recent announcement by Governor Jim Doyle to purchase two 14 car trains from the Spanish company Talgo for $47 million. Governor Doyle touted this purchase as creating 80 jobs. ($587,500 per job?)

As part of this program Talgo promised a location in Milwaukee to manufacture the trains.
The odd thing here is that Super Steel of Milwaukee is already in the business of making train cars and they were not even given an opportunity to bid on this project.

According to a Business Journal report Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Representative Jon Richards of Milwaukee are lobbying Talgo to build their trains at Milwaukee's Super Steel plant on Tower Ave. Conventional wisdom says the Governor is pushing for Janesville instead of Milwaukee due to GM job loss.

On Wednesday afternoon, AM 1130's Mark Belling reported that Nippon Shayro, a Japanese firm that contracts with Super Steel to build rail cars for the Chicago Metra line, was furious that the State of Wisconsin never put this new rail line out for bid, especially to a company doing that very work within Wisconsin borders.

If you add to that a recent report by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism that points out many startling facts about the Governor's proposed rail line. The primary focus of that report is that no one knows anything. There is no plan, there has been no study. No one knows how many people may ride this train, no one knows how much it may cost to ride or operate.

All we know for sure is this, the Governor wants more rail; he sees a fat pile of stimulus dollars and he is bulldozing something through without any idea of what the final product will look like.
Many questions are begging to be asked.

1. On what authority can the State of Wisconsin spend $47 million without offering a project up for bid? (Especially to companies already doing business in Wisconsin)

2. How did Talgo gain such an advantage in this process? Were excessive campaign contributions made?

3. If stimulus dollars were really for "shovel ready" projects, how can millions of stimulus dollars be committed for a project that does not even have a basic usage study associated with it?

Meanwhile, Governor Doyle actually called this rail project, "the most shovel-ready project in the Midwest, and, I think, the U.S".

If this is the most shovel-ready project in the U.S., it does not speak highly for any rail project in the country. Eight billion of your tax dollars have already been earmarked for rail projects across the U.S.

Cash for clunkers.

How many of you know a college student who would be willing to buy one of the "clunkers" traded in through this program?
You know....'cause they (nor I) can afford - or want- a $300-$600/month car payment.

Good thing the gubernment, in their infinate wisdom, decided against it.
You know, to stimulate spending. Key line:
[ "Q: What happens to my old vehicle?

A: The trade-in vehicle will be scrapped. Dealers are required to use a government-approved salvage facility for the vehicle disposal. Vehicles need to be shredded or crushed within six months.
" ]

Last I checked, putting $0 back in the economy is still less than $15K.
But I ain't too book smart at math, so I could be wrong.

The five worst words in the English language.

Two left lanes closed ahead.

July 29, 2009

Fraley is reproducing...

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Congratulations my friend.

Santa Cruz City Council Testimony 5/13/08

No doubt related to Miss West Carolina.

H/T Sykes.

Why should we pay for illegals?

So, let me get this straight.

I enter a country illegally.

I should expect to be able to work, pay or not pay taxes, be given a drivers license. And now, the country I broke into is expected to provide me with health insurance?

So let's just say I break into the White House. I should be given a job, benefits and health insurance?

I've said it before, this is bizarro world.

The National Debt Road Trip

July 28, 2009

A very effective smokescreen

Movie Quotes, sU... edition

Hopefully less obscure.
Dont worry, if this goes the same way it'll be my last..

1) "Scouts?!"

2) "Too many notes"

3) "Over a woman!"

4) "I know your secrets."

5) "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!" (gonna have to be the original on this one)

Movie Quotes, sU... edition

OK, clearly too obscure.

1. Pork rind? ... Pork rind.
TMNT -Fred 1

2. Are you feeling satisfied now?

3. Proper f***ed? .... Yeah, Tommy, before "Zee Germans" get there.

4. Aargh!! Noooo!!! Aaarghh!! .... Won't be long now.
Brazil (interrogation scene)

5. Hey, Eckhart! Always think abou the future.
Batman (the good one) - Fred 2

You guys let Fred win??

July 27, 2009

We The People Stimulus Package

Tell Me.

How is it that Charlie Rangel still Chairs the committee that writes our tax law?

Simple. Democrats don't give a damn about their own corruption.

The Uninsured

Why do I need to pay for those who choose not to pay for themselves?
Swiped from Kate

MRQ excited to have an ankle monitor removed!

Totally swiped Chris from Racine.

a complete idiot or an evil Marxist. Owen.

the “T” stands for “Tulip.” Owen.

made of spam. Elliot.

The geriatric hemlock cocktails will have half the trans-fats. Steve.

Zoltar® brand products have been discounted 10 to 25%. Mdme Zoltar.

The Minister of Manipulation Silent E.

To each according to to his lack thereof. Nick.


A really big burger. Alex.

chicken entrails involved Trog.

This little thing. Patrick.

big, bloody, juicy, yummy Owen.

If the clothes fit, they're ugly. SER

If she has one more facelift, she’ll have a goatee. Peter

I prefer Sublodytes. Misterpterodactyl


rub Vick's nose in his mistake Chris from Racine.

stuck in disbelief Candid Carrie

Would I be wrong to use the word twiggers?? Hohner.

in a straightjacket Pete

Where's the beer? Corky.

reaffirming gravity works Still Unreal

A salad eater, I'm not. Theteditorial

everybody needs to go to Noah's Ark Ryan Grant.

feed me feed me feed me feed me!!!!!! Nick Barnet

It's hard to do your real job and tweet at the same time. Lisa.

I've had enough weekend for a month Sarandipity.

longer to choose a dog than to push this healthcare mandate Kathy.

Left nuts Tom.

holy shitake mushrooms Jimi

almost not funny. Nick.

Bam is in the Matrix! Blue pill! James.

Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. TAB

I've never seen someone so excited to have an ankle monitor removed! Jones.

counting on TARP funds Wigdy.

If only I could write.... Egg.

Not Another One....

A while ago I featured snippets from a regular Letters to the Editor writer in the Racine Journal Times due to its ridiculous statements.

Well, here's another one that doesn't disappoint. Regular heckler Frank Egerton penned this gem, trying to make his fanatical anti-second amendment sentiments understandable, while belittling women who are in abusive situations.

Well, Frank....once again you're showing your hysteria and nearly unbelievable sexism in this one. I just love the line that reads: "Jacob Shaffer, 30, of Fayetteville, Tenn., made national news by killing his wife and five others in a shooting spree. He probably should not have done it." (yes, I added the bold here. I needed to illustrate the use of "probably" in this line.)

Now pepper in this line: "These examples should be a warning to other women not to leave their man just because he is sometimes abusive. If these women do not care about their own lives, they should consider the other innocent lives which might be lost when their angry man with a gun seeks revenge."


Frank thinks that his examples back up his arguments for more gun control laws in this country--the kind of gun laws that take them out of the hands of law-abiding citizens (especially the women victims he's citing in his examples!) He admits in the rest of his letter that we have laws on the books that are already not followed or enforced--omitting any condemnation of liberal judges who let repeat gun law offenders/drug dealers/robbers, etc. off the hook with mere slaps on the wrists.

Noticeably absent are any criticisms of his Governor Jim Doyle who can't wait to start releasing offenders back onto our streets, rendering us potential future victims without the ability to arm ourselves legally.

Is it really possible people like Frank Egerton are walking around as productive members of our society--free?

Unfortunately, that's a rhetorical question. We all know guys who think like Frank are running around in society--free--however, "productive" remains to be proven!

Talk about not getting it.

I ran across an interesting story on Dkos; Education: what is wrong with this picture?

The author, teacherken.

Here are the nuts and bolts. The author is concerned about a bunch of beaurocrats and a group of Governors setting educational standards in English and Mathematics. Teacherken lays out the process and participants and summarizes with this statement.

If you have not yet gotten it, go back and look at both sets of lists and find those currently involved in K-12 education, even in the feedback groups.

Now imagine that you were going to draft medical standards without any practicing doctors.

Ken, President Obama and a bunch of lawyers are drafting medical standards right now, and you and your fellow teachers union and Daily Kos buddies who got him elected don't seem to understand that at all. You had a chance to figure that out and failed.

Hopefully the rest of the country is figuring this out and will remember in 2010.

July 26, 2009

Does he now?

Gates says it's time to 'move on' from his arrest...

BOSTON – Black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. says he's ready to move on from his arrest by a white police officer, hoping to use the encounter to improve fairness in the criminal justice system and saying "in the end, this is not about me at all."

TRANSLATION: I got caught and refuse to truly accept my responsibility, please move along and allow me to pretend there is a larger point.