July 11, 2009

Guess the number game, sU... edition

Since we seem to be on a roll.
I will be extremely impressed if anyone happens to get this:

33 and 2

33 -- Number of womens underpants (as Mrs. sU... likes to call them) on stage after the Tom Jones concert on Friday nite - He caught one thong as it was about to hit him.
2 -- Number of womens skirts on stage after the concert

Guess the number,sU Edition:

2,000 Trillion

***UPDATE: Cubic feet of natural gas estimated to be in the U.S.

Its not that I’m trying not to give the answer to Mr. Pants, he was – technically – wrong.
His answer of “Feet of natural gas we have in the US.” is a unit of length, not area.
So….. I will leave it up to the RDW pundits to decide.

July 10, 2009

Guess the number


(not even the great Mr. Pelican Pants will get this one)

Update: Mr. Pelican Pants gets another one. Obama needs to appoint 599,972 more Czars to meet his campaign promise of 600,000 new jobs. (he has appointed 28 already)

Kudos Mr. Pelican Pants.

This is just wrong.

Morgan Freeman To Marry His Step-Granddaughter E'Dena Hines?

Compare and Contrast

Did you ever look at two headlines and just shake you head?

Ok, first look at this headline in the Eau-Claire Leader-Telegram. (an editorail written by a university educator)

University educators suffer most in budget.

Compare and contrast to this headline in the Journal Sentinel.

UW regents approve 5.5% tuition increase.

Perhaps the editorial writer would like to complain about their increase in this market to the people who have an even larger increase in costs or a decrease or loss on income.

Hey, U.S., apologize and get your journalists in line!

This came out a couple hours ago. Hmmm. Some U.S. journalists were actually reporting on the real conditions in a Communist country. Time for the Big O to put his foot down (on the necks of the few U.S. journalists who tell the truth) so we don't offend our new friends.

The real reason...

...why Palin stepped down.

Turns out she was running a homosexual prostitution ring from her own home.

Maybe the M.S.M. won't care since they missed it the first time around -- 4 years ago.

July 9, 2009


I'd like to redesign RDW...

Can I have 18 million bucks?

Wanggaard to run against Lehman

At 3:30 this afternoon Racine County Supervisor Van Wanggaard will announce his candidacy for the State Senate against 1 term Senator John Lehman.

This commercial ran during Van's run the Assembly two years ago. We wish Van well in his attempt to unseat Lehman. Lehman told us exactly who he was in his last race, a big spendging big taxing big government liberal.

The differences between these men could not be any more clear.

Van Wanggaard - Racine's Finest from Intrepid on Vimeo.

A Huge Bang for the Buck!

I have to shake my head today at the creative genius behind the now notorious banner that was flown behind a plane over the city's 4th of July parade. When I first heard about the banner that stated Lehman and Mason's votes raised taxes I thought how expensive that must have been, and would there be enough bang for their buck on that kind of investment.....

Well, the free earned media they're receiving has certainly proven that this was probably the most inexpensive ad that is receiving the most coverage / exposure you could ever get on that dollar spent any other way in a campaign!

Now, if the Journal Times had put as much effort into finding out who contributes to One Wisconsin Now or any of the other government employee union shadow groups who regularly spend hundreds of thousands of dollars outright lying about a Republican candidate's votes and positions, imagine the real transparency and service they'd be giving us! (Whew, that's one kingsized run-on sentence....)

So, what's the crime they committed? Expressing their displeasure over a government they feel has run amok and is taxing its citizenry into oblivion. Sounds like it's pretty appropriate that the message they shared is in line with what Independence Day was all about. Of course, we've either forgotten our history, or we focus too much on the parade, candy, cookouts, and fireworks now instead. Our public education system and media have done a great job of softening the edges and encouraging apathy and ignorance on the part of our citizens when it comes to the real meaning of our holidays in this country. To them, Christmas = Santa; Easter = Candy; Memorial Day = Brats; Veteran's Day = Extra Paid Day Off. We know they've done a good job at it, because now there are mobilized groups working to take Christ out of Christmas.

Shouldn't the citizens be thanking the sponsors of the banner for reminding them what Independence Day was really all about? Only if they're criticizing Republicans, I guess.

Attention Racine Residents.

If you live in the vicinity of 1019 Kingston, keep an eye out on your kids.

One trick donkey.

Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich.

Clue in, the rich does pay their fair share....

Now they should pay for health insurance for those who choose not to have it?

Land, get your free land here.

But only if you are a government employee.

They can't give away land but they think they have enough interest for commuter rail?

July 8, 2009


One day after the DC metro crash a 14 year old catches video of a train operator asleep at the controls.

Here's your stimulus folks...

It all just goes to government.

This is going to help people back to work how?

The state's priority is apparently shorter waits at the unemployment line. Are you voters paying attention? The focus should be on putting people back to work, not giving them a shorter wait for government help.

Funny, I don't recall anyone running on a platform of massively increasing the size and scope of government.

Health Care Reform Cost Visualization

"Quitting" or retraining?


I'm thinking maybe she quit so she could devote more time to community organizing so she can be prepared for the presidency.


July 7, 2009

Guess the number


Come on kids, are you going to wait for Mr. Pelican Pants to get another one?

He did it again.

UPDATE: Global Temperature has dropped .74 degrees since the release of An Inconvenient "Truth"

Batting Stances: Brewers

I love the batting stance guy!

Manitowoc Open Carry Freedom March On Target

Thought I'd share this unique experience with you guys.

United Breaks Guitars

Sometimes payback is a music video

The Real Working Class

In case you can't read it: "You don't see Obama stickers on cars going to WORK!"

Credit to my adorable borderline-Libertarian nephew Brandon Stepp in South Carolina. (Now, if only we could get the rest of the family straightened out.....)

Another example...

Of the death of the news media.
They missed another huge, earth-shattering, reality-altering story everyone should be aware of:
I don't know of anywhere where this story is, but it should be.
Michael Jackson died last week.
Michael Jackson!
Our (the US's) own royalty! And our lazy media is asleep on the story once again.


I thought I was the only one that felt this way, given the gushing coverage for a pedophiliac narcissist.
Hot tip for child molesters and weirdos: just write a catchy tune, and all will be forgiven.
(oh, and it helps to have a concert for your funeral)

July 6, 2009

Union Civica Democratica -- July 4 -- Democracy Alive and Strong Because The Constitution Works

And Obama wants him returned to power.



We shall call him Jiblette. Jib. (Congratulations)

I recall the beginnings of my fetish. Steve

superstar-in-chief Still Unreal.

Soon, it will be necessary to name a czar czar. Mary.

bikini motorcycle wash and bachelor auction Chris from Racine.

Are you referring to economic stimulation, or some other type of stimulation Nick.

Presstitutes working for W. H. O. R. E. Egg.

I’m all excited Old Broad.

Mom, you look even more beautiful to me now! Mitchie.

You'd think he just had his PS3 taken away from him and given to his sister! Cathy

Chad happy...very happy Chad.

IYSITWiLI Trog. (click this one)

fiction in slow-motion Left Coasst Rebel.

Setting fashion trends. James T

I used to concern myself with not appearing too ‘redneck’ Joey.


I just don't need distractions to show off my klutziness. SamdHam

a lot of eyes clawed out! Jones.

try to pull a t-shirt over your head while walking down the hall... ChrisfromRacine

Please join me in celebrating the Independence of our nation by blowing up a small part of it. Keith.

The "U" is back. Cleese.

Mosquito armies are out in force. TAB

off to a BBQ Penn.

I'm finding it hard to get behind a holiday where a bunch of scrappy rebels defeated a vast empire for independence. Darth Vader

What Tyrants Have We Elected To Replace Kings? Nick

Eating cheese curds Althouse.

just ran out of talent Pete.

the boba craze Annie Duke

Too lazy to buy the illegal good stuff. Thebusbandit

need a hooker tonight? Sarandipity.

barefoot, in the kitchen. Samdham

Obama Health Reform and Wait Times Visualization (In Lego!)

Caption This

Photo Credit / Left Coast Rebel.

July 5, 2009

Guess the number


I'm stunned no one got this.

Think July 4th...

Doyle's first class travel without documentation.

An article in the Journal Sentinel details how travel records and receipts are missing from Jim Doyle's expense reports.

Included are limo expenses over $1,500 on a Canadian trip, London hotel rooms to the tune of $654 per night and a $5,200 business class flight to Ireland! (I'm sure coach was sold out)

Ever heard of Priceline Governor Doyle? It becomes clear you have no interest in trying to curb your travel or trying to do it at a realistic price.

And it would appear that Doyle's office is ticked off at being questioned...

From the article, Asked if the governor would change how he tracks travel expenses, Goodwin said, "Absolutely not, absolutely not. . . . We will not limit his role or chain him down and not allow him to fulfill his duties as governor."

In short, screw you Wisconsin, I'll spend what I want when I want on whatever I want and I'll turn in receipts if I damn well feel like it.

We get the government we vote for.

By the way. doesn't Toronto have a rail system? Why would Doyle need a limo if there was rail available?

Your Brewer All Stars

Ryan Braun

Prince Fielder

That is all.

No Trevor Hoffman, no Yovanni Gallardo.

That's outrageous that they were snubbed.

Caption This

A couple of great articles on global warming.

Global Warming Is A Hoax by David Deming.


Another cause of global warming hysteria is the infiltration of science by ideological zealots who place politics above truth. Earlier this month, the Obama administration issued a report that concluded global warming would have a number of deleterious effects on the US. In 1995, one of the lead authors of this report told me that we had to alter the historical temperature record by "getting rid" of the Medieval Warm Period.

The Obama report refers to – six times – the work of a climate scientist named Stephen H. Schneider. In 1989, Schneider told Discover magazine that "we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have." Schneider concluded "each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest." Schneider's position is not unusual. In 2007, Mike Hulme, the founding director of the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research in Britain, told the Guardian newspaper that "scientists and politicians must trade truth for influence."

While releasing a politicized report that prostitutes science to politics, the Obama administration simultaneously suppressed an internal EPA report that concluded there were "glaring inconsistencies" between the scientific data and the hypothesis that carbon dioxide emissions were changing the climate.

Cap and Trade Dementia by Peter Ferrara


Barack Obama called for House passage of the cap and trade tax bill last Friday by calling it a jobs bill. The bill is designed to raise the price of energy in the U.S. so much that it will reduce the use of fossil fuels by 17% by 2020 and by 83% by 2050. Sentencing the U.S. economy to high cost energy is not a particularly good strategy for creating jobs. The Charles River Associates, a Harvard based economics consulting firm, estimates a net loss of jobs from the bill of about 2.5 million each year.

This is surely a gross underestimate of the net job losses from a bill designed to reduce the use of fossil fuels to the level in 1907. All those soccer moms better get used to riding their horses to the grocery store and back. And their husbands better get used to working the farms again, by hand, as high cost energy will chase remaining American manufacturing out of the country to India and China, which do not suffer from Al Gore's delusions about supposed global warming.
Yet Barack Obama calls it a jobs bill. This reflects a by now well-established pattern of deceptive, misdirection rhetoric, raising broadly appealing ideals in promotion of policies that would do just the opposite. For example, Obama is also trying to sell us a new health care entitlement, larger than any of our already grossly overgrown entitlements we can't finance, with the argument that it will actually reduce costs, even while CBO estimates that it will increase Federal spending by $1.6 trillion (woefully underestimated).

Earlier this year, Obama released his budget with great fanfare about how it would supposedly reduce the federal deficit in half in five years. Hidden in the fine print was the awful truth that his budget, now passed by the overwhelmingly Democrat Congress, explodes this year's deficit to a record busting $1.8 trillion, four times bigger than Bush's largest deficit, and seven times bigger than Reagan's largest, which caused so much caterwauling among liberals. The deficit in the last budget passed by a Republican controlled Congress was $162 billion, less than 10% as much.

Last year, Obama campaigned on proposals to raise the top two income tax rates by over 10%, the capital gains tax rate by 33%, and the tax rate on dividends by 33%, while restoring a permanent death tax rate of 45%, and raising taxes on corporations that already pay virtually the highest tax rates in the industrialized world, all the while focusing on his promise to cut taxes for 95% of Americans. That tax cut turned out to be a puny $400 per worker tax credit that is phased out after next year, when his tax increases will become effective to sink the still sputtering economy.

During the campaign, Obama also pledged that he would never raise taxes in any form on Americans making less than $250,000 per year. But his cap and trade tax is estimated to cost American families almost $2,000 a year when it becomes effective, growing to almost $7,000 a year for a family of four by 2035. That will be paid through higher prices for electricity, oil, gasoline, natural gas, home heating oil, coal, food, and every product that is produced or transported using energy. Remember: when the first President Bush violated his oft-repeated campaign pledge not to raise taxes, voters booted him out in the next election.