July 3, 2009

Long forgotten words..

That are apparently meaningles in this era of hope, change and tingly-legged rhetoric.

[ Never in the history of the world has any soldier sacrificed more for the freedom and liberty of total strangers than the American soldier. And, our soldiers don't just give freedom abroad, they preserve it for us here at home. For it has been said so truthfully that it is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the agitator, who has given us the freedom to protest.
It is the soldier who salutes the flag, serves beneath the flag, whose coffin is draped by the flag who gives that protester the freedom he abuses to burn that flag.

No one should dare to even think about being the Commander in Chief of this country if he doesn't believe with all his heart that our soldiers are liberators abroad and defenders of freedom at home.

Best part is the freedom granted to the press is being used to diminish the very people that provided it in the first place.

***I'm sure its no big secret, but would anyone want to venture a guess at who's words these are?

July 2, 2009

Senate Bill Fines People Refusing Health Coverage

Hey, I've got it. Maybe if people don't pay the fines the feds will bail them out. Then they hand their bailout money right back to pay the fines the feds set up. Yeah, right.

Actually, I think Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head today when he played our new banana republic's national anthem: DAY-O. This growing fascism is a nightmare. "Daylight come and we want to go home!"

Ninja Fast Doggy

This mutt needs more walks.

Self-Indulgent Mom Moment

Thought I'd share a melancholy moment....one I'm still sorting out.

Took my little guy for his Mitchell Day. Background: my Mitchie is almost 12 years old now and is the world's best boy you'd ever meet. Really. Mitchie isn't one for asking for a lot of stuff, unlike his completely opposite teenage sister, so a Mitchell Day consists mainly of just hanging out together, catching some lunch of his choice, a stop in the video game store, and sometimes catching the latest action movie. Well, being a mom without a lot of spare time these days, I tried to sandwich in a trip to the dentist and the eye doctor between the Chinese food and shopping for new shorts.

Thought I'd been pretty successful at sugarcoating the dentist (is that an oxymoron?) when I assured him it was just a routine cleaning and then we'd head to the mall. (Of course, I left out the part that the optometrist was IN the mall.) He thought he was "all that" when the hygienist called me back to tell me that once again, Mitchie had outstanding teeth and gums, and was the picture of brushing and flossing for his age. (What she doesn't know: I have to threaten the kid with his life to get him to brush his teeth, and flossing makes him gag so he never does it.) Mitch thought that was his assurance that he'd passed this visit with flying colors. Til the (cue the dread music) dentist came in and told him he'd have to come back for a minor filling--his first. You'd think he just had his PS3 taken away from him. No longer was he the picture of perfection that he could brag about to his sister. I coaxed him through it, explaining that almost everyone needs fillings. He pointed out that at 15, Hannah has no fillings. But then he said she has worse breath than his, so he guesses he still outshines her in other ways....spoken like a true little brother.

So, we left the dentist and headed to the mall. I nonchalantly took a turn toward Lenscrafters, and he immediately knew what I was up to. Well, not immediately, since he suspected I was going to sneak in a haircut for him on Mitchell Day. This gave me the opportunity to emphatically deny the haircut-sneak and triumphantly proclaim that I'd NEVER try to sneak in a haircut on a Mitchell Day! How dare he even insinuate such a thing! Nothing more than a routine eye test, son. No big deal. Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, etc., etc. Good sport that he is, he followed me in. Half an hour later, we were given the news that his formerly perfect big brown eyes were now moderately near-sighted and he'd need glasses--full time! You'd think he just had his PS3 taken away from him and given to his sister! I put on a brave face and told him (probably for the 100th time) about my first pair of glasses in 4th grade, and how he could switch to contacts in a year or so, etc., etc., etc.

So, now we have to spend a good hour picking out frames for his perfect face for glasses that will hide his gorgeous big brown eyes. And, truly, it's breaking my heart. I was so hopeful that my kids would have inherited their dad's perfect vision, and my healthy teeth. So Hannah got my teeth and Dad's vision, and Mitchie got his Dad's teeth and my poor vision. Somewhere inside me I couldn't help feeling I'd let him down somehow. According to him, he'll be this "dorky guy" with glasses, and probably with braces down the road to boot. How much harder could I possibly make his life?

While eating lunch waiting for his new glasses to be complete, I was just as upset as he was. I didn't show it, of course. No doubt he was bummed. Until, that is, he put on his new glasses and a look of awe and surprise came across his face. He couldn't believe what he had been missing! What he was describing to me was making me feel happy for him, yet horrified that his eyes needed that much correction and I didn't know it! (I used to be in the optical business for 10 years--kinda like the plumber with the leaky pipes....I guess.) The glasses look very cool on him, actually. He thinks so, too.

We walked out of Lenscrafters, and in true Mitchie fashion he put a bright spin on the situation when he said, "Mom, this is gonna be great. Now I'll be able to tell if the girls at school really are cute or if I've been making a terrible mistake! I have to know for sure!"

Ah, yes. Just like him to make me laugh. And the cherry on top? When he said, "Mom, you look even more beautiful to me now!"

Hmmm, maybe I better get those glasses double-checked!

Yeah, Hollywood is out of ideas.

Coming soon: Asteroids the movie.

Coming up on Independence Day...

Doesn't it seem like Obama is trying to turn it into Dependence Day?

New Smart Cars

We've had our fun with the ridiculous looking Smart Car here.

However, I am happy to report that the Old Broad has found some new options!

I give you the Smorvette!

The Smorsche...

July 1, 2009


Who’s feeling stimulated?


Are you just feeling saved?

This is ridonkulous

Hybrid car parking given preferential location to handicap parking. (Yes, the hybrid spot is closer to the door)

Someone please stop the environmentalist insanity.

H/T Joey

on Transparency...

Not quite sure what word I'd use to describe this ridiculous government we have now, but transparent is not one of them.

They rush the “stimulus bill” through, because it was urgent. Almost no one read the whole thing, yet it will surely raise prices and taxes.

Crap and tax passed the house already. Almost no one read the whole thing (or the ~300 pages added in the night), yet it will surely raise prices and taxes.

The auto industry – and others – received huge bailouts. Almost no one read the whole thing, yet it will surely raise prices and taxes.

Are you seeing a pattern here?
Which part of “don’t show them or tell them what we’re doing, just ram it through” is transparent?

I don’t think this is taxation without representation, its taxation through hubris without remorse or forethought.

June 30, 2009


And Lee Holloway is going to be the one to kill it.

Seriously, who would have believed it would be Lee Holloway that killed KRM?

Well you can blame John Lehman and Cory Mason too. They helped put the power in Holloway's hands. (For those searching for how, they took away from Scott Walker the power to appoint representatives and gave it the County Board Chair. Then Doyle ticked off Holloway by killing his new sales tax so he is going to kill Doyle's pet choo choo in response.)

Great job John and Cory!

Partisan Politics Fail!

Sports Bubbler Asks..

Who does Casey McGehee think he is?

I'm not sure but my Fantasy Baseball team likes him.

I think I know what the answer to this will be.... NO!

Senators want hearing on Obama's firing of IG

19 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two Republican senators asked Monday for a congressional hearing to look at whether President Barack Obama acted appropriately when he fired the national service agency's inspector general earlier this month.

Sens. Mike Enzi of Wyoming and Orrin Hatch of Utah said they were concerned about "significant questions raised regarding the propriety of the decision to remove the IG."
Obama fired Gerald Walpin, the inspector general who investigates AmeriCorps and other programs that are part of the Corporation for National Community Service, saying he had lost confidence in him. The firing followed an investigation by Walpin finding misuse of federal grants by a nonprofit education group led by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who is an Obama supporter and former professional basketball star.

Johnson and a nonprofit education academy he founded ultimately agreed to repay half of $847,000 in grants it had received from AmeriCorps. Walpin was criticized by the acting U.S. attorney in Sacramento for the way he handled the investigation of Johnson and St. HOPE Academy.

Walpin has told The Associated Press that he reported facts and conclusions "in an honest and full way" while serving as IG.

Enzi and Hatch asked Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee, to hold a hearing.

"We have asked for information from the White House counsel and CNCS, but they have not been forthcoming to date nor willing to commit to a timeframe," the senators said in a letter to Kennedy.

A Kennedy spokeswoman, Melissa Wagoner, said the senator's office was reviewing the request.

Mayor McPervert's latest defense?

Well yeah, I had kiddy porn, but the city worker who made a copy didn't have a warrant so I'm innocent.

I wonder if he'll ask for time off to attend Michael Jackson's funeral?

Confused about the situation in Honduras?

My friend Dr. Bill Smith lays it all out for you.

Source by ALG News - The story out of Honduras is that the people of that stalwart little country have now taken it into their own hands to preserve their democracy in the most courageous action since they established their constitutional republic nearly three decades ago. Just as former Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales prepared to seize full power in direct violation of the nation’s Constitution, the military leadership – with the backing of the people – removed him from power.

Unfortunately, Barak Obama, after encouraging the Zelaya coup with his complicit silence, has now condemned the people’s move to uphold their Constitution and preserve their freedom. And, as expected, the mainstream media has joined Mr. Obama in censuring the restoration of democracy by censoring the full story. Yet, what actually occurred in Honduras is a case study in the survival of freedom against the most oppressive odds.

Earlier this year, in the face of strong public opposition, Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales declared that he would stage a referendum to have the country’s constitutional term limits law overturned, thereby allowing him to remain indefinitely in power. The people of Honduras had adopted the single, four-year--term limit as part of their Constitution in January of 1982. Significantly, the term limits provision is one of only eight “firm articles,” out of 375. By law, cannot be amended.

The Supreme Court of Honduras declared the Zelaya referendum unconstitutional, his own Liberal Party came out in strong opposition, and the public overwhelmingly opposed his power grab. Despite this, Zelaya, a leftwing politician with strong ties to Cuba’s Castro and Venezuela’s Chavez, scheduled the referendum for Sunday, June 28. At midnight, Wednesday, June 24, the strong-arm president gave a televised speech accusing his opposition of promoting “destabilization and chaos” by attempting to thwart his unconstitutional referendum.

As the situation in Honduras continued to deteriorate, the Zelaya’s attorney general called for his ouster; his Defense Minister resigned; he fired the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for stating that he would refuse to send out troops to put down public protests; the chiefs of the army, navy, and air force resigned; and the country’s Supreme Court ordered the nation’s army and police not to support the unconstitutional referendum.

Through all of this, Barack Obama abetted the Zelaya power grab through his calculated silence. Yet, the brave people of Honduras – enduring almost unfathomable duress – stood firm in support of their Constitution and the term limits embodied in it. Now that the will of the people has triumphed over tragedy, we believe the time has come for Mr. Obama to concede the defeat of his partner and policy, and for the U.S. media to support those who, putting principle above personal safety, have let freedom ring. We applaud the Freedom Fighters of neighboring Honduras.

Shocking video of NY Democrat sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance

Changes of power in New York look a lot like Honduras....

Zero class shown by Democrats.... Wait, that's their norm.

Whoda Thunkit?

Another major league city pointing to Milwaukee as the model for success.

Seriously, 10 years ago who would have thought that was possible?

You keep using that word...

I do not think it means what you think it means. -- Inigo Montoya

So our superstar-in-chief called the coup in Honduras "illegal."
It was part of a more elegant, flowing speech that would tingle your leg, I'm sure.
He goes on to say:
[ It would be a terrible precedent if we start moving backwards into the era in which we are seeing military coups as a means of political transition, rather than democratic elections," Obama said, noting the region's progress in establishing democratic traditions in the past 20 years. ]
Pretty much flips the bird to the dead Iranians, dontcha think?
So when are coups "legal" then? Gotta love waiting to get the lawyers permission to overturn a corrupt government (think congress is listening?).
Protects everyone, especially the clueless.
Because we all know the elections in Iran and Venezuela were the most transparent (to use a word he does) and fair elections in the last 25 years or so.
And dont forget Cuba.
And NoKo.
I suppose the world is "moving forward" with their electoral processes.

My president is an idiot without a pause.
(Apologies to Chuck D)

June 29, 2009

Josh Womack does a few other bat tricks before a Long Beach Armada game

More bat tricks

How Lee Holloway Looked When He Found Out Doyle Killed His New Sales Tax

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Behold What Madison Hath Wrought.

My boss at The MacIver Insitute has posted the best roundup I've seen on the state budget.

Great job Brett!