June 6, 2009

Breaking their own new rule.

Must be Wisconsin Democrats.

on Leadership...

So, as I watch the ceremonies of the 65th anniversary of D-Day I notice that all the men are dressed in their suits. One even in a military uniform.

Notice which world figurehead - that was a truck driver during the war - is missing, tho?
Wasn't even invited.

The Queen is not there.
Oh, prince big ears is there, but she was not invited by the boys. And before anyone says “well, he should have said something” lets not forget that it was Americas troops who died on that beach, too. If BO(the idiot, not the dog) really wanted to show leadership and unity, insisting on her presence is a no-brainer and irrefutable, IMO.

My questions are:
Who consulted the BO(the idiot, not the dog) to remain quiet about the snub?
Think BO(the idiot, not the dog) would have allowed such an invasion, or would we all be goose-stepping by now?
Do you think Michelle feels proud to be there?

I’m up way too early, aren’t I?

June 5, 2009

Why is it always in Wisconsin?

Drunken Slip ’n Sliding: Police say intoxicated woman stripped, tried to slide in neighbor’s yard

By ANNE JUNGEN ajungen@lacrossetribune.com.

A La Crosse woman on a court order not to consume alcohol drank herself to a 0.30 percent blood-alcohol content, stripped to her underwear and attempted to use her neighbor’s yard waterslide, police said.

A homeowner on the 900 block of Winneshiek Road reported a woman wearing only bra and thong panties was trying to use a Slip ’n Slide with a 5-year-old boy about 6 p.m. Wednesday, according to La Crosse police reports. Officers found Margaret Bachop, 41, on the front steps of her home at 1204 Winneshiek Road, screaming about lost keys, according to reports.

Another nearby neighbor reported Bachop had run into her yard and wrapped herself in bed sheets from a clothesline.

Bachop is expected to be charged Thursday in La Crosse County Circuit Court with lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct.

She was released from the La Crosse County Jail on Thursday on a $200 signature bond.

Congratulations to the UK

They figured out big-government liberal rule doesn't work...

Hopefully the US was paying attention.

New GM introduces the 2010 Obama

Incredibly "green," this car runs on hot air and broken promises. It has three wheels that speed the vehicle through tight left turns. It comes complete with two Teleprompters programmed to help the occupants talk their way out of any violations.

Built by union labor with full benefits, it's base price is only $83,000, but low government financing is available for any payment requested.

Subsidized insurance available!

Loan guarantees and special payment plans for "Undocument workers."

Non- union American citizens must pay full price of course, plus all taxes.

The transparent canopy reveals the smiles still on the faces of all the happy Democrat owners.

Guess the number game


UPDATE: This one was too easy, Mr. Pelican Pants nailed it quickly.

2,812, the number of dead people in voted in Minnesota.

Bob Hope knew about this years ago.

Tax Policy Has Consequences # 7,432,129

Ballmer Says Tax Would Move Microsoft Jobs Offshore

By Ryan J. Donmoyer

June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steven Ballmer said the world’s largest software company would move some employees offshore if Congress enacts President Barack Obama’s plans to impose higher taxes on U.S. companies’ foreign profits.

“It makes U.S. jobs more expensive,” Ballmer said in an interview. “We’re better off taking lots of people and moving them out of the U.S. as opposed to keeping them inside the U.S.”

Read the rest.

Of course if they were located in Wisconsin instead of Washington elected representatives would just tell them to go ahead and get the hell out if they didn't like it.

Happy National Donut Day Everyone.

June 3, 2009

Want some input in the budget...

If you are Twitterliterate pop your question about the Wisconsin Budget into Twitter.

Please use the #?4LFB tag.

(Is Twitterliterate a word?)

49 Million to Five.

Ann Coulter nails this one.

Proven right yet again.

I had several posts up during the presidential election calling for Barack Obama to come clean and admit his Muslim heritage. (1) (2) (3) I never denied he was a Christian today but said he was lying about his upbringing for political purposes.

The usual assortment of apologists provided cover accusing anyone who brought this up of all kinds of thing, Folkidiot called me a liar as usual, etc.

Now that Obama is taking off on his Muslim mystery tour the administration is willing to admit the truth.

So, this much we know for sure.

Obama was raised in a Muslim home.

Obama thought so little of the American electorate that he felt he had to lie about his heritage in order to get elected.

Obama thinks so little of the electorate

June 2, 2009

Good Auto News

Arkansas Soldier Killed by Domestic Terrorist.

Our deep sympathies go out on this. The solider killed here is the nephew of a very good friend, neighbor and a frequent contributor to the blog. I'll let him identify himself if he wishes, but every prayer goes out to you and your family my friend.

Little Rock - Authorities have identified the soldier killed in Monday's double-shooting outside a U.S Army recruitment office in west Little Rock. According to Pulaski County Coroner Garland Camper, 23-year-old William Long of Conway died shortly after being transported to a Little Rock hospital.

Police say the incident occurred around 10:15 a.m. at a U.S. Army Navy Career Center inside the Ashley Square Shopping Center at 9112 North Rodney Parham Road. According to Lt. Terry Hastings with the Little Rock Police Department, two enlisted soldiers standing outside the office were hit when a suspect drove up in a black SUV and began shooting.

At a briefing Monday afternoon, Little Rock police chief Stuart Thomas identified the suspect as Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, 23, of Little Rock. Thomas says Muhammad also goes by the name Carlos Bledsoe.

More Than One Murderer Here....

Well, I was waiting to see if anyone would jump into the muck of the recent murder of "notorious late-term abortion doctor George Tiller." When you comment on stories like these, you run the risk of being misquoted and of having accusations hurled at you that you support the violence toward him, that you're radical, blah blah blah.

So, I'll jump in first. But let's establish a couple of base points:

1. I support peaceful pro-life demonstrations.

2. I do not advocate or applaud what happened to this man.

Now, having established those points--here we go.

One of the first things that jumped out at me when I heard about this, was "What the hell kind of church has the nation's most notorious partial birth abortion provider as an usher?!"

In my church, ushers are considered leaders of the congregation. They are looked up to as role models in the church itself and in their communities. It's a real honor to be asked to serve the church in such a way.

So, I had to do a search this morning to find out just what the hell "church" this guy goes to. I found out it's not just any old Lutheran Church....so, don't have a heart attack, Lutherans. It's the "Reformation Lutheran Church."

Sounds like the same group who had a woman "pastor" who regularly lobbied me in the Capitol in favor of unrestricted abortions, against parental consent laws for minors seeking abortions, in favor of unfettered access to free condoms in schools, and staunchly advocated gay marriages. She was some variation of Lutheran, if I remember correctly. (Nice use of the collection basket receipts, btw.....)

Anyway, as expected, the media is focusing the violence perpetrated against this murderer as the only crime committed. The outrage directed against the shooter is justified. What is not justified: the lack of outrage against a man who proudly provided late term abortions on babies that were far enough along to survive outside the womb--since 1977.

How many innocent children died at the hands of this monster? We'll never know. What we do know: there will be no more.

I'm sorry for the abortion provider's family (I refuse to call him "Dr.") in their grief over the violent death of their family member. I'm sorry for the people in the "church" who witnessed this violence. I'm sorry for the family of the shooter as well. There are many who lost much in this episode.

And I'm sorry--and outraged--for the multitudes of innocent lives that were lost at the hands of a butcher.


Is the BO’s (the idiot, not the dog) ultimate plan for GM to get them so streamlined and so efficient as to get to the point where they won’t be too big to fail?

…and it should only take about 5 years.

June 1, 2009

MRQ, a little old for Hooters


I'd rather be naked. Kate.

The ladies can’t resist a troglodyte. Trog.

They chose poorly. Owen.

I’m going to get back to my sandwich Trog.

I guess the hopinchangieness wasn’t as hopey and changie as it was once imagined? WTH

Who the hell is Nancy Pelosi Old Broad.

these are the sights and sounds of freedom Chad via Chris.

F— you, what am I gettin’ outta this? Skip.

I feel vaguely ashamed. Trog (again)

make a little cash on some stash. Rabbit

Take the cannoli Still Unreal.

Let's all slap a "coexist" bumper sticker on our car -- problem solved. Erin. TRQ

Hi, my name is Trina and I am a twitterholic. Trina

Jim Stingl persuades two 12-year-old girls Newshub.

Cute cute cute!!!!! Jones.

a little old for Hooters. Wendy

This is Friday night...I was told there would be no candyass light beer. TAB

I don't think it's necessary for a gay man to be prom queen. Sara,

Lance Broadway a right handed reliever with a porn star name. Dr.Blogstein.

You would think people would be out having a life and not on Twitter. Dean.

will he honor a lemon law... on himself? James T.

I did NOT break facebook!!! CFR

Hooker, then. Jimi.

Oprah's pancake stacks Jimi.

my bar tab may have gone up in flames. Teditorial

checking to see if they've imposed a vomit tax... MacIver

Do Egyptians come up with better pyramid schemes? Christian.

I'm unforgettable Chad.

the end is near. Vos.

My social network crashed! Nick.

Does my daughter always answer her door in her metal bikini? Vader.

thankful for clerical errors. Jones.

I'd bet real money over 50% of all tweets are written on the toilet. Aaron.

Al Gore's roof is black! Egg.

Perhaps you should have also worn pants? Fraley.

Tried to send Frank Catalanotto out to get me some PBR. He got carded Doug Melvin.

Leave the gun.

Take the cannoli.

So Queen P made her trip to China last week (in her private jet. First class is so…little people) and extolled on the virtues of human rights.
You know….human rights.
Like global warming.
Did she pressure the Chinese to sign – and comply with – the vaunted Kyoto accords?
Not so much.

She did make it clear that global warming (the type not due to her jet…or Geithners next week) is the greatest human rights issue faced by the Chinese people.
Well….all the Chinese people, except this non-believer. But I’m sure he was “re-educated” accordingly.

OK, Queen P visits China and behaves appropriately.
Geithner is scheduled to go there this week.

Maybe my views are a bit skewed by the richness of my heritage, but this is very reminiscent of honoring the Godfather to me.

But I guess that’s just to be expected when your wallet and soul belong to another.
Gotta pay your tribute.

Blue Angels Video.

Jimi @ The Prozak Playground has an awesome video up.

Go check it out.


There were 29 pork projects approved in the state budget.

Anyone care to guess how many of those projects went to Republican Assembly Districts?

Caption This Smart Pileup

Photo credit Left Coast Rebel.

Exit strategy

So the once largest corporation in the US is filing for bankruptcy today.
Two questions to the new Government Motors:
1. Now that we, as taxpayers, are majority owners can we walk in to a dealership and get the employee discount or better (especially the soon to be closed dealerships)?
2. Since the BO’s (the idiot, not the dog) administration was constantly harping about going into Iraq and costing us billions without an exit strategy, what’s the exit strategy for getting out of this private business and how many more billions to we have to invest before someone realizes that the war to save GM is lost?

I’m waiting for Harry Reid to make this announcement at any time.