May 9, 2009

Prom Before Prison

Well, here's a great example of an Involved Parent. (Insert heavy sigh here.) Classic quote from one of the moms of the truants, "....prom is a stepping stone." Somehow her son is being treated "unfairly" by the school since they're not allowing him to come to a dance. O'k, let's give her this: it's The Dance of your high school years. So let's get a few things straight, here.
Dear Mom of the Year:

Your son's education is a stepping stone. A first job at McDonald's can be a stepping stone. He's already tripped over the first stepping stone (his education) 11 times with his 11 truancies he's logged since MARCH 30th! Why, Mom of the Year, didn't you care as much about him missing (and probably failing) school as you do about him not being allowed to attend Prom?

Sounds like your son's really going places....probably destined for one of the biggest Stepping Stones a boy can look forward to: Racine Youthful Offender Center (otherwise known as Racine's Boy's Prison.)

Well, at least he'll have his pressed and dried prom bouttonier as a keepsake.

May 8, 2009

Always Hire A Qualified Union Contractor

Parachute into reality.

I'm bumping this post back to the top of the page because... I want to.

Keith Schmitz just left this comment on a different post.

"Someday parachute into reality. Unless you are pulling down $250 M plus your taxes are not going up under Obama or Doyle."

I see Keith has been dutifully following the DNC talking points.

For the record Keith, Obama promises to increase on those earning more than $250,000, not the $250,000,000 you list. That's for married filing jointly Keith, for single filers the total is only $200,000. You may not know that as it likely is not on your talking points memo from Joe Wineke.

Of course you stick with the narrow party view of only considering income taxes. I hate to clue you in Keith but those are not the only taxes we pay.

Senator Kanavas has been doing a good job of listing the many regressive tax increase being pushed in Wisconsin, I really wish you would list which of these those of us earning less than $250 K are exempt from.

April 30, 2009: Day 30: The Property Tax
April 29, 2009: Day 29: The Medical Records Tax
April 28, 2009: Day 28: The Child Care Tax
April 27, 2009: Day 27: The Birth Certificate Tax
April 26, 2009: Day 26: The Driver Record Tax
April 25, 2009: Day 25: The Phone Tax II (This is not a repeat of day 2, this is a second tax)
April 24, 2009: Day 24: The Air Emissions Tax
April 23, 2009: Day 23: The Boat Registration Tax
April 22, 2009: Day 22: The Vehicle Environmental Impact Tax
April 21, 2009: Day 21: The Hunting Tax
April 20, 2009: Day 20: The Gas Tax
April 19, 2009: Day 19: The Great Lakes Water Compact Tax
April 18, 2009: Day 18: The Assisted Living Facilities Tax
April 17, 2009: Day 17: The Investment Tax
April 16, 2009: Day 16: The Garbage Tax
April 15, 2009: Day 15: Right to Keep and Bear Arms Tax
April 14, 2009: Day 14: New Upper Tax Bracket
April 13, 2009: Day 13: The Hospital Tax
April 12, 2009: Day 12: Easter Sunday, No Release
April 11, 2009: Day 11: Vital Records Tax
April 10, 2009: Day 10: BadgerCare Plus Tax
April 9, 2009: Day 9: UW Tuition Increase
April 8, 2009: Day 8: The Capital Gains Tax
April 7, 2009: Day 7: The Work Permit Tax
April 6, 2009: Day 6: The Tailgate Tax
April 5, 2009: Day 5: The Seed License Tax
April 4, 2009: Day 4: The Justice Information Tax
April 3, 2009: Day 3: The Cigarette Tax
April 2, 2009: Day 2: The Phone Tax
April 1, 2009: Day 1: The Nursing Home Bed Tax

The list can go on Keith.

And I'm sure you remember President Obama excluding the new Federal Cigarette Tax exempting that tax on those who earn less than $250,000 per year.

Are you sure you want to stand by that statement?

If any of you would like to list additional taxes Keith is not considering please feel free.

Steroid Shocker from the Borowitz Report.

Angry Cleveland Indians Fans Demand Team Take Steroids

Threaten Boycott of ‘Roid-free Squad

The national pastime suffered another black eye last night when a mob of irate Cleveland Indians fans poured onto the diamond at Progressive Field to demand that their team take steroids.

Displeasure with the championship-starved squad reached a boiling point with the news that slugger Manny Ramirez took performance-enhancing drugs - but only after leaving the Indians.
When asked by ESPN if he ingested the banned medication while playing for Cleveland, Mr. Ramirez shrugged his shoulders and replied, "What would be the point of that?"

Mr. Ramirez is just the latest in a long line of baseball players who have refused to take steroids while playing for the Indians, says fan Chuck Goulardi, 49, the leader of last night's protest.
"Manny's comment was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back," says Mr. Goulardi, who has seen his ‘roid-free Tribe fall to their juiced-up competition more times than he can recall. "These players are paid good money, and all we're asking them to do is take one measly shot in the ass."

But getting the Indians to start taking steroids may be easier said than done, ays former slugger Jose Canseco, the author of the controversial tell-all book Juiced. "On more than forty occasions I sneaked into the Cleveland clubhouse, offering to shoot those guys up with ‘roids," says Mr. Canseco. "No takers."

Last night's melee was only the latest display of dissatisfaction on the part of Cleveland fans, who earlier this season demanded that the giant TV screen on the outfield scoreboard show a different game.

Quiz time! (easy version)

Which one of these crooks does not belong in the "team photo" and why?

CROOK 1: Charles Ponzi

CROOK 2: Bernie Madoff

CROOK 3: Jimmie Doyle

***UPDATE: Only Jimbo takes your money whether you want to give it to him or not - just think about all the returns you are getting on those forced investments: paved roads, schoolbooks for all children and a fantastic business atmosphere.
Truth be told, I only came up with this post because I was getting tired of the Italian name of Ponzi being sullied by linking it with Doyle.

May 7, 2009

Where's Doyle Going To Steal Money From This Year?

There aren't any segregated funds for him to raid anymore.

Your Thoughts on Senator Specter Joining the Democratic Party?

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Democrat--Again

Well, here it is. The proverbial "slippery slope" of the smoking ban. An issue so pressing, that the legislature railroaded a public hearing within a hair's notice of the minimum required to the public--allowing them to participate. Never mind the mass exodus of job providers from our state....Nothing urgent there to address.

Ahh, the Democrats.

Always inserting themselves into our lives with safety belt laws, booster seats for 80 pound kids, restrictions on buying Sudafed, etc...

Now for those of you non-smokers who are cheering a big Hooray this morning, remember this: They're Coming for You Next. (or should I say They're Coming to "Protect" You Next?)

Who are You, exactly? You're the Big Mac Eater, the Culver's Onion Ring Addict, the Chocolate Martini Lover. You're a Victim, aren't you? A Victim of your own choices, but a Victim nonetheless.

The Democrats want to protect you from Yourself. You know who You are. You're the guy eating Gardetto's on the couch watching Dancing With the Stars--telling your wife you're suprised at how you enjoy ballroom dance (yeah, like we don't already know it's the girls in their costumes!--Who cares? We have our own reasons for watching--Hello Max! Only DWTS watchers will get the reference.)

You are unable to control Yourself. Well, look out. The democrats are mad at You. See You, like the Evil Smokers, are driving up our country's healthcare costs. You with your junk food and alcohol--all legal products, just like cigarettes. You are costing Us more money in health insurance premiums. And to top it off You are living longer--too long--with your diseases like lung cancer and diabetes. The nerve of You.

How dare You choose to purchase and consume legal products--products that our Hypocritical Legislators (is that redundant?) are too cowardly to outlaw, due to the massive special interest money that might flow in against them--and the budget holes they'd need to fill without cigarette tax money!

Put down your Big Macs and get on your exercycle. You're gonna have to sooner or later.

See, when cigarettes aren't purchased anymore and the Hypocritical Legislators finally get their way we're gonna be in a budget deficit the size of the Grand Canyon. Cigarette tax is relied upon so heavily in our state's daily operations, they're gonna have to make it up somewhere.

And on Someone. That Someone is You.

Another topless American

Figured you'd check out this post....

So which topless American is getting more flack for being anti-gay marriage?

This one
This one

(indulgent, gratuitous photo)

May 6, 2009

Danny Gokey Day Schedule on Friday. - Gokeyfest

7 a.m.Danny Gokey arrives at the FOX6 Studios (9001 N. Green Bay Rd., Brown Deer) for interviews on FOX6 WakeUp News.

8 a.m.Danny leaves FOX6 to visit a couple of Milwaukee radio stations.

11:15 a.m.Danny makes a short visit to an AT&T store (9078 N. Green Bay Rd., Brown Deer).

3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.Danny visits downtown Milwaukee landmarks.

4:15 p.m.Main gates at Summerfest open for the Danny Gokey mini-concert at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse.

4:30 p.m.Danny takes part in a short car parade to Summerfest mini-concert. Parade route: Michigan & Jackson down to Chicago. East on Chicago entering the main gate at Summerfest. The parade and mini-concert will also feature four Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Nick Barnett, Ruvell Martin).

5:15 p.m. - 6 p.m.Mini-concert with Danny Gokey at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse. Concert will include special guests including FOX6's Nicole Koglin. IMPORTANT: Everyone who attends Danny's mini-concert at Summerfest will receive a FREE Summerfest weekday admission ticket AFTER THE CONCERT.

6 p.m.Danny 's motorcade leaves Summerfest for Miller Park. The public is invited to line Wisconsin Ave. as the motorcade heads to the Brewers-Cubs ballgame.

6:30 p.m.Danny throws out the first pitch and sings the National Anthem before the Brewers-Cubs game.

Breaking News Update:

It has been brought to my attention that the Racine Police Officer that was arrested yesterday (Damen Lowe) is also an employee of the Racine Unified School District as a uniformed guard at Walden School.

The word is out on this now, the Journal Times is covering (they have the listed charges) as well as the Racine Post and the JT Irregulars.
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: A Source informs me that they found "provocative" pictures of Walden students in the officers home.

Pirates All You Can Eat Deal

From the Pittsburgh Pirates website...

Buy your tickets online now for just $35!

All the hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, salads, popcorn, peanuts, ice cream and soda you can handle* for one low price!

Available for every 2009 Pirates home game.

Outfield Reserved Seats in section 147.(extending to section 145 based on demand)

Dedicated "ampm All You Can Eat" concession stands on the Riverwalk for a "speed line" approach.

OK, seriously now, do you really need a dedicated speed line at the concession stand when there are only 8,000 people in the whole stadium???????????

Thought of the day...

Imagine there were no hypothetical situations.

Arlen Arlen Arlen.

Never trust a Democrat. They'll tell you want you want to hear and then when they have you they'll do a 180.

Mayor Dickert

Congratulations, Racinians, on electing an articulate, intelligent man to lead the city forward.

I've known John Dickert for some time now--in fact we reminisced briefly last night about how we ran into each other at church festivals and every chicken barbecue held east of I-94 during our campaigns in 2002. (He was running against Bob Turner for Assembly, and I was running against Kim Plache for Senate.) He's a hard worker, loves his community, and can articulate a vision and plan that people understand.

Let's hope he governs conservatively regarding fiscal policy. The last thing the city residents need is a tax increase of ANY sort. I hope to see aggressive action when it comes to retaining job providers, and attracting new ones. I hope the council will support his ideas--as long as they're practical, affordable, and promising. We want him to succeed, if that means moving Racine forward and upward.

Here's to you, Mr. Mayor!

Mrs RDW just missed this yesterday

Patrick had this photo of a car crashing through St. Lukes yesterday.

Mrs. RDW had an appointment at the clinic where this car drove into the building shortly after this happened. Thankfully no one was hurt, this could have been bad news. If she had been hurt... I just don't know.

Reportedly an elderly driver said their accelerator stuck.
The Wisconsin Nanny State while trying to regulate every facet of our lives is still refusing to do anything about testing elderly drivers. (they vote you know)

My 91 year old Grandmother barely drives anymore but where she lives in Illinois seniors of her age have to take a road test every year in order to keep their driving privileges. In Wisconsin you just have to pass an eye test and they give you a brand new license good for 8 years.
Wisconsin really needs to make a change in how they license elderly drivers.

May 5, 2009

Breaking News, Another Sex Scandal Clouds Racine.

On the very day that Racine selects a Mayor to replace the pervert Gary Becker comes news of another sex scandal.

Look for charges to be filed in the next day or so against a Racine Police Officer for inappropriate conduct with a 14 year old.

I have the name and have confirmed the data but I will wait until official charges are filed to release that information. I understand there could be up to four charges filed.

Star Trek Review...

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

Charitable Outreach.

I just got this in the email and wanted to share it with you all. If you can help, please consider doing so.

Dear family and friends,

I am writing this letter to request your help in being a part of something very special. I took part in a mission trip with my son Jacob and my church [Grace] to Belize, Central America this past Christmas-New Year’s holiday. I worked with a wonderful missionary couple Bill and Kathy Craver who spend a large part of the year ministering to the Belizean people. They introduced me to a woman named Loretta Moody who is married and the mother of 14 children. She lives in the jungle of Belize, basically living off the land. She developed a growth in her thyroid gland about 5 years ago and since that time it has grown to an enormous size. It takes up her entire right neck and part of the left. She wears a bandanna during the day to cover it up so no one will see what lies beneath. She has lost weight and is in urgent need of having her entire thyroid gland removed. The health care system in Belize is not very good. In fact, a friend of hers had a similar problem and had surgery in Belize and died. So Loretta has been scared to have the surgery done in Belize. She does not have the financial resources to go elsewhere.

After seeing her, I prayed to God and lifted up Loretta in prayer and basically turned it over to Him to see if we could do the surgery at the hospital I work at in Racine, Wisconsin. I asked Dr. Richard Stoltenberg to see if he would be willing to do the surgery and he graciously agreed. He asked the anesthesiology department if they would do the anesthesia for her case and they agreed. I asked the hospital administration if they would be willing to have her get the surgery at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-All Saints and they agreed. Grace Church had agreed to pay for her airfare to get here. A mission team to Belize from Whitewater, Wisconsin paid for her visa application. She went to the U.S. Embassy in Belize and got her visa, which getting a visa is a very difficult thing to do.

She is now ready to come and get her much needed surgery. This will happen in the next few weeks. Here is where you come in. First, we sincerely ask for prayer for Loretta. She is coming by herself. She has never been to the U.S. so that by itself will be a shock. There are so many things to pray for, but the big request is that God be glorified through this whole process; that His name would be exalted for it is God who has allowed these things to happen. Secondly, we desire to offset the costs of the surgery. It is difficult to fully know right now what the costs will be. Our goal is to raise $4000 dollars which I know likely won’t completely cover all the costs. However, I just found out that the All Saints Foundation is going to match dollar for dollar any donation made to a fund we have set up in her name. God is good!

With that said, if you are willing to make a donation of any amount, then you can make a check out to WFH-All Saints Foundation. In the memo line or on a separate note, you can designate it for the Loretta Moody fund. Mail it to 3805-B Spring Street, Suite 220; Racine, WI 53405. The donation is 100% tax deductible. You will receive a receipt in the mail shortly after you make your donation. If you any questions about the foundation or the tax implications, you can contact Chris Krizek at 262-687-8656. You can reach me at 262-637-3496 or by email at
I thank you so much for your help with this. And may God bless you.

Paul Durbin

Save Chuck.

Kevin has way more information than I ever knew existed...


Fill in the blank

Rickie Weeks _______________________________

Racine Mayoral Election Open Thread.

It is election day in Racine...

What are you seeing out there?

May 4, 2009

MRQ trouble may ensue

Enchanting... inane... and enchanting. Althouse.

Heck, looks like we can’t go… anywhere. Bruce

Senator Spector, this is Jack Bauer. We need to talk. Jack.

with the stick he's got Woziszeus

Organization for Promoting Right-Wing Agendas (OPRA) Plebian

I asked them for a ride. Elliot.

I'm the funny one, but I'm also dead inside. Sarah.

Yuri Fujikawa. Lance.

standing on his balcony with a Popsicle. Abby.
a religion with the power to tax. Elliot

force a mosque to have a pig roast ALa
Zombies. Aaron.

Bleeeaaaaahlhhhhh Jones.

Whammy. Tom

man up Sam

big doodyhead. Trog.

EASIEST -- AND BEST Texas Heart.


Lie your ass off, kid. Jim.

would you pronounce the H1N1 virus "hiney?" Lileks

I'm not addicted to Twitter...really I'm not... CFR.

cheat to be the best, go down with the rest. Egg

When POTUS said "cover your mouth," was VPOTUS listening? Amanda.

a more flattering full body picture Michael.

Ground zero's a photo-op? Scoff.

trouble may ensue. Nick.

Can't tell if I have the swine flu or just need a fresh air filter cartridge. Darth.

Don't make the headlines. Jimi.

eat them if they mess up. Cindy.

I got my first job flipping burgers. Scott.

Nation of Islam Bars Members From Contracting Swine Flu. Infidelsarecool.

slathered in hand sanitizer & heading to the mancave. Gene.

Hold onto your wallets!! Vos.

Swine Flu 1, regular flu 13,000 Lance.


I'll be getting MRQ ready this evening.

If you ever see a quote that you'd like to nominate for MRQ or TRQ please email me at fkd1015 @ yahoo . com

May 3, 2009

New Media Round Table with Charlie Sykes, Patrick Macilhernan, Owen Robinson & Vicki McKenna

The final event of the State GOP Convention was a media round-table featuring Charlie Sykes, Patrick Macilhernan, Owen Robinson & Vicki McKenna.

I was hoping someone would ask the panel what would be the best radio choice in Milwaukee between 10 am and noon, but no one did.

The following notes were taken from each of the participants opening remarks.

Patrick MacIlhernan.

I'm from the very old dead tree media, deader every day. What newspapers bring to the talk of public policy is news, facts, etc, but not necessarily what actually happened. The Tea parties for example, what you read is probably not what you actually saw. They do get some things right, they try to cover public issues as news. The more you engage with and know that news the more that you are able to say in daily life. Then, when you engage in debate, talk to your neighbors, etc, your commentary will be much more informed.

Vicki McKenna

You are talking about trying to resurrect journalism from the clutches of the left....Reporters will be lazy if you let them be lazy. Take the Tea Parties again, CNN reported about a hundred in Madison when there were over 8,000. Don't believe everything they tell you.

They will keep dropping right wing trying to radicalize mainstream conservative thought. It's not right wing, it's America.


I'm sitting between two professional speakers, this may be the only word I get in.

In the upcoming election cycle, its the economy folks, even if the economy does turn around, the gobs of debt that are kids are going to pay for, we can not lose sight of those issues. They are out there and they are important, these are the issues we need to focus on.

We're not used to protesting, but we did. We made signs and let our voices be heard. People are energized and ready to make a change.

Campaigning is different these days, you need to reach out in new ways now.

Conservative beliefs are the ones this country was founded on. The way we reach out is different, linked in, twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. You must get familiar with and use all of the new communication tools.

Charlie Sykes

Good news or bad news...

Bad news first. This last week when Arlen Specter decided to become a democrat, i decided maybe I should too. Then I could hang with a cooler more fashionable crowd.

I'd be on NPR, The Journal Sentinel would do focuses on me, I could stop paying taxes and hang with Cheryl Crowe.

In Wisconsin the left has a series has a bunch of leftist organizations and we're getting our butts kicked.

Good News.

Values do not have an expiration date, unlike the President's promises.

One thing we have to stop doing is talking to ourselves, we have to start talking to different groups.

For example, don't give up on young people. The issue of freedom is ever-fresh. Look at the nanny state. Do young men and women coming out of college really want government making their decisions for them? Use that.

There are issues, when people will tend to be conservative in crime and the courts.

You have to communicate on everything. you have to be on radio, tv, Internet. The old model of just putting out a press release is done, it is just so, last century. You need to do things in different formats.

Let's let the people hear what liberals say when they think no one is listening. The more we let liberals talk and say what they really mean the better it will be for us.

Charlie then referenced the ridiculous Democrat Phil Garthwaite and his Statement that if businesses don't like it in Wisconsin they can "Get your Ass Back down to the South".

Guess the number


Letter from the boss....

Cyber Dad sent me this...

As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%.

But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off six of our employees instead. This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who would have to go.

So, this is what I did.

I walked through our parking lot and found six 'Obama' bumper stickers on our employees' cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go.

I can't think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change; I gave it to them.

I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic