May 2, 2009

So let me get this straight.

Torture is never justified in any circumstance, except when you are proposing to torture a conservative.

Olbermann is a massive hypocrite.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker was just introduced and the crowd went nuts....


...It is an honor to stand here as an official candidate for Governor of the great state of Wisconsin...

...I'm concerned about our state's future, our deficit is a record high, after six years in office, Jim Doyle says he is not responsible for our State's issues, I disagree...

... While people across the state tighten their belts to make it through this recession, Governor Doyle proposed increasing state spending by nearly 10%.

Today our Governor advocates releasing nearly 3,000 dangerous criminals....

Governor raided billions from the transportation fund and now wants to expand the gas tax.

We have a Governor who does not share our values.

A governor who raises tuition at UW while giving breaks to people who are not here legally.

Not once, not twice, but three times voted against common sense voter reforms.

History does not have to repeat itself, with the right leadership we can turn around Wisconsin.

I know we can build a better Wisconsin.

I believe in Wisconsin X3...

I believe in a budget where we spend based on need, not want.

No more raiding segregating funds to pay for state programs.

Every life matters.

A state that honors the right to keep and bear arms.

I'll keep the budget without raising taxes again and again and again.

Please join me and together we can build a better Wisconsin, a Wisconsin we can believe in again.

CROWD -- Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Go Scott Go


Jim Sensennbrenner has the crowd booing like crazy, he's talking about Obama.

Tom Petri is speaking...

I think everyone fell asleep

Blog Talk Radio...

I just got invited to do a blog talk radio show centered here in LaCrosse.

First LaCrosse, tomorrow maybe Dr. Blogstein.

Michael Steele At State GOP Convention.

Never waste a crisis...

Obey has no concept of an empty checkbook.

Michael Steele

Last night I had the privilege to meet Michale Steele, the National GOP Chairman. I sat in on a 1/2 hour press conference with the usual suspects.

The press was completely hung up on the Arlen Specter defection to the Democratic Party. The questions centered around their belief that there was no room in the Republican Party for moderates. There were at least three questions on this subject.

On the question of were moderates welcome in the GOP Steele's answer was "Absolutely!" Steele then pointed out that Arlen Specter changed from the Democratic party to the Republican party in 1966 when it benefited his career and he is doing exactly the same thing. He jumped this time because he knew he was not going to win his upcoming primary.

Steele stated, "I'm trying to reach out to Americans, not just moderates. What we're saying is, here it is, this is what we believe in, would you like to come in? Welcome."

A good question was asked regarding Republican changes in policy to the stimulus plans. He admitted a number were on board in the early stages, but said "We've cashed a huge check without any money in the bank" He added, "We have to stop this spending, stop the taxing and stop the borrowing."

On the coming race for Governor in Wisconsin Steele said, "We've come to play here and we're going to play hard."

Steele was very optimistic about GOP chances in 2010 pointing out that the GOP had out fund raised the Democrats is the first quarter.

It was very clear that Chairman Steele is very fond of Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus. If Steele has higher aspirations some day, it is very clear that he will bring Reince Priebus along with him.

I took some pictures and a video, but forgot my transfer cable, I'll update when I get home.

On Equality.

America is supposed to be this place where, regardless of race, creed or color you have the same chance to get the job as the next guy.

Yeah…….the next guy.

Is a man even being considered for the position Justice Souter is vacating?

I don’t really care if it’s a man or woman that replaces him (it’ll be a gigantic leftie anyway), but a man for t he job isn’t even being considered.

Is this the moral high ground BO(the idiot, not the dog) is talking about?
Or is it just more of the new PC, where the only real bad guys in this world are Christian white men – and therefore should all be shunned without hesitation?

May 1, 2009

Letter to the editor by George Meyer.

Steve Lovejoy at The Journal Times is up to his usual games of playing change the letter so I'll consider publishing it. The following letter was sent to Mr Lovejoy by Mr. George Meyers, Lovejoy is apparently trying to delay this until after the Mayoral election this Tuesday, I'll be happy to publish it.

John Dickert's response to Larry Tracy's letter is typical of Big Government people. What he is saying basically is, "Trust me. I know exactly which buildings to inspect and which to leave alone. Don't worry about Equal Protection under the law. I will make the right decisions without such an inconvenience. Trust me."

Bob Turner does not take the Authoritarian mentality to the Mayor's office that Dickert has. But

Bob has demonstrated his ability to tax, tax, tax and spend, spend and spend during his decades in the State Assembly. Bob is not a stranger to selling out to special interests like the unions.

Either of these two will keep the Good Ol' Boy system intact at City Hall.

Only Jody Harding will end the endless invasion of city government into our lives, our businesses and our pocketbooks.

Jody is an independent that will bring a refreshing viewpoint to city hall: that individuals can make good choices without the iron fist of government pounding the mob mentality of the mayor an common council into the equation.

If you want jobs back, taxes and regulations lowered, a chance for real economic prosperity here in Racine, you will have to write in Jody Harding for Mayor this Tuesday.

I think I can I think I can I think I can

So let me get this straight, Racine and Kenosha get their choo choo without paying an extra sales tax (for now anyway) and Milwaukee gets stuck with the vast majority of the cost....

Milwaukee has been sticking it to the suburbs for years, I guess this is the payback.

The plan is still horrible, if anyone took the time to understand that the KRM railapalooza plan is set to run at a 90% loss they might not favor it.

Oh well, all aboard...

Illegal Immigrant Advocates Missing in Action

So, it's the Swine Flu that has kept people from marching in favor of more rights for illegal aliens? (Note caption says 20-30 people on the bus...I count 11.) Hmm, not buyin' it. The Journal Times' story quotes Maria Morales saying she originally had 5-6 buses of 50-60 high school kids scheduled to go--(how unclear is that? Does that mean 250-360 students in all??). Hardly anyone decided to show up on the Racine buses and head down to Milwaukee. So was it really a Swine Flu scare?

Or, could it be the notorious Voces de la Frontera group is losing their charm?

Amazing to me why this group still gets any credibility given the issues they "march" for: illegal aliens receiving drivers' licenses, and taxpayer subsidized college tuition for illegal aliens--with no strings attached. Not to mention the tactics they use when they go about "advocating" (read: "intimidating") to get their way.

At a time when families nationwide are struggling with their daily bills--let alone panicking over how to afford their own children's college educations--this group wants to keep invading our country and our pocketbooks.

They claim the rallies are "advocating for humane immigration policies." Of couse, this infers our current policies are "inhumane" and that people who disagree with their positions are "inhumane" for feeling that way.

All Americans are for "humane" immigration policies! This is not what these rallies are about. Exactly what is inhumane about asking people to follow the rules this nation has established to gain entrance legally? Thousands of immigrants do it EVERY DAY.

Americans are tired of being accused of racism and inhumanity. We are the most humane nation in the WORLD. We welcome people of all races and creeds--unlike most other countries. We feed, clothe, provide shelter, medical care, and a free K-12 education for illegal immigrants! And that's INHUMANE?

No, I don't feel guilty asking people to follow the rules we've put in place.

Who should feel guilty? The fraudulent grandstanding politicians who swore to uphold the constitution of this state and the United States of America when they were sworn into office. By expressing their support of the violations of our nation's and state's laws, they are inciting anarchy and giving credibility to these rebellious groups.

April 29, 2009

Cowboys like joyrides, don't they?

So BO (the idiot, not the dog) goes on a world tour apologizing for any wrongdoings committed by his predecessors -- before he was born, in some instances -- but is too much of a delusional egomaniac to offer up an official apology for traumatizing his own people?
He leaves his minions holding the bag?

So tell me, which is it?
Is he too stupid to know what the kids are doing with the keys to the spare Rolls when he's not home or was he really where the buck stopped?

Oops I'm behind

The Presiprompter of the United States

April 28, 2009

Guess the number


gus gets a new pool

Pigs (3 different ones)

Ok, so Pink Floyd may have been ahead of their time.

But I think its funny that today we are worried about the dreaded pig when yesterday we were worried about birds.
Good thing we kicked that epidemics ass. Stupid birds.
Now all we have to worry about is the pigs....and SARS (right?)

As most of you know, I think I have pretty strong feelings about enforcing the US borders. But imho, both sides of the isle (politically) are a little off base on this. We, especially in Wisconsin, need to keep our eye on the ball.
Have you seen the stock market?
Do you realize the probable reason Doyle offered up such a ridiculous budget is because he’ll be gone soon?
Obama has pretty much castrated the CIA.
Obama’s budget will bankrupt your children. Tell me lefties, since my math aint so good, how are the 5% that BO (the idiot, not the dog) raised the taxes on going to support the trillions of spending that he proposed?

One final thought:
I think all those folks that wear the surgical masks are Dems in disguise.
Well, as one biologist pointed out…..this is a virus. It won't be stopped by a mask.
But it sure feels good to wear one....its like you're doing something.

April 27, 2009

Best 24 Scene of All Time.

I have to get me one of these.

MRQ It's a good day for indoor activities

This isn’t news. It’s comedy… Ryan.

a protest of cowboys. Althouse.

What bubble? Charlie.

if you can’t beat them, berate them James

we don’t need no stinkin’ facts!! CFR

B.J. Lance.

I was wondering if Vegans breast feed? ALa

Naked hiking. Owen.

love you long time. woziszeus

Mimes With Megaphones! Elliot.

They miss me. Heather. (yes we do)

unamerican commie pinko creep logjam

cover his own . jill

most moronic people on the planet Deibert

Ohmygod! Ohmygod! We’reallgonnadie! Kevin.

she came with the car Jimi

love the fuzzy Jones.


When did I become your bitch? CFR

Where's my cape and monacle? The Chad.

Has Fred been out foraging, yet? Jimi.

I want it. Amy

TOTUS down! TOTUS down! Wigdy.

bar-b-que some of those critters Patrick.

It's a good day for indoor activities Ally.

Jack Bauer once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands. TAB.

Why for doth thou "T-Bone"? Jones.

at the food court! Vukmir.

giving my information to strangers. Michael.

trouble may ensue. Nick.

Need a break?

Drop over to the JTI and play Whack-a-Becker

Speed it up, I don't know what I think.


H/T Kevin.

Remember Mark Serreze?

My guess is precisely none of you do...

Mr. Serreze is the global warming nutball who predicted last year that the entire north pole would melt due to global warming.

We tracked his prediction last year, he didn't do very well.

News outlets in their constant hunt for gloom and doom splashed his ridiculous prediction all over the place when announced but of course when his prediction was proven wrong they failed to mention it.

So what happens when complete environmental whack jobs completely blow their predictions but get big news coverage?

Why they get a new gig with a big title of course. Mark Serreze is the new incoming director of the National Snow & Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I'm confused....

Last week Mayor Tom Friedel said in his State of the City speech that the state of Racine was good...

Now Public Works Commissioner Richard Jones, Assemblyman Cory Mason and State Senator John Lehman are all complaining about Racine not being listed as economically distressed. Having that label would give Racine an advantage in getting federal highway money.

So which is it? Are things rosy or stinky?