April 18, 2009


Racine Tea Party.

On a beautiful spring day today a crowd just shy of 300 gathered for a tea party at the Racine City Hall.

This was truly a grass-roots effort which started with one email. The event was largely organized by Lora Halberstadt who kicked off the event with The Pledge of Allegiance.

There weren't any racist rednecks present that I noticed. However, there were plenty of average every day citizens who understand the concept of having to live within their means. People who wished their government would make any sort of attempt to follow that example.

The first speaker was long time Racine Taxpayers Alliance member Jayne Siler who seemed surprised by the crowd. Jayne's been fighting this fight for so long in Racine she simply had to be the lead off speaker for this event.

I was asked to be the second speaker and was honored to do so. I summed up my feelings about the tea party movement by saying this is not about left and right. In fact, this is about doing the right thing and making sure we have something left in our pockets!
I mentioned how the legislature pushed through a massive $1.2 billion tax increase without even holding a hearing. I added that same legislature was not done and they were trying to push through another $1.7 billion while increasing the size of government by 10%+.

I then shared with the crowd an example of the large government spending increase in pointing out the City of Racine was purchasing 4 hybrid buses at a cost of $350,000 each to run slow routes that only 3 or 4 riders an hour utilize. Seriously, do we really need to spend $350 grand to shuttle 3 to 4 people an hour...

Well, it is a hybrid so I guess that makes it OK.

Jody Harding was next. She shared with the crowd her stance in being a write-in candidate for the office of Mayor of Racine. She is offering a choice in this election rather than the two very liberal Democrats who came through the primary.

I do find it odd that in a well publicized event with hundreds of people in the crowd neither Mayoral candidate, Bob Turner or John Dickert, decided to attend. This would have been an excellent opportunity for them to meet some voters.
I guess we have to give this event to Jody Harding. Jody encouraged people to just write in her first name that they would know who she is. Folks, if you want to vote for her, write in her full name, Jody Harding.

Fellow RDW contributor, and former State Senator Cathy Stepp, was the penultimate speaker. Cathy was firmly in her element, I think she misses the campaign trail a little bit.

Cathy was clearly perturbed that the Obama administration had labeled CO2 a pollutant. (she's absolutely right about that). When the government starts regulating our breathing perhaps they have gone too far.

Cathy spoke the truth when she said that the tax increases proposed by the state in this climate when "we each have less", is absolutely wrong.

Pastor David King graciously accepted my invitation to speak and the crowd absolutely loved him.

Pastor King reminded the crowd that this country was founded on Biblical principles and we need to recognize and live by the principles in order for our country to thrive.

This is third time I've seen Pastor King speak this year, this great gentleman never ceases to amaze me. Frankly he was the hit of the event. There was quite the crowd waiting patiently to speak with him after he finished and he patiently gave each person individual attention.

Pastor King's God Squad ministry has a blog talk radio show here, the ministry website is here. As Pastor King says, the God Squad was born to raze hell.

There was a very small contingent of Obama fans who waved O's at the back of the crowd.

At the end of the event the front of Racine's city hall was absolutely spotless, you would have never known an event was just held there.
There were plenty of bloggers there as well.
RDW was represented by not only Cathy and myself, but Still Unreal also made an appearance. (though we lost him on the way to Kewpees for lunch after the event)

Also in attendance were:

Bill Folk from One Man's Opinion
Peter DiGaudio from The Underground Conservative
Pete Selkowe from Racine Post
Ken Lumpkin from the Insider News
Colt was there from the Journal Times blogs
Steve Eggleston from No Runny Eggs
Mark Block of AFP Wisconsin
Plus CRG pushing the Jim Doyle recall effort.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.*

Queen P now says not only are the protesters racist rednecks...but they're rich, too.

My rich, racist, redneck ass is heading over to the Racine Tea'd Off party.

*thanks, Chad...still laughing at that one.

April 17, 2009

Thanks Rush (and some thoughts on charitable giving).

The left takes great joy in bashing radio host Rush Limbaugh. That's their prerogative of course. It is a free country after all.

I'd like to give a little credit where credit is due.

Limbaugh is in the middle of his annual cure-a-thon benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

As usual, Limbaugh has put up a significant amount of his own money, $300,000. Limbaugh is also offering incentive merchandise for those who give larger amounts (donations over $70).

If you would like to make a donation the website will be working over the weekend.

For you lefties who will attack this thinking that amount of money is a pittance for the "evil-rich" Limbaugh, the total charitable contribution of Barack & Michelle Obama based on an income of $2,736,107 was $172,050 last year.

For the record, I credit the Obama's for their charitable giving. Their example surely beats the record of Vice President Joe Biden who's charitable giving from 1998 through through 2007 totaled a massive $3,690.

My point is simple, the next time the left is going on about how evil Limbaugh is just smile and walk away knowing that when push comes to shove Rush cares.

Then you might want to turn around and mention that in 2005 while Dick & Lynn Cheney were donating $6,869,655 to charitable causes, Al & Tipper Gore ponied up $353.

In reality the Obama's are walking the walk and breaking new ground in giving from a Democratic leader.

Well, the Clinton's donated a lot of money too, but they donated it to themselves.

Ever wonder...

How Da Gubbernment plans to keep you paying for non-existent Gorebal warming while it "takes a break?"

Wonder no more.

This proves it.

McDonald's can be bad for your health.

Good news Racine

I just got off the phone with Pastor David King, he has agreed to speak at the Racine Tea Party tomorrow. What a gracious gentleman.

The event starts at noon at City Hall.

These Messiah references are getting ridiculous.


The left's response was off the mark.

My analysis published at the MavIver website.

Blog Roll Bloat.

If you haven't before please pay a visit to Liberty's Logic.

April 16, 2009


Oh, now this is good.


Tea Party Map.

And Obama said he was "unaware".

Boy, this guy sure has a firm grip on the feel of the country doesn't he?

What happens after the Tea Party?


Want to be inspired?

Head on over to the MacIver Institute homepage.

On the right hand side of the page is a video of 17 year old Melika Willoughby. She gave a very inspiring speech at yesterday's taxpayer rally.

An exceedingly impressive young lady.

Racine Tea Party this Saturday.


People of Racine are TEA’d Off!

For those citizens who are working on Tax Day, there is an alternative. Gee, some of us are hard at work today paying our taxes! Racine is holding a Tea Party on Saturday, April 18th. We will be gathering to express our distaste for the current tax schemes being floated at every level of government. We have had enough and it is time to make a stand against excessive spending and borrowing.

Racine City Hall, noon, April 18th.

Tea parties are taking place all across this country, but Racine’s is unique. After the gathering at City Hall, the Tea'd Off Party begins at local golf courses. Participants are encouraged to gather a foresome and head off to their favorite golf course with their Tea Party golf balls in hand. Golf balls available at event. Blow off some steam, and make a point at the same time.



Announcing the following speakers for the event:

Fred Dooley (Real Debate Wisconsin), Paul Kern (WRJN), Jody Harding (former mayoral candidate), Jayne Siler (Racine Taxpayer Association), Cathy Stepp (former state senator).

Elected Officials have been invited to attend.

This event is not sponsored by any organization, just individual Americans coming together for a common purpose.

Go to www.racineteaparty.weebly.com for more information.

April 15, 2009


Why is this administration so quick to use the word "piracy" but is so reticent to use the word "terrorism?"

Cheer up Racine.

You will have another choice for Mayor other than the two Democrats that survived the primary.

Jody Harding is going to run a write in campaign.

My thoughts from the Madison tea party.

Are published at the MacIver Institute website.

I've swapped emails from a number of my contacts around the country. Turnout is two to three times higher than people expected all over the country.

Images from the tea party.

April 14, 2009

Bo's first press conference.

H/T Bryan.

DRQ (Drinking Right Quotes)

How hard is it? TAB

a mini-hooka. Nick

You are supposed to wash it. TAB

Real men catching crabs. Nick

The Nuns use 1/2 of it. Chris from Racine

It is time to go hang with the Monks. Chris from Racine.

It's freaking huge. Chad

Make me drunk. Holly

He's snotting on her. Chris from Racine.

As long as I am not quoted. Egg.

Never sniff a dryer sheet too deeply. Chad.

'Ya know, the important parts. Chris from Racine.

There's good hooters right here. Holly.

The Biggest Threat to National Security?

The Right Wing Extremists from Drinking Right.

Why is government broke?

We waste money at every turn...

Check out this story from today's Racine Journal Times. It tells the tale of how Racine will spend some $2.54 million in coming stimulus money.

Among the goodies on the list, 4 hybrid buses costing the taxpayers $1.4 million. That's $350,000 per bus for a vehicle that only seats 20 versus the usual 31 on a diesel bus. (Oooo but it's a hybrid)

Transits answer? No worries, "The smaller hybrid buses will be used on routes with fewer riders, such as route 27, which runs by Case High School and only transports about three or four people per hour"

A $350,000 vehicle that will transport three or four people per hour? Is this really a good use of our tax money? These are the same people that think a train that will run at a 90% loss is a good idea. How could the Journal Times reporter actually write this without laughing?

My guess is most people who read this didn't even see the problem with it.

Tell you what, here's a decked out 2005 mini-van that would accomplish the same task for $8,995.

You can send me a check for the difference.

Redneck Power Windows

Thanks Bryan!

Democrats have no shame...

Eliot Spitzer in considering a run for AG in New York again....


Drinking Right, tonight, be there, be some geography thing.

Tom McMahon

Has done it again.

Happy Birthday Ric.

Silent E is a year older today.

A tea party warning.

Tomorrow there will tea parties all over Wisconsin.

In the last week I've seen many reports that may be rumor or may be fact, frankly it is impossible to tell.

Those reports warn of leftist plants within the protests that are there specifically to make trouble. They are there to try and inflame these peaceful protests in a deliberate attempt to make these peaceful events turn into something ugly. Their goal is to influence news coverage, don't let them accomplish it.

If you encounter such a person please just ignore them and point them out to security.

Make your signs (here are some ideas), be loud and be proud of your stance. However, do not indulge those who may be there to try an inflame.

There is no reason why we should stoop to their level. Make a noise so loud that the media will not be able to ignore it.

The Pirates have made the next move.

By ELIZABETH A. KENNEDY, Associated Press Writers Elizabeth A. Kennedy, Associated Press Writers – 37 mins ago

MOMBASA, Kenya – Undeterred by U.S. and French hostage rescues that killed five bandits, Somali pirates brazenly hijacked four more ships in the Gulf of Aden, the waterway at the center of the world's fight against piracy.

Pirates have vowed to retaliate for deaths of their colleagues_ and the top U.S. military officer said Tuesday he takes those comments seriously. But Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told ABC's "Good Morning America" that "we're very well prepared to deal with anything like that."

Still, despite Mullen's confident statement and President Barack Obama's warning Monday, pirates captured two more nautical trophies Tuesday to match the two ships they seized a day or two earlier.

NATO spokeswoman Shona Lowe said the MV Sea Horse, a Lebanese-owned cargo ship, was attacked and captured Tuesday by pirates in three or four speedboats. She had no further information.

That hijacking came only hours after the Greek-managed MV Irene E.M. was seized in a rare overnight attack by pirates.

In addition, Somali pirates also hijacked two Egyptian fishing boats in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia's northern coast, which maritime officials said had a total of 36 crew. It was not exactly clear if those ships were hijacked Monday or Sunday.

Read the rest.

Clearly they escalated their activity in response to the US action. Let's see how the US responds.

Guess the number(s):

66.00 / 43.82

Soon we'll be playing "Where in the world did sU and Mrs. sU go this past weekend?"....damn, I think that was a hint.

You Milwaukee residents should really be aware of these numbers.

Since no one wanted to really guess, I'll just tell ya.
In my infinate wisdom and in an attempt to return a rental car on a sunday, I decided to rent from the airport. Not a good idea.
Hey Milwukeeans, this is what your leaders are doing to help:

Nothing like making Milwaukee just a little more inviting...

April 13, 2009

MRQ Restores life to dead hair

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he's a serial exaggerator The Architect.

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Greetings from the land of bitter clingers! Heather.

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Bad diplomacy! Bad! Trog.

this is the kind of blogging that wins you awards Wigdy

Racism at the zoo. Denis


heading to the Capitol despite suicidal Turkish pilots and hungry squirrels. Leah.

STOP showing that Chris.

that went well. Otto

Rick Ankiel syndrome. Conrad.

fancy Kennedy compound, nose in the air dogs Deibert

Just not in the mood for any TRQ's Jimi (too bad)

What's Virga? Vince

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Grand Theft Baseball Kevin.

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I look like my own "Evil Twin" from Star Trek. Nick.


vote baggy pants Wigdy.

three terrorist pirates meet Allah thanks to the US Navy. Patrick.

you're paying for it, so who cares? Paul Ryan.

Is anyone creeped out that Obama would name his dog after his own initials. BO Erick

Do u have to be a felon to be able to qualify as a milwaukee alderman? Rick.


Masters - Vijay Singh - ACE - Skips ball Accross Water - Hole In One - WwW.RoomCasa.C.La

In case you missed this....


Kudos to Barack Obama for giving the order to take out those pirates...

A pity though that his Secretary of State thinks this is funny.

Tea Party Time.

As you may have heard there will be a large tea party this Wednesday April the 15th in Madison at the State Capital building.

If you plan on attending and have not registered yet please do so by clcicking on this link.

If you need transportation click this link.

If you are driving in, there will be shuttle buses running the Alliant Energy Center. (please park near light poles # 39 or 40 in the south parking lot.

Make your own signs and come and let your voices be heard.

This will be the largest tax rally ever in the State of Wisconsin.

If you can not make Madison on the 15th there are other options:

April 15, Milwaukee 12pm at the Federal Building

April 15th, Superior from noon till 1pm. Outside Congressman Dave Obey's office at the corner
of 14th St and Tower Ave.

April 15th, Fort Atkinson, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm, Municipal Building, Main Street

April 15th, Eau Claire City Hall at noon. http://www.eauclaireteaparty.org/

April 15th, Hudson, Mudds & Sudds from 4 to 6 pm.

April 15th, Appleton, 111 E. Kimbal, 5:30 pm.

April 15th, Fon du Lac, Veterans Park, downtown Fond du Lac, 5:30 to 7pm.

April 15th, Wausau, City Square Downtown Wausau, 5 to 7pm. mailto:wausauteaparty@charter.net

The Wausau folks came up with a manifesto:

1. A moratorium on bailouts, whether for Wall Street bankers, General Motors, or the irresponsible guy down the street who “bought” too much house. “Failures must be allowed to fail.”

2. Repeal of all “Stimulus” spending for the years 2011 and beyond.

3. Repeal of all “Stimulus” pet projects in 2009-2010 with no stimulative effect.

4. Defeat of the Obama 2010 budget, with a new budget set at 2008 levels plus inflation. We’ve already spent too much money that we don’t have.

5. Defeat of any politician who voted for the February “Stimulus” bill.

6. Complete selloff and shutdown of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and an immediate ban on campaign contributions from both, as well as any other firm in Federal receivership.

There will also be an event in Racine at noon on Saturday the 18th of April. The Racine event is not sponsored by any group and is being marketed as individuals coming together for a common cause.

This event will be held at the Racine City Hall, for more information email racineteaparty@live.com

It is probably too late but if you want to carry the spirit of the day past the event you can get tea party clothes at Shirts4freedom.

Hey Wigdy this one is for you...

Bacon-infused bourbon old fashioned with maple syrup

H/T Fark