April 9, 2009

Early Tech Support.

A bittersweet election for Caledonia Schools

Even though the candidates who would have helped the Caledonia school district get off the ground were not elected, it's not a failure for the movement. This is indicative of how Caledonia and the other 'burbs are not represented within RUSD. Candidates Leiber and Young, who live outside the city of Racine were not elected. As of now, and for the next year, Caledonia will have no representation on the school board. That is the base for the desire to form and new school district. RUSD has grown too large and does not represent all the communities encompassed within its boundaries. Tuesday's election should inspire Caledonians to get heated and move to form the district ASAP.

Thanks for Running.

I'd like to take a moment to thank a few area bloggers who ran for office.

Zach of Blogging Blue ran for school board in South Milwaukee.

Michael Mathias of Pundit Nation ran for Milwaukee School Board for Charlene Hardin's old seat.

Chris Larsen of the JT Irregulars won a seat as a Trustee in Sturtevant.

It is one thing to stand on the sidelines and comment, it is another thing entirely to stick your neck out there, knock on doors and ask people for their vote.

I thank them all for their service to the community.

An odd observation.

Eleven candidates were on the ballot for Mayor in Racine.

Not one of them knocked on my door.


April 8, 2009

The GM and Segway PUMA 'car'

This is going to save GM?


Interesting Election Angle Brewing in Racine.

In the election for Racine Unified school board yesterday, a 5 candidate race where the top three get on the board, Kim Plache came in third.

The former State Senator decided to run for Mayor after she had declared for the school board and said she was no longer interested in that school board seat.

Plache actively campaigned for Mayor, not for school board.

Now, a large part of the community expects Plache to step down and pass that seat along to Stella Young.

What will happen now? I have no idea, but I doubt Plache will give up the seat she stumbled into by name recognition alone.

For the record, I'd rather have someone who wanted to be there in Stella Young over Kim Plache.

Hey let's watch TV

April 7, 2009

The Presiprompter goes to Iraq

Racine Mayoral Forum VIII

What’s the best thing about Racine that not enough people know about?

Jody Harding.

We have some of the most beautiful homes in the Midwest. When we win the war against crime and bring jobs back to Racine, a little TLC will bring these faded old ladies back to their original splendor.

Greg Helding.

North Beach. Thousands of beach goers brave the MMSD-polluted beaches of Milwaukee every year, despite the fact they are just minutes away from the state’s cleanest beach. They can spend a day on the beach, relax at the Oasis, go shopping and dining downtown, and still go home with more in their wallets than they would doing all those things in Milwaukee. This is why taking major steps against crime is so important. Racine gets more attention in the media for our crime problem than for our beach. As Mayor, I will change that.

What’s your favorite flavor of kringle?

Greg Helding


Jody Harding

Anything with raspberry gets my vote!

100 words or less, why should Racine vote for you in the primary?

Jody Harding

There are two kinds of politicians running in this primary. The first believes that a handful of bureaucrats with a lot of rules and no workable ideas are in a better position to tell the rest of us how to run our lives and our businesses than we are ourselves.

The second believes in personal responsibility and the power of the community to solve our problems. This second kind believes the purpose of government is to support the citizens in their pursuit of happiness, not to rule them. I am the only candidate in this second group.

Greg Helding

I did not have an answer from Greg on this question.

I thank Pete Karas for getting me answers to the other questions he has been answering them as I published, if he gets me responses I will add them.


7:30 am, no line, voter #22.

April 6, 2009

Wow, this is a fascinating story.

Italy muzzled scientist who foresaw quake

MRQ I feel violated

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Bi-Partisan Opposition Grows To Stop The Unions Attempt To Take Away The Private Ballot.

Lincoln Says She Will Vote Against Employee Free Choice Act
By Arkansas Business Staff
4/6/2009 1:18:01 PM

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., told a Monday meeting of the Little Rock Political Animals Club that she will oppose the Employee Free Choice Act.

Lincoln's office said the senator will release a statement on the legislation this afternoon.

"I cannot support that bill," Lincoln said, according to one attendee. "Cannot support that bill in its current form. Cannot support and will not support moving it forward in its current form."

Good for you Senator. Of course you realize the left will now move heaven and Earth to remove you from your seat.

It's About Time

ESPN.com is reporting that the International Baseball Federation is attempting to get baseball back for the 2016 Olympics. What's interesting is that instead of softball accompanying the bid, they are also apply for women's baseball to be part of the games.

As the father of two daughters, I wondered why it is that girls are corralled into playing softball. In other sports at the high school and college level when there are sports for both genders (i.e. soccer, basketball), they don't make such differences. For some reason the girls got the beer-league driven stepchild of baseball. My older daughter currently plays baseball in a youth league. It bothers me to think that she'll have to switch to softball when she's older.

IOC, please bring baseball back for the men and the women. When making your choice, use your head, that's the lump 3 feet above your ass.

The Internet Supression Act of 2009.

According to the bill's language, the president would have broad authority to designate various private networks as a "critical infrastructure system or network" and, with no other review, "may declare a cyber-security emergency and order the limitation or shutdown of Internet traffic to and from" the designated the private-sector system or network.

No warrant, no nothing, Obama says so seems to be the rule.

Bu bye free speech.

Racine Mayoral Forum VII

1. As Mayor, what policies can you enact to help attract new businesses and jobs into Racine ?

Pete Karas

I’ve talked about a municipally-owned electric utility for years and will move this idea forward as mayor. Public Power is reality in 82 cities in Wisconsin and over 2,000 cities across the country. Electric rates in these areas are substantially below the rates of the neighboring investor-owned utility cities. This will substantially lower the cost of doing business in Racine and make our city more attractive to employers.

We also have to make Racine friendlier, especially to our local entrepreneurs who wish to start or expand a business (thus, creating jobs.) As mayor, I will reexamine our fee structure to both make it fairer and more attractive to business. It was very disturbing to me that the water fees for a local businessperson who wanted to open a laundry facility on Sixth Street was faced with a $100,000 bill from the city. The potential business found that to be too expensive and so do I.

Jody Harding

Business will not come to Racine until we get the problems of crime, taxation and over-regulation under control. Our police do a good job of solving crime, but they are not responsible for preventing crime. Prevention must come from within the community. There are already a number of organizations that are making good progress making our neighborhoods safer. The city needs to get behind these groups and give them the support, coordination and resources they need.

Secondly, we need to cut the waste from our budgets and get our taxes under control. We have already seen business leave the city and move just outside our borders where they are not strangled by city taxes. And not taxes only. Business-owners are becoming seriously over-regulated. Downtown merchants have to follow rules about everything from the design of their signage to the colors they can paint their buildings. People with the drive and creativity to generate business and jobs shouldn’t be hampered by unnecessary rules imposed by bureaucrats.

Finally, we need to be able to provide incoming business with an available workforce. While we have more than our share of unemployed persons looking for work, we need to make sure our citizens have both the technical skills, and the “soft skills” employers value.

Greg Helding.

As a Mayor, I cannot directly affect the tax, litigation, or regulatory climate in the state. If those things do not improve, Racine will not even get the chance to compete with other communities for new businesses. As Mayor, I will address these issues with the Governor and Legislature. In the meantime, there are some things a Mayor can do.

As Mayor, I will lead the effort to bring more jobs to Racine. We will focus on three key areas.

• 20 miles to our South, there is a thriving pharmaceutical industry. Drug companies, research organizations, and their suppliers provide good paying jobs in a growth industry. Racine can offer lower property costs, lower utility costs, and lower cost of living to these companies. As Mayor, I will do what it takes to attract those job providers to Racine.

• A lot has been made of "Green Collar Jobs". These are nothing more than new manufacturing jobs. For example, there is a new company making bircks from fly-ash from the new power plant. These bricks take 85% less energy to make than clay bricks. President Obama, on the campaign trail, spoke often of these "Green Collar Jobs". He has pledged to make investments to spur private industry to create these jobs making new battery technologies, windmills, solar cells, and other products to provide clean energy. Racine is well-positioned to be a home for one or more of these new businesses. We have industrial sites ready for development with access to rail, power, and fresh water. We have a vibrant city, a solid midwestern work ethic, and a reasonable cost of living. As Mayor, I will aggressively market Racine and pursue every opportunity to establish the new green economy here.

• I work in the high tech sector. Racine missed, in large part, the benefits of the high tech bubble of the last decade - although we felt the impact when it burst. As Mayor, my high-tech background will give us an advantage as we bring these jobs to Racine.

No amount of jobs will help if people are not qualified to work them. As Mayor, I will improve cooperation with our local partners to make job training available to those who need it. We will continue to direct C.D.B.G. funds to high-impact workforce development programs like the First Choice Pre-Apprenticeship and the Gateway CNC bootcamps. The city will seek out grants and other funding sources to ensure our workforce is ready.

I believe that meeting the needs of our existing job providers is just as important as attracting new ones. As Mayor, I will establish the Mayor's Small Business Roundtable. Made up of small business owners from different business types and areas of the city, this group will meet quarterly and advise the Mayor - What should the city be doing to help? What is the city doing that might be hurting? I will listen to all points of view, not just supporters.

Racine deserves better than we have been getting. We deserve more than the tax-subsidized table scraps from the development industry. Racine has plenty of affordable housing - even WHEDA says so. Economic development is about developing our whole city, not just about the latest building to go up. A balanced approach to development recognizes the need for strong infrastructure and those things that make Racine a place people want to live - parks, libraries, entertainment venues, museums, our lakefront, and other amenities that help make life enjoyable. We must not neglect those in our pursuit of new developments. Just trying to attract new business is not enough.

We have competitors. We must improve out attractiveness.

Former Mayor Becker refused to acknowledge or greet visiting dignitaries to Racine who were not members of his political party. Will you as Mayor put aside partisan politics and be a polite host or give people you may not agree with the cold shoulder?

Jody Harding.

The mayor of Racine is responsible for representing the residents of this city, and as such, has a duty to treat every guest with respect and dignity, regardless of political affiliation. A person holding public office will meet many individuals with whom s/he has differences of opinion and philosophy; however, rudeness is never acceptable. The mayor has an obligation to remain, at a minimum, polite and professional regardless of his/her personal feelings, or the behavior of the visitor.

Greg Helding.

I already have. As an Alderman, I make it a policy to go where I am invited. If people would like the city represented at an event, I am happy to oblige. I think it is important for visiting dignitaries to know that our city welcomes them. This is part of the Mayor's job.

Pete Karas

Of course I would like to meet with visiting dignitaries who visit Racine . Everything can be gained by forming these relationships and nothing can be lost. I may not stand on the stage with politicians running for office as that may infer an endorsement, but I think it is important for the mayor to meet with these people.

Pink Gorilla in the office.

Last week at the office a pink gorilla visited the boss... What will this week bring?

April 5, 2009

This will play well in Chicago....

Carlos Zambrano says tear down Wrigley

Caption This

What matters most.

Our new Out-of-touch-hipster-in-chief has it for us.

Is it trillions of domestic spending mortgaging our children?
Is it a spiraling economy in “crisis” that won’t get “stimulated” for another year or so?
Is it ridiculous bonuses paid to execs who took the bailout money……at Fannie and Freddie?
Not even close.
Maybe its helping our image abroad by taking another rockstar tour of Europe telling everyone how mean, nasty and greedy his country is?

It's those mean American tourists looking for Opus.

Lucky for all of us he’s here to help keep our eyes on the ball.
I thought we were in a crises that needed some immediate attention.
Silly me.


Cyber Dad told me about a joke Leno used this week. (paraphrase)

How must Rich Wagoner feel? The head of a company loosing billions of dollars gets fired by the head of an outfit loosing trillions of dollars.


What a speaker...

Wow uh umm umm that umm uh David uh umm uhhh Axelrod ummm ahhh uhhh is ahhh ummm uhhh quite uhhh a ahhh ummm speaker ummm uhhh ahhh ahhhh ehhh umm duh.