March 13, 2009

Helding suggests ripping down Jacato Drive apartments

Got this release from Alderman Helding's campaign. Bold statement, but not one word about where to house all the people that live there now. It is a shame that Alderman DeHann has done precisely nothing about this problem.


Racine, WI – Racine Mayoral candidate, Alderman Greg Helding today called for the demolition of the infamous Jacato Drive apartment buildings.

“It is high time to solve this problem once and for all,” said Helding. “The law allows the city to proceed against the buildings as a public nuisance.”

“Buildings on Jacato Drive average more than two police calls a day, said Helding. “We have had three officers hurt in three days. This simply cannot continue. The state of these apartments has become a threat to public safety.”

“Our neighborhoods need help,” said Helding. “When police are forced to spend so much time in these trouble spots, there is less time for the rest of the city. We all suffer. It is time to eliminate these trouble spots.”

“This is not only about crime – it is about taxes, too,” said Helding. “We spend more than half of our budget on public safety. The Jacato Drive apartment buildings are draining our city budget dry.”

Helding has released a campaign video on his website,, where he proposes innovative ideas and bold leadership in the fight on crime.

“Our police work hard to fight crime – City Hall must work beside them.” said Helding.

Doyle steals money from another fund.

He's never been called on it before, why should he stop now?

Caledonia Schools Petition Drive

The next chance to sign a petition for the creation of a Caledonia school district is this Saturday March 14th.  The drive will take place at the Eastside Community Center located near Douglas Ave. and 5 Mile Rd.  Any voter living in Racine County east of I-94 is eligible to sign.

If you are ready to see some change in both communities, make the effort to get out and sign the petition.

March 12, 2009

Christian Schneider does it again.

Christian calls out Senator Erpenbach on a bald faced lie.

How about that Jim Doyle.

He wants to increase fees on things we can't even do...

Via the Chicago Tribune.

Doyle even wants to increase the fee on something that can't legally be done now. He proposed raising the elk hunting application fee from $3 to $10. He asked for the same increase, along with a hike in the actual license fee, but was shot down by the Legislature two years ago. Elk hunters shouldn't be too worried. There is no elk season in Wisconsin because the herd hasn't met the population goal. The state Department of Natural Resources estimates the goal of having 200 elk in the state could happen next spring, which means the first hunting season could happen in December 2010.

Go ahead and read the rest of the article in the Illinois paper about how bad Wisconsin is increasing taxes and fees.

What you talking about Willis?

This is wrong.

Party over here! Party over there!

Oops, but not there.
Or there.
Nor there.

Only here!
Obamapalloza will continue as scheduled.

So I ask you…
Who’s getting stimulated?
If its “our” money going to those corporate pigs, whose money is Obama using to party?
All of you that just answered “the government’s” need a Reality Check.

Get off your duff & get to Madison.

Plan your schedule now and attend the April 15th Tea Party / Taxpayer Rally in Madison.

I'll be there along with a couple thousand of my friends who think that increasing our tax burden in this climate is insanity.

Governor Doyle is proposing a 10%+ Expansion of the state budget despite the tough times Wisconsin taxpayers are having. Stand up, make a sign and come to Madison to say enough is enough.

Please visit Fight Back Wisconsin to register.

Tell your friends and neighbors. Let's make this a sound the taxers in Madison will not soon forget.


H/T Kate.

Obama finally found some spending to cut.

Military of course.

Caption This... Whatever it is.

Three years for throwing shoes...

Not enough.

March 10, 2009

Nah, they aren't evil....

Go ahead shut down Gitmo...

What is the closest prison to the White House? Put 'em there.

Queen Nancy, there is a problem with your plane.

"This is not good news, and we will have some very disappointed folks, as well as a very upset Speaker."

Fly Coach

Idol could be fun tonight.

Just caught this Tweet on Ryan Secrest's Twitter feed...

crap, were gonna have a problem on Idol tonight - just dialed 1-866-IDOLS-13 and its not quite SFW...

Hey, Barackman...

Riddle me this:

Who decided that workers should/could have a secret ballot to decide on unionizing?

Why was that?

There is a pitching line for you.

E. Morlan, Milwaukee

O Innings pitched
3 Hits
3 Runs
3 Earned Runs
0 Walks
0 Strike Outs
1 Home Run

March 9, 2009


What the heck did Bill Buchanan do to tick off the 24 writers?

Caption This Diplomatic Failure...

MRQ Coffee, Cigarettes and Vicodin

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Confusion mounts. Dad29.

that one's too hard Blue.

Sex Addict Barbie - you buy her, then she goes to rehab for 6 weeks. Orbs.
I’m having a rough time containing my hope……… Silent E

Suck it, Euroscum..... Weasel Zippers


Coffee, Cigarettes and Vicodin - the breakfast of champions!! :) Chris.

"recession" is another word for "opportunity." Michael.

I do not like Daylight Savings Time, I do not like it, Sam I Am. Aubs.

you are to address me in the proper manner... Chris from Racine.

Must be drunk. Jimi.

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My mortgage holder refuses to lend me more money to pay him back with. Scoff.

Twinkies-flavored Chapstick. Egg.

Why Mommy Is A Republican. Todd.

Can't believe Tatiana is gone. What a mistake the judges made. She was bound to do something really embarrassing. Brent Spiner.

More Cow Bell! Michael.

I'm a racist xenophobe... Chris from Racine.

I am in mourning. Egg

Is it the 2nd Tuesday of Month again?


The March Instalment of Drinking Right will kick off at around 7pm tomorrow evening at Papa's

Will you be there? I will.

100 editorial reviews against the ridiculously named Employee Free Choice Act.

Newspaper editors are opposed to this in surprising numbers.

Language Matters.

The left does a fantastic job of staying on point. They get on a topic and beat it to death all using the same language. Agree or disagree with their positions, but on tactics they are way ahead of the right.

I've heard multiple names describing the hideous Cap and Trade fee being pushed by President Obama.

Let's be fair about what this is, a massive energy tax. This will hit industrial and manufacturing states especially hard and no one denies this tax will hit the poor in our country especially hard. (Not very progressive)

Estimates have a 70% increase in fuel costs from their current baseline. Go back to $4.50 a gallon gas days (Which I think we'll see again come summer) and cap and trade would push that figure to $7.65 a gallon.

What we have here are liberals using their favorite social engineering tactics to push a radical environmental agenda.

If conservatives are to effectively fight this massive tax increase they must unite on their rhetoric.

Congressman Sensenbrenner likes to call this Cap and Tax. Personally I think that phrase is too wonky to be effective.

So, what would you recommend as a short catch phrase to describe this?

I think we should call this the global warming tax. It is plain, effective and people are figuring out global warming is a sham. No one wants to be taxed for a sham. There is a reason they are calling it cap and trade, because people would not go for a global warming tax.

Your suggestions_______________________.

Rep. Charlie Rangel swears at Jason Mattera over scandal questions

Democrats should be calling for Rangel to resign every day. They fact that they do not says more than I ever could.

How soon they forget.

This poll question was asked in 2006

Yes, 51% of Democrats said they wanted President Bush to fail.

Now, about all that "outrage" over Limbaugh's comments?

H/T Garden State Patriot.

Racine Mayoral Forum.

On March 17th, The Racine Taxpayers Association will hold a forum for the candidates for Mayor of Racine.

The forum will be held at the YMCA of Racine, 725 Lake St., on the second floor. The forum starts at noon but if you would like to come a little early they will have a buffet lunch available for $8.

I did one of these forums when I was running for Alderman. They are very professional and exceedingly informative.

The primary is coming up on April the 7th.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this event due to a previously scheduled medical procedure. If someone else want to cover this for the blog, let me know!

Thanks to the Racine Taxpayers Association for hosting.

March 8, 2009

Has anyone seen Aaron?

Fast-food worker allegedly assaulted with sandwich

Posted Mar 08, 2009 @ 10:37 AM

Last update Mar 08, 2009 @ 02:41 PM


Police were called to a West Bluff McDonald's restaurant early Saturday after an employee was allegedly assaulted with a breakfast sandwich.

About 5:20 a.m., a man at the drive-through window at 627 N. Western Ave. was upset his McGriddle sandwich didn't have an egg in it, the victim told police. She told the man she would correct the sandwich, but he became irate when the driver of the vehicle behind him honked at him to move.

The man then threw the hot, greasy sandwich at the 38-year-old employee's face, according to police reports. The man drove off before police arrived.

The woman refused medical attention.

(Have to love that last line)

Defending the American Dream: Fred Dooley

Gee, Patrick recorded me at the DFD Summit....

Thanks Patrick.


I'm curious.

What percentage of liberals that are outraged at Rush Limbaugh's statement about wanting Obama to fail want Rush to fail?

Top 10 tax friendly cities announced.

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that Wisconsin is not represented on this list.

Protest Perspective...

Zach threw out yesterdays wet weather as an excuse for the pathetic SEIU protest at the Defending the American Dream summit.

Here are photos from an equally wet Green Bay tea party yesterday.

Nice try Zach.