March 7, 2009

Letting the cat out of the bag.

I'm honored to have been asked to join the MacIver Institute for Public Policy Research.

I'll be blogging on their website, my first post just went up, expect much more.

Please, add The MacIver Institute to your blogrolls!

Vicki McKenna

Vicki feels bad that no one thanks her for smoking.

Thanks Vicki for all that yummy tax money, now quit.

Did you know Vicki lives in Madison, 70%+ Liberal? Seriously Vicki, Paul Ryan was right, move to Janesville.

There is nothing radical about liberty.

I guarantee you the tax eaters will protest the taxpayers when we go to Madison on April 15th.

You have to keep shouting your message eventually people will pay attention.

This can not end here, pursue your ideas, network, move your message into action.

Herman Cain

Another Standing O....

He's thrilled I'm here... It means I care. (About what I'm not sure)

It is the right of the people to alter or abolish our government if it ceases to function. Government is trying to destroy our pursuit of happiness.

It is attempting to take away our freedoms with WWDS

Weapons of Wealth Destruction (Line of the day)

We used to have a house of representatives, no we have a house of politicians. We used to have a senate, not we have a spend-it.

We used to have a White House, now we have a Big House and the rest of us are heading for the out-house.

I'm not mad, I'm just passionate and pissed-off. It is up to us to decide whether or not we want change for the worse or change for the better.

We have a clueless crisis, stupid people are running this country.

The way to build wealth in America is NOT to attack those who are building the wealth in America.

Paul Ryan.


Vicki McKenna introduced him as the leader of the new conservative revolution... I thought that was Rush Limbaugh....

This is time for a lot of us to read our history. Our new President gave us a budget that is a monument to ideology, not a monument to virtue.

We were not sure what our new government would be in November, I think we know now.

A government that expands like this is not progressive it is reactionary.

The proposed budget will double our debt in just 8 years.

Tell me, do you think only the highest 2% of wage earners buy energy? This new cap and trade policy is a massive tax on everyone who consumes energy.

Progressives want a government to redistribute wealth, that's not America, it is France, we don't want to be France.

Protest Fail


CRG just announced they are going to launch a recall effort of Governor Jim Doyle. They will need 500,000 signatures in 60 days. Looking at a mid-April launch.

David Clarke.

The only person at the Counthouse who ever has a smile on his face is the County Executive.

I have decided not to side with the beaurocrats, but to be on your side.

The Sheriff is not thrilled with Gov Doyle's plan to release inmates.

Put into the budget a measure that will allow law abiding citizens of Wisconsin to protect themselves. (Standing O). Then and only then will I support his effort for early release.


Emperor Obama in his radio adress today.

In his weekly radio address, Obama said his administration had inherited a 1.3-trillion-dollar budget deficit -- and a budgeting process that he called "irresponsible as it is unsustainable."

So to be reponsible he matched that 1.3 trillion dollar deficit in a month?

Sounds like the Union scared up a huge protest...

A dozen... Whooptie freakin doo.

I bet they get more coverage than the thousand inside.

Steve is running out to take a picture.

AFP Volunteer of the year award winner.

Pastor David King, Milwaukee.

This crowd loves Pastor King.

Whatever you are going to do, be the best you can be at it.

Defending The American Dream

Media Award Winner, Pat Snyder (I thought I was going to win this year), WSAU 55 Wausau.

Congratulations Pat

Jim Ott.

Defending the American Dream award winner.

I love your energy and commitment to keep the American Dream alive.

The more I learn about it the more I understand that global warming, or climate change, or whatever they are calling it this week, is one of the biggest scams being pushed on us.


SEIU Protest

SEIU thugs are gathering outside to protest people who have a mind of their own.

Everyone seems to be happy its raining.

Defender of the American Dream award winner...

Congressman James Sensenbrenner....


A report from the land of Queen Nance where the change we are getting is the little bit left in our pockets.

We are on the most unbelievable spendathon in the history of man.

First we passed SCHIP on smokers $61 billion

$350 billion for bank barrons

Nancy Pelosi, Dave Obey stimulus or the liberal wish list, $810 billion

$419 billion for omnibus spending with 9,000 earmarks.

Not to mention Obama's budgets with a huge cap and tax gimme for Al Gore and his friends. Tax on charitable contribution's, eliminates deductions on local and state taxes.

Another GM bailout coming.

Geitner talking about a second round of Tarp from 1 to 2 trillion bucks coming soon.

We are looking at 4 to 5 trillion bucks already from the candidate who claims Bush spent too much money. Geitnner will start up the printing press which will drive inflation through the roof.

The dow has gone to 9,100 to 6,500 as the DOW tanks everytime Obama or one of his cronies opens their mouth, you can NOTblame that on Bush (but they will Congressman, they will)

If Paul Ryan or I pulled the kind of stuff David Obey pulled (putting ear marks through for our kids) the Journal Sentinel, which is against the death penalty, would build a gallos at Fourth and State and call for our heads.

We have to expose who votes which way and hold them accoutable...

In 2010 America will take back their country.

Leah Vukmir

You are the defender of the dream, the ones who work hard, play by the rules and try to achieve the dream.

We are here as Americans here to preserve the nation, we are not partisanss we are patrioits.

We are united by our desire to preserve the last best hope for mankid.

Our opponents work to divide us and try to put one group against another.

Steve Egg got Joe the Plumber to sign his book.

Rose Fernandez

A Mom on a mission, to put the boys and girls growing up in the state of Wisconsin first in our education.

(Fraley looks like a proud papa)

This crowd loves Rose.

Expect the absolute best from our kids and our schools.

Introduction of the MacIver Institute for Public Policy Research.

Liberty, freedom and responsibility matter, citizens make a difference.

A conservative think tank to advance the ideas of limited government and personal responsibility, the bedrock principles on our society.

The purpose it to give people the information they need to promote conservative principles in their neighborhoods.

Polling asked if the people want less government spending in Wisconsin, 83% of people responded yes. 72% oppose Doyle's tax increases (21% support). (More on this MacIver poll to come over the next several days)

JB Van Hollen

$1.2 million dollars.... Doesn't sound like a lot when you compare it to some of the numbers throwing around. The Department of Justice returned that amount to the state coffers from their budget.

Public safety is priority one... We quadrupled the number of DNA cases to help local law enforcement.

Governor Doyle wants to release people from our prisons to make you less safe.

(sounds like JB is throwing down the gauntlet to Jimmie Tax)

There is so much more we can do on the horizon... Doyle is damaging our public safety while trying to take $2 billion from your pockets. We can have limited government and provide safety to you, your neighbors and your children.

Fighting Crime, restoring integrity

Steve Moore.

The evil rich don't play their fair share.....

The top 1% pay 41% of the toll.

45% of Americans pay to taxes at all, how do we cut their taxes? We don't.

A Personal Note to Mrs RDW.

Justice Gableman says hello.

Steve Moore.


Works for me.

Apostle David King.

If that was for me it was too much, if it was for my Lord Jesus, it was not enough.

We were created to raze hell...

How did we get in the mess we are in today? Because we keep trying to fix the problems from the outside in instead of going on the inside out

Scott Walker

Governor Doyle is asking the people to pay for than $2.1 billion more in this budget, this is not the time....

This is Wisconsin, we can do better.

We need to stand up and tell the Governor and the legislature it is time to take our Government back...

(This crowd loves that guy)

Joe The Plumber.

Standing Ovation.

Our leftist commenters never cease bashing Joe. No wonder, this guy is averge America who stood up for himself. No wonder those who they claim to represent, the left bashes the most.

Now to Joe...

You ever notice how politicans claim they are just like you, yet they get to be nothing like you when they get to Washinton?

Americans need to become their own lobbyists... (True that)

Words can be pretty, but unless actions follow them, they can be ugly.

Every American's dream is to be heard.

Let you voice be heard, do it legally, do it with honor, do it with hard work. Work is not a four letter word. We will not count on the Government to do it for us, we want them out of our way.

North Shore Exponent Live blog.

North Shore Exponent is live blogging the summit as well...

Tim Phillips, President AFP.

Good point... When the Union selects their leadership, do you know how they do it? Secret Ballot.
When you hear the words cap and trade, think two words; energy tax.

Tim Phillips, President AFP.

The answer from the Democrats to job losses and growing debt... Increase taxes on everything that moves and increase the size of government.


(I agree)

April 15

Set aside April 15 for the second annual taxpayer rally in Madison, I'll be there!


This face is filled beyond capacity, people are standing against the back wall. Will be the new AFP center for announcements, etc.


Al Gore is getting boos. Educated crowd.


I'll be doing a Live-Tweet as well.

Follow it here...

Live blogging from the Defending the American Dream Summit.

I'll be running a series of posts from The Defending the American Dream Summit throughout the day highlighting all of the speakers.

I haven't done a live blog in a while. I'll try to type good but we're likely to have errors.

The Midwest Express Center is packed with energetic people this morning. I'm guessing somewhere near a thousand people are in attendance at this hour.

The cheddarsphere is well represented. So far this morning I've seen Fraley, Wigdy, Patrick, Josh, Jo Egelhoff, Miss Jones, Chris from Racine, Kathy & Erin from Stepping Right Up, and lots of other friendly faces.

More to come.

March 6, 2009

Hey Josh...

You have my vote.

Chairman Price shows America what 9,286 Earmarks Look Like

What does a trillion dollars look like anyway?

Visually it is much more terrifying.

A guest pespective on nationalizing health care.

The following thoughts came from a friend of mine who has an extensive work history in health care. I asked her permission to reprint and thankfully she said yes.

This from the perspective of an individual (myself) who has had a twenty year career in medical/dental billing and collections involving Individual Health Insurance (that which you buy on your own) and Group Health Insurance (that which comes from your employer), and Medicare and Medicaid (that which comes from the government). I have also handled many Work Comp and Personal Injury cases, which are covered through other parties.

My resume includes successfully passing the following exams:
State of WI Office of Commissioner of Insurance-Individual Life, Accident & Health
Health Insurance Association of America - Group Life and Health Part A and Part B
Health Insurance Association of America - Insurance Claims Administration I

As well I have worked for two years for a major insurance corporation headquartered in Lake Forest., IL in the capacity of a Group Claims Processor for medical and dental claims. I have also been a volunteer for my city's Aging and Disability Resource Center where I had, for four years, helped senior citizens "sort out" their medical bills, coordinating their Medicare and secondary insurance payments and doctor's bills.

I will speak plainly: Medicare and Medicaid do not work.

MEDICARE: The healthcare provider has two choices: A) You take Medicare patients and "accept assignment" which means you take what the government pays you and you write-off the difference, or B) You do not accept assignment and the patient pays the difference. REALITY: The non-accepting assignment healthcare provider rarely sees Medicare patients. So they risk losing good, life-long patients. For those accepting assignment: the Medicare reimbursement for services to the provider of services is very low, considered by the provider to be a charity to the community, and the provider has to make up for the loss elsewhere.

The loss is made up by charging more to the paying patients, which drives up the R&C. And costs a higher out-of-pocket to the patient. The R&C= "Reasonable and Customary Allowances" same as UCR "Usual, Customary, and Reasonable" allowances. The R&C or UCR is determined by the zip codes of the providers. It is the measure of how much the insurance will pay for each procedure or service in a given area. As the providers in an area begin to collectively charge more, the R&C goes up, and the insurance companies pay more. That cost of increased insurance pay-outs of course drives up the premium costs... Your employer decides how to address the premium increases. Perhaps you will have to pay more of your premium to keep your insurance. Perhaps you will fore-go raises or other benefits.

I have worked for two or three healthcare providers that took Medicaid patients. It's always the same story: 1) They don't show up for their appointments whether it is for themselves or their kids, and 2) They rarely have their "co-pay" which is a buck or two... I worked for a larger dental corporation which had several offices in the area. Our patient schedule was set up to accomodate Medicaid patients on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8 AM to 11 AM. Everyone in the office was frustrated because of the high "fail rate" on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. So I did an analysis: I pulled schedules from 6 months to present and determined that consistently 70-80% of the Medicaid patients scheduled did not show up for their appointments.Meanwhile, we had a growing number of private-pay patients frustrated with not being able to get an appointment. The lost production during the Medicaid 8-11 times cost the practice, the staff and the paying patients. When I presented my data to my administrator, he decided to drop Medicaid altogether. I have to add that the reimbursement for Medicaid is unmanageably low as well, and again considered to be a charity by the provider, hence driving up the costs to private payors. As if THAT were not enough....the Medicaid recipients present with a card, which the healthcare provider is to scan, which verifies their coverage....this big dental corp I described did not have the scanners to run the cards through, so we had to CALL the state for verification with each Medicaid patient. (Have you ever called the state?? Give it a try!!!) We could have made it easier by having a scanner in the office, of course. But that would have cost us $400.00. Times five offices...$2000.00 to more conveniently verify eligibility on patients we already have to take huge write-offs on anyway.

There are also many regulations in treating these gov't aided patients... Guidelines to what the providers can and cannot do, pre-authorizations required for non-routine services before they can provide them. Realistically, these patients are not always given the treatment that the doctor would normally recommend, but that which is covered under the gov't programs. Gov't programs limit to bare necessity and cheapest modus operandi.

Most of us already covered by group insurance from our employers have to occasionally deal with the waiting game of pre-authorizations for prescribed procedures. Most of us already deal with the decision of PPO provider vs. non-PPO provider. We still have choice. Our non-PPO choice may cost more. But it is whatever we decide. We all have deductibles, so we discern necessity of doctor visits before we make the appointments.

Imagine now, what Universal Healthcare will be like. 300 million people are on it. Everyone goes to the doctor for everything....because "it's covered." People wait a long time to have a procedure, like they do in Canada and Great Britain. Doctors and other healthcare providers are overwhelmed with patient load and underpaid by the government. The government remotely determines your treatment. Did you know that is actually in the planning? That there will be two gov't agencies that will determine your treatment remotely? And if your healthcare provider determines a differnt course of action for you than the gov't decides, he/she will have penalties. Can you imagine being a doctor under these circumstances? Where will competition play? It won't, because it won't matter. All the healthcare providers, including you doctor, will be employed by the government. All will be paid according to government payscale.

The United States has, to this date, possessed the best doctors/surgeons/medical technology in the world. It is competition that drives this great nation, and competition that drives our healthcare professionals to excel.

We will all of us suffer under a universal code of healthcare, and the cost will be great on many levels if this comes to pass.

Press Release on The MacIver Institute.

For Immediate Release Contact: Bob Reddin

March 4, 2009 262-781-4029

Will promote responsible government solutions to the state’s challenges

MADISON – The MacIver Institute for Public Policy, a free market think tank using a fresh and innovative approach to advance the idea that individual freedom, limited government and personal responsibility are the best principles for the development of effective public policies in Wisconsin, was launched today.

“We are confident the MacIver Institute will quickly become a respected source for timely research and innovative policy proposals,” said Vice Chairman Steve Fettig. “We will conduct research that gets people talking at the board rooms, government buildings, kitchen tables, bubblers and taverns across Wisconsin.”

The MacIver Institute for Public Policy will locate its offices across the street from the State Capitol building. MacIver will initially focus on three issue areas: taxes and spending, education, and health care. The Institute will conduct serious research but will promote its ideas and policies through lively commentary, engaging events and compelling new forms of communication.

The MacIver Institute is named after John K. MacIver who was a sterling example of the public spirited citizen. Though he never held a government post, few citizens of Wisconsin have had a greater impact on the public affairs of this state and the nation.

MacIver either founded or led many of the most effective business, civic, cultural and political organizations in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. An advisor to Presidents and college interns, business titans and first-time candidates, he preached that good government could be good politics. Indeed, he believed that ideas were the most powerful force in politics.

The initial board of the MacIver Institute for Public Policy includes the following people:

• Board Chairman Fred Luber is a Milwaukee industrialist and philanthropist who has long been involved in promoting innovative public policies;

• Board Vice Chairman Steve Fettig of Delavan is a successful entrepreneur who attended Hillsdale College and is fluent in the use of new media to engage people’s attention;

• Board Member Jim Troupis of Madison is a lawyer at Michael Best and Friedrich, specializing in litigation. He has been named one of Wisconsin’s super lawyers several years running. John MacIver was his mentor.

• Board Member Charlie Davis of Wauwatosa is a retired public relations executive and political strategist who considered John MacIver his best friend. He is the MacIver family’s representative to the board.

• Board Member Mark Block of New Berlin worked for John MacIver in state politics for two decades. Mark is presently the State Director of the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity.

Several other people are expected to join the MacIver Board in the months to come. The MacIver Institute’s first month will be a busy one. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing:

• The results of a statewide poll on Governor Doyle’s proposed state budget, the economy and Wisconsin politics. These results will be released beginning on Saturday, March 7th.

• A study on the benefits of expanding alternative teacher certification in Wisconsin.

• The announcement of a monthly contest for the citizen who uncovers the best example of government waste or corruption.

• A study on how much money Wisconsin consumers could save if prescription drugs were exempted from the state’s minimum markup law.

• Several announcements of initiatives designed to promote openness in government.

The MacIver Institute is a 501 c3 charitable foundation. Individuals wishing to learn more or to become members can sign up at

Mailing Address: The MacIver Institute • P.O. Box 510564 • New Berlin, WI 53151

New Wisconsin Conservative Think Tank Launched.

The Daily Kenoshan

MADISON – The MacIver Institute for Public Policy, a free market think tank using a fresh and innovative approach to advance the idea that individual freedom, limited government and personal responsibility are the best principles for the development of effective public policies in Wisconsin, was launched today.

“We are confident the MacIver Institute will quickly become a respected source for timely research and innovative policy proposals,” said Vice Chairman Steve Fettig. “We will conduct research that gets people talking at the board rooms, government buildings, kitchen tables, bubblers and taverns across Wisconsin.”

More Details.

There will be more information on this tomorrow at the AFP Summit.

H/T Free Whitewater.

March 4, 2009

This is bizarro world...

$4 trillion in debt, "remarkably fiscally responsible"?!?

The people that complained about $4oo billion under Bush have no issues when their guy has a zillion percent more debt.

Un-real. And this is what he has done in 2 months, just imagine what he can do with 4 years.

If you are in Oregon and drive a Green Ford Escort...

Be careful.

Obama promises the unions that he will take away the secret ballot this year....

Gee that's swell of him.

Racine Mayoral Update.

I'm working on an E-Forum for the Racine Mayoral Candidates.

I'll be putting out a Q&A to all the candidates on a variety of issues. I'll give the candidates time to respond and then publish their responses without edit a question at a time.

I just got off the phone with Representative Bob Turner. Mr Turner remembered that I had contacted his office regarding keeping his job as Representative if he was elected Mayor. I told him that I had seen his announcement that he would give that position up if elected.

Representative Turner did tell me something new, that he would resign after a special election was held to fill his seat. He did not want the district to go without representation especially given our budget crisis.

I think that is a fair position.

FYI, if anyone sees this that knows how to reach Candidate Lesia Hill-Driver please have her contact me via email at I've been able to at least leave a message for all of the other candidates.

March 3, 2009

Be very careful...

Now I could go enviro in one of these.

Hello, 911.


They're sorry.

1950s Italian Police Motorcycle Drill Team

A good reminder.

Big government projects usually wind up with a bigger price tag than initial projected costs....

A very good question.

WISGOP Blog asks us, If a cig. tax will discourage smoking, wont biz taxes discourage business?

What about the children?

This part of the school year is one when teacher's anxiously look for job postings for the following year. Change in routine or schedule can keep one's career fresh. However, a disturbing trend is popping up in the human resource needs of RUSD.

When perusing the list of vacancies for 2009-2010, I had to note which two areas had the largest number of openings. Bilingual Education and Special Education topped the list where there is the most need. This is rather bothersome. The job postings this time of year are to fill vacancies of those who are leaving the district, usually through retirement, or to fill newly created positions. I feel confident that the latter is the case for a large majority of these positions.

Hold onto your wallets as the expansion of bilingual and special education means RUSD will require more resources for the increased staff, bussing, and materials. Of course, that money will also come from the accounts for average functioning, english-speaking students.

Who will Obama Fight For?

This from the WSJ today.

Will Obama Stand Up for These Kids?
Wall Street Journal
By Willam McGurn

Dick Durbin has a nasty surprise for two of Sasha and Malia Obama's new schoolmates. And it puts the president in an awkward position.

The children are Sarah and James Parker. Like the Obama girls, Sarah and James attend the Sidwell Friends School in our nation's capital. Unlike the Obama girls, they could not afford the school without the $7,500 voucher they receive from the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program. Unfortunately, a spending bill the Senate takes up this week includes a poison pill that would kill this program -- and with it perhaps the Parker children's hopes for a Sidwell diploma.
[Main Street] Deborah Parker

Sarah and James Parker attend Sidwell Friends School with the president's daughters, thanks to a voucher program Sen. Dick Durbin wants to end.

Known as the "Durbin language" after the Illinois Democrat who came up with it last year, the provision mandates that the scholarship program ends after the next school year unless Congress reauthorizes it and the District of Columbia approves. The beauty of this language is that it allows opponents to kill the program simply by doing nothing. Just the sort of sneaky maneuver that's so handy when you don't want inner-city moms and dads to catch on that you are cutting one of their lifelines.

Deborah Parker says such a move would be devastating for her kids. "I once took Sarah to Roosevelt High School to see its metal detectors and security guards," she says. "I wanted to scare her into appreciation for what she has at Sidwell." It's not just safety, either. According to the latest test scores, fewer than half of Roosevelt's students are proficient in reading or math.

That's the reality that the Parkers and 1,700 other low-income students face if Sen. Durbin and his allies get their way. And it points to perhaps the most odious of double standards in American life today: the way some of our loudest champions of public education vote to keep other people's children -- mostly inner-city blacks and Latinos -- trapped in schools where they'd never let their own kids set foot.

This double standard is largely unchallenged by either the teachers' unions or the press corps. For the teachers' unions, it's a fairly cold-blooded calculation. They're willing to look the other way at lawmakers who chose private or parochial schools for their own kids -- so long as these lawmakers vote in ways that keep the union grip on the public schools intact and an escape hatch like vouchers bolted.

As for the press, complaints tend to be limited to the odd column or editorial. That's one reason it was so startling back in 2000 when Time magazine's Tamala Edwards, during a live televised debate at Harlem's Apollo Theater, asked Al Gore about the propriety of sending his own son to private school while opposing any effort to extend the same choice to African-Americans without his financial wherewithal. As CNN's Jeff Greenfield would note later in the same debate, Mr. Gore "bristled" when Ms. Edward's put the question to him.

Virginia Walden-Ford, executive director of D.C. Parents for School Choice, wouldn't mind making a few more politicians bristle. "I'd like to see a reporter stand up at one of those nationally televised press conferences and ask President Obama what he thinks about what his own party is doing to keep two innocent kids from attending the same school where he sends his?"

As for Sidwell, the school has welcomed the Opportunity Scholarship program. Though headmaster Bruce Stewart declines to get into either politics or the Obamas, he says that a program that gives parents more educational options for their children is not only good for their kids, it's good for the community. Plainly he's not doing it for the money: Even the full D.C. voucher covers only a small fraction of Sidwell's actual costs.

All of which leaves the First Parent with a decision to make: Will he stand up for those like his own children's schoolmates -- or stand in front of the Sidwell door with Mr. Durbin? It's hard to imagine white congressional Democrats going up against him if he called them out on an issue where they have put him in this embarrassing position. This, after all, is a man who has written of the "anger" he felt as a community organizer, when his attempts to improve things for Chicago school kids ran up against an "uncomfortable fact."

"The biggest source of resistance [to reform]," he said, "was rarely talked about . . . namely, the uncomfortable fact that every one of our churches was filled with teachers, principals, and district superintendents. Few of these educators sent their own children to public schools; they knew too much for that. But they would defend the status quo with the same skill and vigor as their white counterparts of two decades before."

Let's just say that Sarah and James Parker -- and thousands just like them -- could use some of that same Obama anger right about now.

Caption This.

Bad behavior pays...

Please, don't buy the book.

March 2, 2009

This Post Brought to You By...

MPS is going to allow advertising within the district. Ads can be seen in certain publications, auditoriums and at sporting events. Advertisers must meet specific criteria for that ad to be allowed. The criteria seem to focus on being fair and proper for school settings. Yet, a poll on JSonline shows that most people are against this policy.

What the hell is wrong with seeking another revenue source provided it done ethically and with the interests of the students and taxpayers in mind?  In these times when schools are begging for money, rightly or wrongly, why not go for some money that would be willingly given from a private sector business?  Many organizations use advertising as a way to help offset costs.

I just don't get the objection to this policy.

MRQ I may be poor soon.

Like a Ron Paul rally, but without that pesky Constitution. Lance.

Porkalicious. Blacksphere.

I'm doing it. Alexander.

It may be Barack Obama’s White House. But it is still Ronald Reagan’s America. Pejman

our independent Doobie Brother Wigdy.

Screamin' Cheetah Willies. Drew

Wer guna loose mur muny. Paul.

Not likely, maybe, but possible. Lance.

Holy Lewinsky, Batman! James.

What the heck is the woman holding onto in that one float, his stimulus package???? WildThing.

being anally violated by a donkey Ryan.

sex and economics. Althouse.

Hornswaggle and horse manure! Kate.

18 inches??? Heather.

an incredibly ill considered orgy Shark.

Wipe my butt. Aaron.

Snugwow.... AWL.


Another day, another D'oh-bama nominee Malkin

Teabagged Kevin.

here comes the snow again, falling on my driveway like a tragedy. Egg.

Tata's grew in Feb. Jimi.

I may be poor soon. Dean.

Evil empires should stick together. Darth.

Dowpocalypse Keith.

STOP clenching teeth while concentrating Chris.

Jack Bauer once won a game of chess against Bobby Fischer in one move. TAB.

picking peanuts Wigdy.

Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

All rightie then.

Another Day...

Another tax cheat amongst the most ethical government ever....

Ok for me but not for thee...

Pass the Twinkees.

Good Day Mr. Harvey, Good Day.

One of the great ones leaves us.

Ok, everyone back to work, the recession is over.

Obama kicks up White House entertaining

Mar 2 11:09 AM
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House is the place to be on Wednesdays.

Since the presidency changed hands less than six weeks ago, a burst of entertaining has taken hold of the iconic, white-columned home of America's head of state. Much of it comes on Wednesdays.

The stately East Room, where portraits of George and Martha Washington adorn the walls, was transformed into a concert hall as President Barack Obama presented Stevie Wonder with the nation's highest award for pop music on Wednesday.

Wait, our nation has a highest award for pop music? If that was this high on the agenda our problems must be over.