February 28, 2009

RDW on the road report

Where will you be one week from today?

I'll be attending the Defending The American Dream Summit in Milwaukee. There are a host of powerhouse speakers planned and some truly interesting afternoon breakouts.
I've been to two of these events, they are truly inspiring.
Join me...

February 27, 2009

Pick your battles

A heated debate sparked up on the RJT blogs yesterday regarding the slovenly appearance of some secretaries at Park High School. I took away two interesting aspects from this story.

1. It is disgraceful as to how some people will go out into public nowadays. What makes this more appalling is that these "office professionals" decided sweats, tube tops, flip flops and the like were appropriate attire for the workplace. This seems to be more of a Racine issue, but it has infected the other communities. People just don't care about how they present themselves. Learn to exist within society's norms, get a decent set of clothes, and for goodness sake look like the professional you claim to be.

2. The all too useless union is actually grieving that the boss asked his subordinates to conform to a dress code. They claim it is because the secretaries are being singled out. First of all, what happens outside of the union's membership shouldn't be of their concern. That's like a kid complaining that Billy's mom let's him wear jeans to church. It doesn't make being a slob right. Secondly, if this is the biggest problem the union needs to tackle, perhaps it's time to scale back the dues or close shop all together.

Take some pride in your appearance ladies. Leave the sweats for the gym, and the flip-flops for the beach. It won't kill you.

Bumper Politics.


This is Islam Mr. President.

Take a good look.


We don't need no stinking Constitution...

Rosie's back....

February 26, 2009


H/T Ryan.

Yes, Wisconsin's budget problems are so bad.....

That Governor Jim Doyle is in Spain with about half of his staff to learn how to push over-priced rail on Wisconsin. Nothing like expanding government in tough times is there Guv?

Like we can really afford it.

Seiously Governor, I'll buy you a train set play with that and leave us alone, we can not afford it.

Governor, I know you are really stimulated by all the manna from DC but don't saddle us with higher costs forever in your zeal for rail.

$750B here $750B there...

Pretty soon you are talking about real money...

Seriously, this has to stop. Even you liberals have to admit we do not have an unlimited checkbook.

Wisconsin Tea Party Open Thread.

February 24, 2009


Maybe I should give up MRQ for lent?

Psychic Media.

Standing before a nation on an economic precipice, President Barack
aimed to balance andor with can-do Tuesday night in his first address
to a joint session of Congress. Millions more anxious Americans were tuning in
on TV.

Wow, AP's Jennifer Loven can predict the future....

She forgot to say A-Men.


Governor Doyle fibbed? Say it isn't so.

This is from the Wisconsin GOP Blog.

Remember when Doyle pledged to cut 10,000 jobs?

Remember the 2002 campaign, when Governor Jim Doyle promised to cut 10,000 state workers over the course of 8 years? Certainly after nearly two full terms and after a budget address which claimed cuts to government agencies, one would assume that the size of the state government has shrunk at least a reasonable amount. Well, nearly 8 years on and two significant pledges to cut the size of government later, let’s see how he is doing...In 2003 there were 68,092 jobs in state government. In 2011, after Doyle's budget repair bill has taken effect including his pledged cuts, there will be 69,038.

An increase of nearly 1,000 jobs.

Or is this increase of 1,000 jobs actually a decrease like his increase in spending is cut?

Rick Santelli's

Santelli for President.

Is it just me....

Or does it strike you as odd that the people who laughed over and created this....

Are crying racism over this.

Caledonia Schools

The RDW Education Reporter is firing up the old blogging synapses again to report on some developing news in and around RUSD.

My first post will be one of many on the formation of a school district in the Village of Caledonia. I attended the first meeting of the Caledonia School District Steering Committee that was open to the public. Estimated attendance was about 40 residents. The purpose of the meeting was to present the committee's plan to form the village's own district apart from Racine Unified. The committee's president, former RUSD school board member Brian Dey, also laid out some facts that should be startling for any Caledonia resident.

Aside from the village having no representation on the school board, the amount tax revenue going in from Caledonia far exceeds the return to the students. Caledonia currently accounts for about 24% RUSD's tax revenue, however, the services provided in the form of education, teachers, etc. to Caledonia residents is in the range of 10-14% of total spending. That is truly disturbing. You can get more information by downloading a fact sheet from the committee's website, or check back at RDW for future posts.

Caption This.


I bet they feel really good about themselves though.

February 23, 2009

MRQ, beer helps.

Use during zombie infestations. Chris.

Break the rules. Althouse.

Crazy penguins chillin'... Bruce.

E = ½mv2 Marcus.

Wisconsin's blogging Mount Rushmore. Lance.

bunch of troglodytial lumps. Lance.

40,000 breeding females. Owen.

Late night snacking. Orbs.

Drinking a mojito. Bitter.

Arrived from Poland last week. tom.

One gallon of silicone. PCD.

Dip me in doodoo. Blacksphere.


Technology hates me. Michael.

They haven't DONE it yet. chris.

I told all the women they had to be cleavagey tonight. Jimi.

Watching "Idol" is not gay: Going to Jared is. Scoff.

that's Pharmacology TAB.

those don't come in my size... Chad.

Beer helps, whatever it is. Ally.

Jack Bauer has never caught a cold. How do we know? Colds still exist. TAB.

I'm already a slut. Jimi.

Stop the boobs Wigdy.

Being TRQ'ed is lfe. Jimi.

Your car Czars have a message for you....

Don't buy an American car....

The end of the American Dream?

Star Parker nailed this one.