January 22, 2009

Obama Inauguration Sets Record for Private Jets

Wall Street Journal.

For the wealthy, Tuesday’s inauguration is the dream party: a chance to rub elbows with the similarly rich and powerful, to become part of a historic moment, and (most importantly), to get access to the man of the moment.


People fill the National Mall in the early morning hours before the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.

It also is a chance to drown their financial sorrows in an emotional wave of optimism.
Yet it may come as a surprise that at a time of financial crisis and Green correctness, many of the wealthy are choosing to arrive by private jet.

According to an article in Bloomberg, as many as 600 private jets were expected to touch down in D.C. for the inauguration. The runway at Washington Dulles was closed Saturday to allow as many as 100 small planes to park. And the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority said it expected a total of 500 small jets to land from Jan. 16 through Jan 21.

“That would set a record, topping the 300 the airport accommodated for President George W. Bush’s 2004 inaugural,” an Airports Authority says in the article.

The next person to mention global warming gets a snowball thrown at them.

I'm with Scott Walker.

No "stimulus" money with strings attached.

Governor Doyle, choo choos are not the key to economic stimulus.

If you want to stimulate the economy get the money into the people's hands. Stimulus is not the code word for funding every liberal special interest project you ever wanted. Well, it is, but it shouldn't be.

Paging the Government "Accountability" Board.

H/T Egg on the Screen Capture.

Guess the number game


Not only the end of racism

But this must also be what King Obama meant by "spirit of togetherness."

Orwell was 25 years early.

Exhibit B of the spirit of togetherness:

Exactly what kind of change is he hoping for?

Explosive Video Reich, Obamas economic advisor no

So much for the end of racism.

Name that party....

Here we go again, seperate instances stretched across the country.

One thing in common, Demcrats behaving badly, party not mentioned.

Thought of the week.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.


H/T Pam

Yeah, I recall libs going ballistic over much less for conservative nominees.

Standard leftist hypocrisy.

Please, someone explain to me...

Why should we fund any abortions, and especially those in other countries?

Yeah, first thing Obama does is kill foreign children. That's really going to improve our image around the world isn't it?

January 21, 2009

Blog talk radio, Racine Mayoral race edition.

There is a blog talk radio thing starting up Thursday Morning at 9am.

Storm Racine will focus on the Racine Mayoral race.

No dutiful wife in the blue dress standing next to her "not guilty" man this time.

From Racinenews.org

Julie Becker Files For Divorce

Racine - Racine News was notified this morning Ex-Democratic Mayor Gary Becker’s wife Julie Becker, has filed for divorce, they were married on Valentine’s Day 28-years ago. This comes as no surprise as the Ex Mayor’s recent scandals have come to light. Last week while still holding public office, Mayor Becker was charged with five felonies and a misdemeanor in connection with an Internet sex sting case. Allegations of extra marital affairs came to light in another recent case when Sandra Tingle, a former city employee complained to Mayor Becker that Racine City Administrator Ben Hughes had been sexually harassing her. The allegation of Mayor Becker’s affair was made public last August in a wrongful termination case filed by Sandra Tingle.

The recent Becker scandal has brought shame to Becker’s family, the city of Racine, and its public officials. Among the victims of his actions are his wife Julie and his 2 children, one of whom is in college and the other still attending high school. With the resignation of Mayor Becker the city can focus its efforts toward the future, a lot of questions still remain as the search for a permanent replacement begins!

Currently Gary Becker is free on a $ 10,000 cash bond posted by a family member; it is not known where Mr. Becker is staying, calls for comments to his known phone numbers go unanswered. Sources close to the case indicate Becker intends to enter a not guilty plea in his Sex Crimes Scandal. Due to his confession at the time of his arrest, and the amount of evidence stacked in the prosecution’s favor, an acquittal is not likely.

Published 1/21/2009 12:29 PM

Liberals do love the planet don't they?

January 20, 2009

Yo, Cory....

There is a lot of chatter around town about Assemblyman Cory Mason throwing his hat into the ring for the position of Mayor of Racine.

For the record, Mason would be TERRIBLE.

However, Mr. Mason I wanted to let you know, unlike just pretending to live here like you do for your Assembly seat, you would actually need to live here if you want to be Mayor.

Gary Becker Resigns.

Talk about burying your story, how about resigning right in the middle of the Obamugration....

Well even in resigning Becker does it at the end of the day so he'll still get paid for it.

Way to stick it to the taxpayers one last time you creep.

January 19, 2009

MRQ organic, all-natural, locally-grown.

I guess forcing your agenda through the Senate is easier when your caucus doesn't need to either go to church or watch football. Jim.

Hope, Change, and Stacking The Media Deck Eddiebear.

Apparently we don't have the freedom to celebrate freedom. Chase Hendrix.

he can learn that what he did was wrong from a big guy named Bruno. Jack.
Now you too can buy the governor. Gopgal.

u should resign...u r a total disgrace 4 sure! rofl ttyl.....xxx ooo ;^) MPP.

My shiny head'n Victoria's Secret Make tonight a wonderful thing Anonymous.

organic, all-natural, locally-grown transportation. MSRP $392,185 Heather.

Please--he's only going to run the IRS. It's not like he's a plumber or something. Heather.

I think everytime some creepy, middle-aged man purchases Mike's Hard Lemonade from the liquor store, local authorities should be contacted. :^) MPP
Welcome to Caledonia...a "Gary Becker Free Zone" Lisa.

Ruled by Nuts. Kate

“pervert flasher” trench coat BFB.

Mayor McPervert UC.

Call me a Waambulance. Brian.

I’m putting on shorts! Dan.

shouldn't tweet late Jimi.

I guess we know what Becker was "hoping" for. GOPGal.


It is colder than Hillary Clinton's icy stare Keith.

Just went outside to start my car and my hair froze. Dan.

Thinking Jack Bauer learned that one from McGyver Patrick (Mrs RDW said the same thing)

cue Fred . . . Fred? Jimi. (What?)

that was neither whiney nor bitchy...just smart-assy ChrisfromRacine.

Kahnnnnnnn!... Michael.

It's the Woody Mayor Becker Show: Scof.

What about the hookers? TAB.

The presstitutes can't stand the competition. Egg.

I'm thinking dump. Burri.

The radio keeps telling me I'll die in a car crash. Aaron.

by Force, I mean my pants. Darth Vader.

Jiminy Cricket!

It's sure not a good time to be from Racine, is it..... With our illustrious Mayor Becker bringing total disgrace and humiliation to our region, it's hard to go anywhere and not have someone ask me about him.

For example, I had the pleasure of attending a private birthday party for a friend at Henry and Wanda's in Racine over the weekend and nearly everyone in attendance was frothing to talk to me about him. (I can't even bring myself to type his name anymore...) Most of the invited guests were from "west of the I," and of course they were curious to know if I had any "inside scoops" to share. Of course, I did not...really the only person who might have some scoop would be his priest or therapist, I guess. Well, his lawyer would--now. Truly, this is something I don't think anyone who knew him would have thought possible. (BTW: Quick plug for Henry and Wanda's: fantastic chocolate martinis and crab cakes. I HIGHLY recommend them!)

So, I responded to their questions with shared dismay, disgust, and disappointment.

I'm disappointed on many levels with this one, though. I'm disappointed for his wife, Julie, and their daughters. I cannot imagine the suffocating humiliation they are going through. It is a legacy of shame that will remain with his children, future grandchildren, and the rest of his family. Their father/husband/son has failed them.

I'm disappointed for the city of Racine. There are wonderful things going on in Racine that you rarely hear about, but trust me--they're there. The Journal Times doesn't think papers can be sold on good news. Sure, the crime and unemployment are detriments that need to be addressed, but should not define it. I met hundreds of people who were business owners, teachers, firefighters, police, neighborhood watch leaders, home schoolers, and reformed gang leaders who were working to change hearts and minds and and continue to make great gains. Their leader has failed them.

I'm disappointed--yet not surprised--in the Democrat Party of Racine and the state Democrat Party of Wisconsin. I cannot fathom why they would not have come out strongly denouncing his actions....Sure, I could lament about the double standards of the media and their failure to remind us of his party affiliation like they would do if he had an "R" after his name, but others have already pointed that out. But if I were a member of the democrat party, I'd be pretty disappointed in the leadership over their failure to establish clear standards of expected and acceptable behavior. After the debacle with Vlach in his underwear, I'd have thought that the local dems would have demanded more. Maybe I'm missing it, so if there are dems out there who want to establish the ideal that alleged and potential child molesters "need not apply," lemme know.

For now, the only sound I hear are crickets......

Seeing as Becker has no honor and refuses to resign...

This is the process that the Racine Common Council must undertake to remove Becker from office. (Thanks to Alderman Greg Helding for the update)

The executive committee will receive a formal complaint requesting removal from office. This has to come from a "resident taxpayer". In this case, Police Chief Wahlen will file the complaint. The committee meets tomorrow night at 5:30 to consider the complaint. It may vote to begin the removal process. That recommendation will go the the common council that night at 7:00 for ratification. If the full council agrees with the recommendation, then the complaint will be served and a hearing will be scheduled. The hearing cannot take place sooner than 10 days from tomorrow, according to state law. At the hearing, the council will hear from an outside prosecutor and any defense put on by the Mayor. The council then deliberates and decides whether or not to remove the Mayor from office.

Cowboys to Build Second Locker Room

Jerry Jones today hit back at growing rumors that the Dallas Cowboys sought to part ways with troublesome wide receiver Terrell Owens, saying that his organization "valued this great receiver and all of the contributions he can make on the field."

However, the Quixotic owner announced that there would be changes to the Dallas stadium for the 2009 season.

"Listen, I'll admit that the guy's a locker room cancer," Jones told reporters. "So we're going to be building a second locker room, just for T.O. It's gonna be eighty thousand square feet, with Italian marble sinks, a solid gold locker, and mirrors everywhere so that TO can see his favorite person night and day. And it might not even be in Dallas: we're thinking of putting it in Austin, where someone with TO's personality can fly under the radar."

Jones had other plans, too. "We're not just putting him in a separate locker room, though. He'll have his own staff, from coach to trainer to ballboy, dedicated to making TO happy. A separate uniform for TO. A different charter flight. A different practice schedule. Everything designed to keep TO completely isolated from the team except on Sunday afternoons, some Monday nights, and Thanksgiving Day."

Some questioned whether the plan, dubbed Typhoid TO around Dallas headquarters, went far enough. One inside source said that "everyone is completely sick of hearing TO, TO, TO. Well, everyone except Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia, who are laughing their butts off at us."

Help Wanted

I had an inquiry from a local reporter asking me what I would be doing during the Obama inaugural. I told her I'd be working as normal, I did not take off time for Bush why would I take time off for Obama?

However, I did tell her I'd put out some feelers.

So, what are you doing for the inaugural? The reporter would be especially interested to hear from Conservatives who are making plans.

Your feedback is appreciated.

If you would like to please go ahead and get in touch with the reporter by email, Janine.Anderson@journaltimes.com


Inauguration Bingo.

From the brilliant mind of Tom McMahon.

Obama Inaugural Bingo.

This almost makes me want to watch it.... Not quite enough, but almost.

What's missing?

Anyone notice what's missing in today's dead-tree edition of the Racine Journal Times?

A response from Bill McReynolds.

In the comments thread of the initial Gary Becker thread a question came out regarding comments made on the Racine Journal Times thread on the subject. That comment dealt with allegations that Racine County Executive Bill McReynolds and Assemblyman Robin Vos palled around with Gary Becker in Vegas and that they regularly played poker together.

The implication of course is that if Becker is dirty then Vos and McReynolds should be as well. The comment came from one of the nastier left wing hater types in the area.

Our commenter Petunia asked me what I knew and asked if I would look into it.

I have not heard back from Robin Vos yet but I got this response from Bill McReynolds.

Fred, I have never been in Vegas in my life. If Kay knows something I don’t know, please have her inform me. Matter of fact I’m going to Vegas for the first time in Feb to see my son, who now works there. Also, I have never played poker with the Mayor. Mac

What we have here my friends is just another ridiculous attempt by the hate left to defray guilt away from one of their own and onto their political enemies. Considering the source, I am not surprised.

When and if I hear from Vos I'll let you know.

January 18, 2009

Joel McNally is a piece of human garbage.

Patrick shines the light on the ridiculous hippie who never grew up, Joel McNally.

McNally is "disgusted" that law enforcement would run stings like the one that ended Gary Becker's career.

Let me clue you in on something McNally, Becker got caught this time but his computer showed years of history and short cuts to all kinds of nasty chat rooms. Anyone with a single ounce of common sense can come to the conclusion that this was NOT Becker's first foray into world of child exploitation. I suppose you would rather go ahead and let Becker get caught molesting a child before law enforcement acts on him.

Way to care about the kids.

Furthermore, Becker had child porn on his computer. Guess what Joel? Children get exploited so perverts like Becker can have their jollies. If there were no audience for child porn kids would not be exploited to create it.

Law enforcement did a great job of getting a pervert who was preying on kids and you are "disgusted" by the process by which they did it?

I'm disgusted by your ridiculous liberal 1960's radical views. Why anyone in this community listens to you is beyond my ability to comprehend.

You should be fired.

And why don't you move to San Francisco or somewhere they embrace nutballs like you.

Gary Becker is a dedicated Democrat isn't he?

I just went through the entire Gary Becker indictment... At the end of his chat transcript came this encounter...

Good boy Gary, way to keep pushing the party in every circumstance...