January 17, 2009

4th Quarter MRQ Poll

The 4th Quarter Semi-Final poll for MRQ of the year is posted.

Please, vote early, vote often. Wagering is encouraged, bribes taken.

Consider this Chicago politics light.

MRQ Winners.

Our last MRQ of the week winners for 2008 wound up being a tie.

Blagojevitch is John Gotti-Lite, with John Edwards hair!! Gus.


nothing more than cheap, partisan bloggery... Roland.

These entries will compete for our 4th quarter semi final position into the MRQ of the year contest.

Our first winner in 2009...

a bang waiting to happen… Lance.

Congratulations to all.

Caption This


Hey Racine, we were paying to send Gary Becker to the Obama Inauguration...

Mayor accused in sex sting to skip inauguration

Saturday, January 17, 2009

RACINE, Wis. — Racine Mayor Gary Becker's plans to attend Tuesday's inauguration have been canceled after he was charged in an Internet sex sting.

Becker had planned to attend a U.S. Conference of Mayors event in Washington over the weekend and then stay for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

But that was before he was arrested Tuesday night at a suburban Milwaukee shopping mall. Authorities said he went there to meet what he thought was a 14-year-old girl but actually was a state agent.

A criminal complaint filed against him Thursday included sexually explicit chats he had with the other person. He faces six felony charges and has been freed on $165,000 cash bond.
Becker's defense attorney did not return a message left Thursday seeking comment on the charges.

City Administrator Ben Hughes said canceling Becker's airline ticket and a four-night stay in an expensive D.C. hotel will cost the city hundreds of dollars. He said city officials learned this week that Becker chose the most expensive of three options _ at $550 a night _ when booking hotel accommodations.

The money for three nights will be refunded, and Midwest Airlines agreed to allow the city to use Becker's $400 ticket for another official's travel in the next 12 months, Hughes said.

The city also has removed Becker's picture that had greeted visitors to the Racine Web site.

"With everything going on I felt it was not appropriate for his picture and his welcome to remain on the Web site," said City Council President David Maack on Friday. Maack is serving as acting mayor.

Top city officials are planning to discuss Tuesday removing Becker from office if he does not resign.

January 16, 2009

Kaplan for Mayor?

I have seen published reports that Alderman Helding and Alderman Maack are considering running for Mayor of Racine.

I traded voicemails with Alderman Kaplan yesterday, we never were able to speak in person because I was out of town attending a conference.

Alderman Kaplan is considering a run of his own. The centerpiece of his campaign sounds like it would be returning the office of Mayor of Racine back to a part-time position. Considering Racine has a full-time city administrator that position makes a great deal of sense.

One thing I know is that Jim Kaplan would do a much better job of being an Ambassador for Racine than Gary Becker did. Becker only cared to speak to or associate with people who shared his political ideology. In fact, on separate occasions when George Bush and John McCain came to visit Racine, Gary Becker refused to welcome those visiting dignitaries because he was of a differing political philosophy.

I know Jim Kaplan and I can tell you, he would be the proper host and welcome visiting dignitaries to this City. (For the record I'm sure that Greg Helding and David Maack would do the same.)

Hey, Gary Becker

Do Racine a favor will you?


Anyone else wondering?

If the Goracle will be in attendance?

Remember when the Dem's had a conniption over the Bush inagural costs?
My favorite headline was "corporate america throws party" -- referring to the Bush inaugural.
Think the headlines this time around will be "hollywood throws a party" referring to Obama's?

Probably not.
Will anyone say things like "do you know how many children this money would feed" or "do you know how much body armor we could buy?"

Probably not.
It just feels so good, doesn’t it?
The magic of words like hope and change.

I just hope all the bailouts and federal programs leave change in my pockets.....to give to my children.
Lord knows they'll be paying for it.

January 15, 2009

Caption This:

You really not afraid of heights?

Then maybe you’ll enjoy the Kings Little Pathway or “El Caminito del Rey.”
Please note the holes in the 3’-wide, ~985 high path that has gone years without maintenance.

Personally, I think it should be called “The Crazy Workers That Originally Built This” Walkway.
I started feeling light-headed halfway through this.

January 14, 2009

Obama: Change you can count on!

This is what he voted for, before he voted against it...

Some of my favorite quotes from the first article:
"Chances are good that it won't be a pedigree puppy that goes to Washington"
"...it will most likely be a shelter rescue dog."
"Michelle Obama stated that the family wants to adopt a rescue dog from a shelter, rather than purchase an expensive purebred with papers."
"This has brought roars of applause from animal activists..."

You still wondering how/why people voted for him?
I sure hope the change continues.....I'm getting a tingly feeling in my leg.

Wisconsin's newest public servant.

Who is that blocking out the camera?

Why that's our Jimmie Doyle's new "Communications Director", Carol Andrews.

More on Andrews here, http://archive.redstate.com/blogs/willal11/2008/may/18/me_sen_tom_allens_out_of_state_campaign_team_rolls_over_another_maine_media_outlet

And throw in one more for good measure....


Ahhhh Doyle can pick them can't he?


Obama's treasury head failed to pay his taxes.

About that vetting process? I feel like we are back in the Clinton days with all these scandals...

One thing is certain though, the Dems won't care about their own corrupt officials.

Racine Mayor Gary Becker Arrested.

Soliciting a minor and from a few phone calls this morning I hear he is also up on child porn charges.

Racine Post has a nice recap, there is a news conference where we should hear more shortly.

GOP Folk weighs in.

Silent E has spoken.

Absent from every report I have seen on the issue.... (D) Absolutely zero mention of Gary Becker being a Democrat.

I guess Gary won't be making the Obama coronation with his 17 year old daughter after all.

Hillary thinks global warming could lead to war...

Heaven help us, these idiots are in charge.

Good idea.

Georgia Legislator Wants ACORN’s Tax Exempt Status Revoked

I think he should add to the fact that non-profits are supposed to be non-partisan. ACORN is clearly partisan.

January 13, 2009

So let me get this straight...

Its going to be cold AND dark???!?!

The sun has very, very little to do with the climate on earth.

The only things that can save the earth are taxes, fees and carbon credits.

Oh, and Kyoto.

January 12, 2009

MRQ why is the air so cold?!

Say nothing. Do nothing. Know nothing. Prepare for the Sergeant Schultz presidency. PJ-Comix

Is it just me, or does Opie Obama not seem so HOPEY/CHANGEY recently? Gus.

I will now chuckle every time I hear the term "stimulus package." Chris.

they are facing hard times. hale-bopp

Leggo my Blago! Stephen.

hey, the weather might suck in Wisconsin, but at least our taxes are high! Owen.

give us our gas back, or give us some polar bear skins to keep warm. Jones.


We'll need more scotch. Wigdy

I think you should play hard to get Chris from Racine

I'm delirious. Jimi.

the man-step was cool. Chad.

Farming under the influence. Dean.

We're running out of time before Jack, dammit! Egg.

Jimi?...no.....Hohner?.....no. Nick?.....no.... The Aging Booger.

Mormons kill Bullwinkle? Scoff.

why is the air so cold?! Nick. (I blame global warming)

there are other ways vacuum cleaners can be sexy. ;) Michael.

There’s nothing government can’t do. Burri

Drinking Right Alert

And so the first Drinking Right of 2009 approaches.

7pm until whenever at Papa's as usual.

It sounds like Candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Randy Koschnick will be putting in an appearance. This is an outstanding opportunity to get some serious 1 on 1 time with the Judge, don't pass it up.

Apologies to all, I will not be able to make it this month due to a business trip. Chad, take some DRQs will you?

I'm off to re-education camp.

I'm an embarrassment to Barack!

I only scored 15 on the Obama Test

Last week it was porn...

This week Public TV & Radio wants a $550 million bailout.

One of them will get what they want.