June 15, 2009

MRQ tax the rain.

I'll defer the MRQ's to The Troglopundit this week seeing as he did such a spiffy job with it. If you are not reading the Troglopundit, start. The Trogfather is quickly becoming the biggest hit whore in the cheddarsphere and I for one love him for it.

However, the divine Miss J must be recognized....

Today, I feel a little bit like our friend the Blobfish. Only a lot sexier. Jones

Now, onto the Twitter Random Quotes.

hip & happenin Sarandipity

Taxpayers 0, liberals 1 RepVos.

Extortion is legal Chris from Racine

Tongue on fire. Sarandipity

a doosy for sure. Amy

Tour de Donut Reardon

I wiill take stinky Pirates Pit Pirates

they want to tax the rain. Erick.

No good in a bed Yosamite

many climaxes Jimi

about squirrels and nuts. Egg

I'm fighting my inner 10 yo kevin

stupidity and lack of talent. Asian Badger

you suck at life. Chad

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