May 29, 2009

I just sent this to Senator Lehman.

While Racine struggles with a 17% unemployment rate you and your Democrat partners in the dead of night increased taxes and fees in a regressive way on the people in your district. These increases will hit those struggling to get by especially hard.

You made it more difficult to do business in so many ways.

You increased auto insurance rates on everyone which will mean some people will be forced to operate vehicles without insurance.

You rewarded people who are not in our country legally and joined those who called it a revenue enhancement.

You took fees that were supposed to sunset and diverted them into the general fund.

You raised already high health care costs.

You increased taxes on every cell phone and land phone.

You turned convicts back onto the streets.

You rewarded unions and trial lawyers while you screwed average taxpayers and saddled them with newly created fees and cleverly hidden taxes.

You made school choice harder to operate while you repealed the QEO which will send education spending spiraling upwards out of control.

You eased up on the tracking of sex offenders.

You increased fuel taxes and guaranteed Wisconsin a long expensive court battle.

You built a do not enter sign and placed it at the state border for any business that ever considered doing business here.

In short, you made an already ridiculous tax burden ever worse.

I am beyond outraged Senator.

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