March 23, 2009

MRQ struggles with wind.

Sleeps in Star Trek pajamas. Plebian.

It’s a girl, another girl and a cup. Jack

I blame men. ALa.

Half the country is looking for work. SER.

Obamagize. TeeBee

If there were no walls, who would need Windows? Elliot.

does Pesident Obama need his tellypromter to let him know when to let a fart? Steve

a decent body and fairly o.k. looks KKdither.

my tenuous 51.0000001% heterosexuality quotient is in peril Scoff.


I'm so undateable not even Billie Jean wants to be my lover. Linc.

Likes Vasectomies Amy.

it was just my special lunch burrito. My bad. Vader.

the most "impressive" so far are these...(.)(.) Brent.

muttering...cursing...okay, laughing!! Chris.

You told Fred to keep it up Jimi.

Feel like cyber-pig, Michael.

struggles with wind. Brewers.

I got naked. TAB.

Hot Piggies Fuzz.

I wonder how Margaret Thatcher liked her DVDs? Fred

this twitter will self destruct in 5 seconds. Fred

Big Bang. Chad.

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