January 2, 2009

Here comes the payback.

This comes from the stated agenda of Voces de la Frontera, the radical liberal illegal alien advocacy group that gets away anything they want in this area.

They are all excited about the prospect of pushing through their radical agenda now that Wisconsin is controlled by the Democrats and Obama will be in the White House. And by the way, they want this done in the first 100 days of Obama's term.

New Sanctuary Movement - http://www.vdlf.org/campaigns/new_sanctuary_movement/ The New Sanctuary Movement has united a growing number of faith groups behind a stand of conscience - to defend immigrant families from being torn apart by deportations.Currently, nine families who have resisted deportation orders have taken public sanctuary in California, New York and Chicago. Nationwide, over 31 New Sanctuary Coalitions across the country work with people of faith to support immigrant families through advocacy and organizing in many forms.In the Milwaukee area, four congregations have now made the decision to formally join the New Sanctuary Movement. St. Martin de Porres Parish, Divine Word Lutheran Church, St. Benedict the Moor Parish, and Holy Angels Old Catholic Church. Each of them has committed to publicly support the principles of the movement, and to provide advocacy and support to families facing deportation.For more information contact Rich Reinhardt at 414-643-1620 x207

http://www.vdlf.org/campaigns/drivers_licenses/ In 2005, Assembly Bill 69 (AB69) was introduced into the Wisconsin State Assembly to implement new Federal ‘Real ID’ requirements. Unlike many other states, the changes proposed here threatened to deny drivers licenses and state I.D. cards to thousands of Wisconsin workers who could not produce a social security number at the time of applying or renewing.Voces de la Frontera made a huge effort to keep these rights by educating the legislators of alternative options and organizing large protest rallies. Despite this, the new law came into effect on April 1, 2007.We are now working to reverse this legislation.

http://www.vdlf.org/campaigns/education_rights/ Every year 65,000 US raised students who graduate from high school - often as honor roll students or star athletes - have their dreams of continuing their education shattered.WHY?Because, despite years of campaigning, lawmakers have yet to fix the educational injustice that slaps so many successful students in the face.These children, often brought to the United States as toddlers, have no documentats for their immigration status and so - the law says - they must pay the same inflated college fees as international students do. For the vast majority, regardless of their dreams, that price-tag slams the door of learning shut.CHANGEThe DREAM Act is a bill that tries to right this wrong, but more pressure is needed to win this change.

Let me make my stand on this clear, I am all for LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Those who come into this country illegally should NOT get drivers licenses, be offered sanctuary or get in-state tuition.

Guest Post on Legislative pay raises.

Regular Commenter Liberalssavetheworlg submitted the following post...

Most local legislators keeping pay raises

From The Journal Times, a favorite local paper for some, comes an article about how the local legislators pay bump. It appears both sides of the aisle are taking part. Sen. John Lehman, D-Racine, ""I can understand why people are concerned, but legislators are not getting rich being legislators." Once the pay increase kicks in, they will be making $49,943 for each of the next two years. Then there is the nice little comment from Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia of how he "wouldn't decline the pay raise just to make a symbolic statement." So how much is this going to cost? $2,530 times the number of state elected officials. Nice.

Thanks for the posting. Funny though, the leggies never mention their per diems and mileage which pushes their salaries closer to the $80K range. Not a bad part-time gig. With things as tough as they are with the state budget I guess we know where we stand in all of this.

December 31, 2008


Peace is a lovely thing.

That's why I just have a couple of questions.

Why weren't Cynthia McKinney and her fellow peace activists trying to get help to Israel while Hamas was sending hundreds of rockets into Israel?

Why did they only suddenly care when Israel had enough and decided to respond to the attacks against their citizens?

Cody got one.

You have to give credit where credit is due, Dan Cody nails this one on the GAB website flap.

December 30, 2008

2009 Predictions.

The following 2009 predictions were collected at the Blogger Christmas party.

Inflation will be at 14% in one year. The Asian Badger.

Jesse Jackson Jr will NOT be appointed to BHO's vacant Senate seat. Lisa, Caledonia Unplugged.

A major scandal in the Doyle administration, all the facts and proof will be there although they won't matter. That, and I will get back into my size 2's. Phelony Jones, The Confidentials.

Algore will be eaten by a Polar Bear. Ric, Silent E. Speaks.

The Celtics will win the NBA Championship. Josh Block.

Scott Walker announces he will run for Governor. Jimi, Prozak Playground.

Obama will pass out bailout money like candy, increase government spending and not solve the economic crisis. Kathy, Stepping Right Up.

Name change, colostomy bags will become known as Democrat bags. Glenn, Badger Blogger.

A close member of the Obama team will be indicted. (Obama will throw them under the bus) Kathy, Stepping Right Up.

Packers will not go to the playoffs, Brewers win the NLCS, Obama will continue the Bush legacy. Steven Thompson.

Brett Favre will retire for good. Chris from Racine, Silent E Speaks.

Obama puts us in a a bigger war. Jessi Olson, Wake Up America.

Ted Thompson will be fired. Steve, No Runny Eggs.

The Packers will not fire Ted Thompson. James Wigderson, The Wigderson Library & Pub.

Fred Dooley will NOT run for Alderman again in this, or any other year. Mrs RDW, Real Debate Wisconsin.

A Major WI Corp., will threaten to leave the state. Sean, The American Mind.

The State Superintendent's race will be much more interesting than the State Supreme Court race. Kevin Binversie, Lakeshore Laments.

The oil drilling bans will be put back in place. Patrick, Badger Blogger.

Glaciers will advance, global warming will be blamed. Heather, Hasenpfeffer-Incorporated.

Matt Kenseth, 2009 Sprint Cup Champion. Deep Economic trouble. No World Series for the Yankees. Chad, The Chad Has Spoken

Scott Walker will officially announce his candidacy for Governor. Doreen Wigderson.

Someone will ask me, "You're Owen right?" James Wigderson, The Wigderson Library & Pub.

Eric Holder will not be confirmed as AG. Kathy, Stepping Right Up.

Rose Fernandez wins the DPI Race. Mark Block, AFP WI.

Milwaukee Brewers, NL Central Champions. Fred, Real Debate Wisconsin

Guess the number game


UPDATE: 2,742, The number of DNR agents in the State of Wisconsin.

Yep, absolutely nowhere to cut the budget.

December 29, 2008

A few pictures from the Cheddarsphere Christmas Party.

Lisa & Jim from Caledonia Unplugged.

Chris, The lovely Doreen from Waukesha and that Packer Backer in the back is Silent E. (Spooooooooon)
Wigdy waxing poetic about how The Cowboys will slaughter the Eagles....

The Chad likes his closeup...

Kevin Binversie chatting up Justice Gabelman

An appearance from Phelony Jones... Too long no see kiddo.

State DPI Candidate Rose Fernandez talks with Kenosha Alderman Kathy Carpenter & Mrs RDW. Check out Rose's website, ChangeDPI.org (Rose needs help with nominating papers you can download and distribute them on her website)
A great time was had by all. I've got predictions from the party that I'll be publishing in the near future.
Thanks again to Papa's Social Club for hosting us again!

MRQ, cheap, partisan bloggery

Damn you snow! Chad.

Wood and booze. Dean.

nothing more than cheap, partisan bloggery... Roland.

why not stiff the jerks Althouse.

trying not to moan and groan 'Ol Broad.

Slap in the face. Lance.

Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen Lisa.

My stocking was stuffed Elliot.

What does this do? SER

a synchronized mass of semi-organized chaos. Egg.

have you ever actually tried fruitcake? Jimi.

Blagojevitch is John Gotti-Lite, with John Edwards hair!! Gus

The kittens are getting restless Wigdy


Please don't tell me you hired the Geek Squad.... Pete.

I hate Best Buy. Deibert

Some nights I refer to myself as WhiskeyPundit Nick. (some?)

It takes me a little longer than most!! Chris.

Is it tomorrow yet? Kate.

pulling a tour of duty with the Geek Squad Chad.

hem-ROMO-oid Jimi.

Where's BHO's No Laundry Left Behind act when I need it? Jones.

my cell phone makes a good flashlight in a pinch Lance.

Trust me, I know you don't care. Patrick (Awww, I do Patrick)

Is there such a thing as wedding insurance? Aaron.

tweets a lot but often says little Josh.

Ahhhh Marketing.

H/T Bitter Ed.

That's gutsy.

Blagojevich wanted the State of Illinois to pay for his defense.

Fortunately, the state said no.

Al-Aqsa propoganda

Frankly I am amazed Israel waited as long as they did....

If only the peaceniks would protest Hamas....

Now dis I could support.

We da people of Illinois are sick and tired of scumbag politicians who think dat it's their job to lie, cheat and steal. No more! We deserve somebody in charge who we can trust. Somebody who we can depend on. Somebody who we know understands the difference between right and wrong and won't be afraid to kick corruption in the ass harder than da '85 Bears beat down da Patriots in da Super Bowl! Dat's right, my friends.
Da man for da job is Coach Ditka. So let's make it happen! Ditka for Governor!!