December 6, 2008

Just like Lincoln.

Anyone that has ever been in a leadership position knows that one sure-fire way to alienate and lose confidence from some of your workers is to lead by trying to placate everyone. Invariably, some will not be happy. Added to that, those that you didn’t listen to will believe you are buds with those that you did listen to.
This, however, seems to be the tactic of our new fearless leader.

To me this seems like the actions of a man who’s never been in a situation where he needs to make the final decision that will affect the majority and is trying to incorporate as many ideas of the masses as he can. While this sounds noble in theory, it is foolish in practice and can lead to a disaster. To paraphrase a former president: “You can’t make all of the people happy all of the time.”

Tell me, how did the focus groups of the Clintons work out for everyone?
For those of you who think this is a great idea, consider your 5 closest friends. Do you truly agree on all the details of the functions of the healthcare system?

Some people are going to be disappointed, try to create a further division between factions is moronic at best.

YOU are the leader.

That’s why you were elected.
Not to say “well, it wasn’t my idea anyway” when/if it doesn’t pass congress.

Was this the hope or change part of the program, Barack?
Getting everyone else to do your job is neither.

December 5, 2008

Michael Crawford - O Holy Night (1993 TV Special)

Best version ever....

Christmas Canon (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

Christmas Canon (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

If you have never seen TSO live, please make it your mission to do so.

grease dog

Swiped from Silent E....

MRQ Winners.

Congratulations to our recent MRQ of the week winners.

I voted twice and all I got was this lousy president. Aaron

"Bloviating Troglodyte" would make a great name for a blog. Lance.

Please go vote in the new polls!


As the battle rages on over the classic real or fake question we need a correlating topic.

What about the lights?




Old fashioned bulb lights or new enviro LED lights?

Just tell me you are not going for one of those trees with all blue lights...

What goes on your tree and why?

SCANDAL! Undercover video shows Planned Parenthood hiding rape of 13-year-old girl

Why follow the law when you can teach the children to lie and send them across state lines.

These people are evil.

Fill in the blank.


The new racism.

Road Construction....

These ACLU people are out of their minds.

December 4, 2008

Real or Fake?

Now and then the timing becomes appropriate to throw out a truly great debate topic, our most recent was the battle of chracoal or gas.

Well now is the time of the year when thoughts turn to real vs. fake. No Jimi were not talking about breasts, we're talking about trees, Christmas trees.

Of course this topic could sway into environmental concerns. The real reason for global warming after all is all these real trees are gone that could be eating up evil carbon. But then if we don't make fake trees jobs are lost, green jobs the most sacred kind of jobs there are...

So chat it up folks and let us try to reach a consensus.

Real or Fake?

Duh headline of the day.

Family of NY man trampled by shoppers sue Wal-Mart

Of course they do.

December 3, 2008

In need of ideas

As an educator, I am often taken aback by the examples of poor parenting I witness. That said, I am looking to compile some of these ideas and address them from an educator's perspective. It is my hope that these opinions can be assembled into some sort of book.

Please give some examples you've seen of crappy parenting in action. I'd rather not clog up Fred's wonderful blog with these comments, you may email me directly at:

December 2, 2008

Bacon, is there anything it can't do?

If you'd like to buy some....

Caption This

Picture, JS Online.


BOSTON (AP) -- A group of Boston firefighters didn't just put out a kitchen fire that ruined Thanksgiving dinner. They replaced Thanksgiving dinner.

Firefighters from the Chestnut Hill Avenue station put out an oven fire at Kathy Woods-Georgopoulos' apartment on Thursday, but not before the turkey was charred along with most of the kitchen.

But they returned later with turkey, stuffing and eight pies.

Firefighter Marco Molina told the Boston Herald that sharing their meal seemed like "the right thing to do."

Woods-Georgopoulos said she cried when the firefighters brought the meal, and cried the next day when she thought about it. She called it a "selfless" act, and said her family plans to do something nice to return the favor.

December 1, 2008

Secretary of State.

So, little Miss vast right wing conspiracy is going to be the new Secretary of State.....

Little Miss I was under fire when she wasn't is going to be our face around the world.

Little Miss can't even deal with the opposition party is now supposed to deal with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez.

I really don't have the words to describe how I feel about this...

Scared comes to mind.

Fill in the blank.


Fill in the blank.

Cyber Monday_______________________________.

MRQ, denial is helpful.

He could have been hit by a fruitcake. Wigdy

tramp-stamped former Kid Rock groupies. Plebian.

I won’t be spending any of my Christmas dollars at this naughty store Troper.

You can't hypnotize ferrets. Tom.

The tight end is killing us! Jimi.

throwing them out in the cold on their tiny little asses. Jib.

You use paper towels like they grow on trees Tony.

Sometimes, denial is helpful Mary.

Why are taxpayers buying diapers? Patrick.

Fred Dooley, is funny and insightful. Elliot. (That Elliot, what a perceptive chap)

Bambi and Thumper are out there in the woods laughing at you. Wigdy.

I felt at peace. I smiled. A tear rolled down my cheek. Jimi.


the ghost of Vince TAB.

Only 2 inches. Nick.

looked more like an inch to me. Chris.

maybe 3 inches. Egg.

Good thing we didn't get the 10 inches. Patrick.

fast-forward thru their begging. Wigdy.

Joined Smart Girl Politics Sean.

Les Nessman reporting..... Pete.

beats the panties off of any chick flick. Jones.

Circus people need lovin' too Scoff.

I must be rude Kate.

November 30, 2008

Cheddarsphere Blogger Christmas Party.

Last years Cheddarsphere Christmas party was such a rousing success we just have to do it again.

Ok kids here are the details.

The party will be held on Sunday December the 28th from noon until whenever at Papa's Social Club, 7718 W. Burleigh Milwaukee .

Just like last year we'll be collecting predictions from the attendees for the coming year. (Hopefully we'll do better than last year!)

The Packers will be facing the Lions on the big screens, hopefully we will not be witness to the Lion's first victory.

I'd like to propose a white elephant gift exchange this year. Here are the rules, buy a gift valued at no more than $5, wrap it and bring it with you to the party. Everyone who brings a gift will throw their name in a hat and then you draw and pick a gift at random. Please leave feedback as to if you would like to participate. (Gift exchange to commence after the Packer game)

Just like last year this is a NON PARTISAN CHRISTMAS PARTY, all are welcome, blog authors and blog readers. Bloggers, please do what you do best, spread the word.

If you will be attending PLEASE leave a comment so we can give the bar an idea of how many people will be coming along.

Great deals for the holidays.