November 29, 2008

Algore: shylock

So, RDW, Mrs. sU and I sat down to watch a live futbal (dont be jelous) match from Italy this afternoon. I saw something that I don't recall seeing...ever.
Not in my days there. Not in my time here.
Futball season runs pretty much congruently with Football season: early September to mid-March; although snow has never been a problem.
These particular home games are played at roughly the same latitude as Bangor, ME.

Now, I'm certaily not a climatilogial expert. Hell, I've never even been nominated for a Nobel Prize, let alone win one. I do, however, have a weird tendancy to remember stoopid(sic) things.
Like, for example, the last time it snowed during a futbal match and by the end of the game there was over 2 inches on the ground. I thought, hell, I MUST be wrong....this town is the same latitude as Maine, for pete's sake! It had to have happened before!

So I consulted my futbal oracle: my big brother.

He's always been the religious follower of all things futball for most of his ~50 years and even played for a while.
I call him and ask "Hey, can you recall any other time when there was driving snow during the match and accumulation near the end?!"
"Oh, sure", he says. "Its happened like a dozen times."

"In what, the last 40 years or so?!" I respond.
"Pretty much."
He went on to tell me how norther Italy (Milan) was just being hammered with cold and snow more than usual this year.

How is this possible?
Where is all this dangerous warming going?
'cause I want it to hit Wisconsin soon.

"The pitch was blanketed in snow by the end of the game after it began to fall shortly after kick-off and never relented."

November 28, 2008

The arrogance of the left.

It's George its posted on my blog, not here.

Can Pelosi's head get any bigger?

Fill in the blank.

Black Friday _____________________________________.

November 27, 2008

President-Elect Obama Overrules Pardons

Calling them "travesties of justice" and following through on his vow to bring change to Washington, President-Elect Barack Obama made the unusual step today of overruling President Bush's recently celebrated pardons, saying that the condemned "deserved exactly what they have coming to them."

Obama made the shocking announcement just hours before holding his star-studded President-Elect Thanksgiving Party in his Chicago headquarters, with a guest list which not only makes the Oscars seem like Hee-Haw, but is so long that he requires two full-size turkeys to accommodate everyone.

The condemned in question were the heads of the Pumpkin and Pecan crime families. While Bush had long ago announced his full confidence in the criminals and vowed to set them free, Obama, eager to burnish his credentials as being tough on crime, stepped in via his authority as President-Elect and overruled the pardons.

Reports said that the sentence for the two "was carried out swiftly", although rumors that David Shuster fainted in the press room have not been confirmed. A spokesperson did confirm that the veteran newsman "got the vapors" and felt dizzy, but would not comment on the report that Shuster "screamed like a little girl and wet his pants" before toppling face-down in a bowl of avocado dip.

New York Times editors said that the unusual move was "a right, and good, and just action, and will help to finally heal this country after eight years of Republican neglect." They went on to publicly call for President Bush to step aside so that "the firm hand of Obama can rest easy on the tiller of the ship of state."

November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving toonapalooza

Fun post for RDW

Why? Well...

A) It's about European football....sort of
B) The game ended in a tie....kinda like the Eaglos/Bengal (didn't really know that was even possible in AF)
C) The headline caught my eye: "Stalemate in snowy Russia" --shocking in these days of the Great Global Warming....which is as real as the Great Pumpkin, only less fun.
D) Taking a cue from the -of course- callus Americans, the game continued as scheduled despite this paragraph in the opening of the story:
"Three people, including a child, were killed when a grenade exploded near a metro station close to the Russian team's training ground and approximately 10 kilometres from the Juventus team hotel."

By the way, in my ongoing gloating, did I mention I just crushed him in FF this week :-P?
You're welcome, Fred!

November 25, 2008


Obama in a Smart, yeah I had to publish this critter.


How the Governor Stole Thanksgiving

This column came from Joel Kleefisch of the 38th Assembly District.

How the Governor Stole Thanksgiving

- A weekly legislative insight from State Representative Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) -

With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, many of us see this as a time to give thanks for our good fortunes and many blessings. Personally, my family and I look forward to this time of year with great anticipation, being able to gather with extended family and friends, enjoying good company and good food.

Unfortunately, my holiday cheer was stolen after listening to Governor Doyle present a turkey of a state budget forecast that is anything but appealing. Even worse, the Governor has seemingly decided that the best way to serve-up a balanced budget is with a recipe of new taxes and fee increases. And so it would seem that the Governor has stolen the time when we celebrate Thanksgiving, replacing it with “Thanks-for-Giving” and foreshadowing a budget proposal that will be balanced by taking from the pocketbooks of Wisconsin taxpayers.

During a press conference at the State Capitol, Governor Doyle confirmed what many have known and felt for months. After arriving home, fresh from a trip to California to co-host a climate summit, the Governor provided charts and graphs detailing Wisconsin's economic health, which diagnose a state budget deficit of $5.4 billion. The health of the state's economy has been caught up in the financial downturn that has swept the nation. While Wisconsin's economy has fared somewhat better than other state's, the economic struggles that plague many sectors of the national economy is now causing the most significant fiscal deficit in state history.

However, there is some question as to whether or not the Governor is stuffing this fowl fiscal mess with requests from members of his own cabinet and agency heads for spending requests that have yet to even be presented by the Governor and approved by the Legislature. So when the time comes to deliver his budgetary address, he can appear to look like a fiscally conservative commander-in-chef, who carved up agency budget requests and removed financial fat that was actually never there in the first place.

Whatever the true deficit figures might be, the upcoming biennial state budget will be challenging at best. I appreciate the difficult position before us as elected officials, to present a balanced budget, but this is a reality that families across the state have been struggling with for months. Now is the time for elected leaders to serve those families and taxpayers who have already provided for the state, rather than simply going back for “seconds” and raising their taxes.

Nonetheless, I am most disappointed that the Governor refused to agree to protect taxpayers and specifically mention his willingness, almost giddiness, to raise taxes on gasoline and those who need to utilize the medical care of hospitals. Taxpayers are finding it difficult enough to make ends meet without the Governor and other like-minded legislators, taking more from their pocketbooks to fill this financial hole.

When I first had the honor of being elected by the residents of the 38th Assembly District, I made a promise to not raise their state tax burden. After being re-elected to my third term, I am proud to say that I have kept that promise and have no intention of going back on my word now.

So while the Governor may be celebrating “Thanks-for-Giving” this year, I hope he will eventually realize that forcing taxpayers to give more won't prevent wasteful and frivolous spending in the future. Instead, we need to work smarter, look harder and be ever mindful of what is best for the taxpayers and not special interests. Budgets are about principles and priorities and I intend to represent and work to protect the hard-working taxpayers who have given enough and will be celebrating Thanksgiving.

November 24, 2008

Twelve Days of Christmas Economic Index

APERH, the Association of Pointy-headed Economists for Ruining Holidays, today released their long-awaited 2008 version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, a popular feature that allows the average layman to see how much the cost of everything has risen since the song’s original writing, in 1542, when the entire list of gifts cost six shillings, three crowns, two hogsheads, and fourpence, plus a meat pie and two comely lasses of virtue true.

“Today more than ever, it’s important to get this information out way in advance of Christmas,” said APERH spokesman Lucille Blarney-Whitte. “Because we want to make sure that the holidays are appropriately ruined by ill feelings about the economy. We wouldn’t want any Black Friday retail boost this year!”

APERH pegged the cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas, which is out of reach of all but rich Sultans and the occasional Wall-Street Fatcat, as follows:

A Partridge in a Pear Tree: Retail value: $0.22, based on the typical cost of pears bought wholesale. Having Danny Bonaduce pose naked inside the stack of pears is considered free, as he is a well-known low-rent attention whore.

Two Turtle Doves: Not available, because cross-breeding a turtle and a dove is wrong, and APERH refuses to play God. Although their Korean affiliation did offer to supply two turtle-doves for only $645,000, with a skunk raptor thrown in for free, this gift violates all biomedical ethics and should be soundly denounced by right-thinking people.

Three Freedom Hens: $147.50. As continuing punishment for our unreliable, shifty-eyed, beret-wearing, mime-loving ex-allies, “French” Hens are no longer acceptable as gifts,

Four Calling Plans: $25 a month (roaming charges may apply). But if your teenage daughter gets infatuated with somebody on another plan, this might cost you way more than that.

Five Golden Rings: APERH regrets that the weight of the golden rings was unavailable, as they were stolen by a wild-eyed McCain voter convinced that Obama’s win signaled the end times. The crazed survivalist buried the rings in a coffee can under the floorboard of his Unabomber-style shack up in the hills, and Federal agents have yet to recover it.

Six Geese a-Laying: $1.99 a pound, or just under $240. Unfortunately, the real value of these geese cannot be realized, as they were all brutally slaughtered when they wandered near a Sarah Palin press conference.

Seven Swans a-Swimming: $752,843,192 (Superfund Site Cleanup Bill). The swans died and their bodies disintegrated because the lake was polluted with toxic waste because of lax environmental regulation.

Eight Maids a-Milking: $642 for the milk. The maids were fired because it was revealed that they were not maidens, but rather tramp-stamped former Kid Rock groupies.

Nine Ladies Dancing: Unfortunately, a catfight broke out when an inner-city dance squad accused the all-white dance squad of stealing their moves, preventing the APERH judge from getting a realistic evaluation of the cost. He did, however, describe the scene as “titillating” and said it might make for “very revealing filming.”

Ten Bloggers Blogging: Free. APERH has updated this, since Lords went out of style with the closure of the upper house of the English parliament. The good news, though, is that anybody who pays for bloggers (singly or by the gross) is a moron, since there are hundreds who blog for free. Please note that you get what you pay for.

Eleven Hash Pipers Piping: $245 in California, Free with cup of coffee in Amsterdam. This is the most regional-based purchase of the gifts.

Twelve Drummers Drumming: $84. Since drummers are the least-talented of all musicians, anything more than minimum wage is overpaying for their services.

Total Cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas: $752,844,575.72

The latest Clinton-era hack being considered for a job.


You just can't make this stuff up.

MRQ “Dammit”

"watter" and electricity don't mix. Wigdy.

Long John Burri's. Arrrrgh. Jib.

The song pretty much sums up the Democrats this year. Plebian.

Conservatives know a good thing when we see it Patrick.

Barabooians. Lance.

“Dammit” = 1 point Jack.

This stuff is like sex for your mouth. Elliot.

it's finally deep enough. Hand me the shovel. Skip

Get your spoons out of it. Wendy.

May I inquire as to what the turkey did The Chad.

Be nice, and I'll Show you my boobies Foot.

a back scratching orgy. Jimi.

I'm #2! Dean.


nothankskbai Amy.

Free Dr. Pepper is always a good thing. TAB.

just not my bumper. Nick.

every day is a no hair day.. Michael

a little befuddled Conrad.

the gangster of love Deibert.

Read ALL of the instructions next time moron! Patrick.

"tweeting" still sounds like a metrosexual term for passing gas. Jones.

Barabooians are smarter. Lance.

This Winter Ale is helping. Aubs.

November 23, 2008


Dear Fred:

Thank you for contacting me regarding constituent mailings. I appreciate hearing from you.

As a member of Congress, it is my responsibility to ensure that the interests and needs of people living in western Wisconsin are well represented in Washington. I travel throughout the Third Congressional District to meet with people and hear their thoughts and suggestions. To further accomplish this, I have annual town hall meetings to bring interested parties together to discuss important issues. As a means for getting out the word and ensuring everyone is invited, I send out mailers and publish these announcements in the local media. I appreciate your letter, and agree that it is important taxpayers' money is spent in a fiscally conservative manner.

I believe strongly in fiscal responsibility and have consistently voted in favor of the economic interests of western Wisconsin. This is why I have opposed pay raises for members of Congress every year since coming to office. One way congressional salaries are adjusted is through an annual cost of living adjustment (COLA). By law, members of Congress are entitled to an annual COLA. The COLA, however, can be blocked by legislation, and I have supported every effort to do so. I do not believe that a COLA is justified. I was elected to Congress to work in the best interest of the people of Wisconsin's Third District, which means practicing fiscal responsibility and balancing the budget. I, therefore, have taken the increases in my personal check each year and donated it to a variety of charities in western Wisconsin.

Further, for six consecutive years, a substantial amount of my office's operating account has been returned to the Federal Treasury. The total returned since 1997 is over $750,000. In addition, I have sponsored legislation that would require such funds to be used for federal debt reduction as well a legislation that would nullify the most recent pay increase for members of Congress.

Again, thank you for contacting me. Should you have further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to be in touch with my office.

Ron Kind
Member of Congress

Nice of Congresscritter Kind to get back to me. Only issue, I never emailed him about this....

Guess the number game.

Correction, the number is 17...

Update: 17, the number of bad guys popped by Jack on 24 Redemption last night.

big hit

How does this guy get up after that hit?!?