November 15, 2008

Weekend Music.

This is one of my favorite bands out there now, Big Daddy Weave.

I love this song!

Turkey Fryer: Your Dinner or Your Life?

A public service announcement...

Don't worry Al, Emperor Obama will forgive your debt.

Audit: Sharpton campaign owes US nearly $500,000

WASHINGTON – Federal auditors have concluded the Rev. Al Sharpton's 2004 campaign owes the government nearly $500,000 for illegal donations and other financial improprieties. Sharpton has been feuding with the Federal Election Commission for years over his accounting in his failed run for president, for which he received $100,000 in so-called government matching funds that authorities later concluded he did not deserve because he hadn't followed campaign laws.

The auditors have now determined that Sharpton owes $486,803 to the U.S. Treasury because of his campaign's taking improper donations, largely from the National Action Network, a not-for-profit corporation that Sharpton leads but is separate from his campaign committee.

Battle station repairs.

After over 2 months, the flagship sU computer is finally fully functional.
Crazy, mad props go out to The Chad, who showed a saint-like patience and enormous amounts of charity in dealing with the (no lie) boxes and boxes of computer parts all over my living room -- not to mention the miscellaneous computer parts all over the house.
Yeah, it was bad.
It wasn't exactly like this...but it kinda was.
Thanks again, Chad!

Now that I'm up and running, I'm going to be mostly AFK for the next few days.

November 14, 2008

Unhinged gay activists (again)

LITTLETON, Colo. -- A fire outside a Littleton church is being investigated as a bias-motivated arson that may have stemmed from the church's position on an anti-gay marriage amendment in California.

Arapahoe County sheriff's deputies responded to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints about 7:15 p.m. Tuesday, about three hours after a church member found a burning copy of The Book of Mormon on the door step.

Andrew at Weazel Zippers makes a great point, Muslim groups also supported Prop 8, why didn't they burn a Koran on the door step of a mosque? Never mind, we all know the answer to that question.....

November 13, 2008

This guy is ticked.

And he is also correct.

IBMS: Oil Companies No Longer Evil

The International Bureau of Moral Standards today announced that oil companies were no longer evil, owing the precipitous drop in oil prices, and that their executives would no longer be considered undesirable people and their profits considered excessive. They have instead been downgraded to “greedy”, in line with most other capitalistic enterprises.

IBMS head Doris Grey-Sterling told reporters that “this is truly an exciting time to be alive, what with oil companies no longer headed by evil, devilish men devoted to destroying the poor, and Americans finally proving that they’re not racist. In fact, everything is beautiful, and we look forward to four years of peace and harmony now. I can’t remember a time when things were possibly better, except perhaps the halcyon days of 1925 to 1928.”

In other actions, struggling artists and journeyman infielders were continued listed as “noble” while all lawyers outside of the public defense and community organizer roles maintained their “soulless” status.

A step in the right direction.

Spam Volumes Drop by Two-Thirds After Firm Goes Offline

November 12, 2008

Darth Thriller?!?

On Peter DiGaudio.

Many people on the left have been bashing me in regards to the speech of Peter DiGaudio after the election. I apparently broke the mold by letting my readers know that Peter was writing again, oh the horror of it all. My email was filled with people asking me if Peter was all right, there was obviously a large concern about his well being. Letting people know that he was writing again was the correct the to do.

Frankly I could care less about those bashing me for that very simple post, they complain about everything I do, it is their default position.

In short, these complainers are the same people who don't seem to have any problem with similar speech from the left. If you'd like to see the local equivalent of Peter's work on the left, do a search for Blue Racine. That's a particularly vile and vulgar site that these same paragons of virtue complaining about myself, Peter and Patrick @ Badger Blogger have no issues at all with. Funny how an acerbic conservative bothers them yet they have no issues at all with acerbic lefties. I prefer to just ignore them, they are not worthy of any energy or effort on my part, I have enough to do.

I too had an issue with Peter's speech but I did the adult thing, I took it to him directly instead of bashing him in a public forum. I also encouraged Peter to explain his actions in public to his readers, he took that advice and I'm glad he did.

As to the left and their continued assault on me...

Big freaking hairy deal, I'm used to it.

Disenfranchising the vote.

SACRAMENTO, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- Forty-three California lawmakers have filed a brief urging the state Supreme Court to void a proposition that strips same-sex couples of the right to marry.

All of the members of the California Senate and Assembly who signed on to the brief are Democrats. The signatories include Assembly Speaker Karen Bass and Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, as well as Perata's incoming successor, Darrell Steinberg, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The friend of the court brief was filed less than one week after California voters approved Proposition 8, which defines marriage in the state as between a man and a woman.


Had Proposition 8 failed would these same Democrats be questioning the result?

Guess the number game.


UPDATE: $ 5,809,595, 2nd place money in the just completed World Series of Poker. (first place got $9,152,416.)

November 11, 2008

Where's my bailout?

Your attention please.

The election was over a week ago.

Please take down your yard signs.

The radical left in action (again)

I've been thinnking for the better part of a day on whether or not I should bring your attention to this article. Frankly it is so disturbing that I hesitate to even discuss it, however in the end we really do need to understand what is happening out there.

Here is the short version.

Radical leftist gays assaulted a church in Lansing, Michigan in the middle of their worship service. They had the press in tow trying to provoke and then record a response from the worshippers.

To their credit the church did not engage the disturbed individuals attempting to provoke them. They got them removed and then prayed that they would "know Jesus' love in their lives and God's peace that exceeds human understanding."

The press in tow did not see fit to warn the church about what was about to happen to them, typical of the leftist media.

This church, Mount Hope, labeled as radical by the Michigan left, is an evangelical, bible believing church whose members provide free 24 hour counseling, prayer lines, catastrophic care for families dealing with medical emergencies, support groups for men, women and children dealing with a wide variety of life's troubles, crisis intervention, marriage ministries, regular, organized volunteer work in and around the city, missions in dozens of countries across the globe, a construction ministry that has built over 100 churches, schools, orphanages and other projects all over the world and an in-depth prison ministry that reaches out, touches and helps the men and women the rest of society fears the most. They also teach respect for all human life and the Biblical sanctity of marriage as an institution between one man and one woman.

The leftists describe this as a "well-known anti-queer, anti-choice radical right wing establishment."

Oh the horror of it all, believing in the sanctity of human life and of marriage, doing good works throughout the world.

I've got news for the radical gay left. The California proposition that denied gay marriage failed because Democrats voted against it. This continued assault on Christianity is absurd.

Additionally, as we enter the Christmas season, I expect the attacks against Christianity by the radical left to increase exponentially from leftists emboldened by the win of Barack (Censored) Obama.

November 10, 2008

MRQ I see snow... *sigh*

no ma'am, I do not have to wear the sticker. Bob.

We have chosen charisma over character. Denis.

The horse farmers want all you suit wearing, wine drinking, civilized people to stay the hell out! Randy.

I’ve always got a rude comment in the back of my head that someone said once Kate.

Anyone attempting to prod my sense of White Guilt can kiss my exonerated ass. Harvey.

"Bloviating Troglodyte" would make a great name for a blog. Lance.

Hummana hummana hummana. Owen.

Oh Trenni you sly vixen! Hurt me! Hurt me! woziszeus

free speech only applies to that speech which conforms to the government-regulated perception of truth. Plebian.

Several recipes include beer as a legitimate ingredient. hale-bopp.

Got Hope? Lance.

I'm not "back" yet. Nick.

Does this mean I won’t get a new gun for Christmas? Bitter


promises to send postcards from re-education camp Jones.

mmmm retirement cake. Amy.

having birthday cake for breakfast Amy. (We might need to consider a cake intervention)

prefer 2 mourn alone Michael.

How can we have a candy machine in this building that doesn't have a slot for Snickers bars? I'm already hating life under Obama. Wigdy.

Did the sun come up this morning? Patrick.

Kenosha has public museums? Ally.

I didn't make TRQ? I'm so quitting the internet. Aaron.

I love your grandmother. Sean

handgun shopping is FUN!!!! TAB.

I see snow... *sigh* Nick.

As the Klingons say, today is a good day to die. Egg.

The only reason to give the auto industry a bailout is to delay the inevitable until its more convenient. EM.

Abuse of Power

Please read this story by Patrick McIllheran highlighting how one Milwaukee Alderman, Bob Bauman, is screwing someone trying to open a business and create jobs in his district.

With government intrusion like this is there any wonder Milwaukee is as screwed up as it is?

Mayor milk carton? Paging Mayor milk carton.


November 9, 2008


Yes, I decided post this here rather than my blog to irritate Fred. As one of my favorite cats would say: "Oop. Ack.Thrrpt!"

Today is my favorite footballer's birthday -- Alessandro Del Piero.

In an era where footballers -- that's soccer to most of you -- transfer teams for millions of Euros each year, and on this side of the pond go into and come out of retirement and switch teams to ease their fragile egos, he has played for my favorite team -- the Bianconeri -- since 1993 and over ~565 games and counting (official site).
Oh, and he's a free kick legend.

Some of his highlites below...
(warning: Techno music)

Some idiots out there thought ADP was too old to play at Euro2008, so the Azzuri got killed.
This is from a game against Rome on Nov. 1, 2008 - 8 days ago.
(warning: Polish. Hey, its all I could find, can't transfer from DVR just yet)

Too old my ass.
Bend *this* Beckam.

Just in case any of you anti-soccer types out there think this is just highlite stuff, think again.
Over the years (as evidenced by the hairstyle changes) I've watched this guy do this stuff and more every game.
A total playmaker, game changer and a genuine nice guy.
Deal with it.