November 8, 2008

Congratulations MRQ of the week winners.

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"b" would be very problamatic for "O". I'll choose "a" for that reason. Still Unreal

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New polls will up shortly including our 3rd quarter semi-final.

Peter is back.

His comeback post.

November 6, 2008

McCain Eager to Return to Regular Job

With the presidential campaign finally over, Republican nominee John McCain told reporters today that he is eager to return to his true job in the Senate, where he hopes to be able to pick up again right where he left off.

"I love the Senate," said McCain in a relaxed interview Wednesday, his first after losing the presidency to Barack Obama. "I have a lot of old friends there, I like working on new legislation, and it's the only place where I can really indulge in my favorite hobby: sticking my thumb in the eyes of conservatives."

McCain said he didn't expect there to be any repercussions for his heated rhetoric on the stump. "I think that most of my Democrat friends understand what politics is about and won't hold it against me. Anyway, all of the worst stuff came from that crazy Alaska woman I was forced to saddle myself with in order to appeal to my base. I always thought that we needed more bipartisanship, which is to say, Democrats in charge of just about everything."

He said that his first priority would be "forming gangs in the Senate to find compromise on any and every issue of importance: energy, defense, the second amendment, whatever. The important thing is that we centrists gang together and meet our far-left opponents halfway, because that's what democracy is all about."

When things get too serious...

There is always the internet.

And this tribute to John L. Williams. Brought to y0u by people (or person) with way too much time on his hands.
Still....its tough to turn away.


All those volunteers....

Yeah, many of them were paid, well they were supposed to be paid anyway.

Caption This

November 5, 2008

Thanks Milwaukee.

Those of us in Racine would like to thank the voters in Milwaukee County for being stupid enough to raise their sales taxes by 1%.

We're open for business down here a full point and a half less than Milwaukee (once Madison gives them the go ahead and once the County Board over-rides Scott Walker's veto).

This could be thing to ever happen to Racine retailing.

Thanks again Milwaukee.

Obama's Cabinet

President Elect Obama is going to have a number of appointments to make.

I think we need to offer him as many suggestions as possible in order to assist in an orderly transition.

I humbly offer the following suggestions:

  • Secretary of State: Sean Penn (He is running around the world all the time anyway)
  • White House Press Secretary: Keith Olbermann & Chris Matthews can share the post(They earned it and can leg tingle together all they want)
  • Secretary of the Interior: Ty Pennington (Dude can fix the infrastructure in this country in a week)
  • Energy Czar: Ed Begley Jr. (We're going to get an enviro-nut, at least he isn't a hypocrite)
  • Chief Speech Writer: Al Franken (I hear he needs the work)
  • National Security Advisor: Diddy. (Diddy said so)
  • Attorney General: James Spader (Denny Crane's liberal best friend, pulease.)
  • Secretary of Defense: George Clooney (He looks the part)

Please add your own suggestions.

Larry's not done yet....

This went out today....

Hi All you Larry Zamba Supporters. By law, we’ve got three days to take down the campaign signs. We need to save them. If you’d like us to pick them up, please e-mail David Corey at Just give us your address. If you remove it, let us know where the sign will be. If you can, please drop your sign off at 24503-75 Street, in Paddock Lake. You can place them by the back door. Please bring the poles too.
I guess Larry wants to come back for another 20 point drubbing.
Hey Larry, if you can not win on the back of Obama-mania, perhaps you should hang it up.

Obama Names 2012 Campaign Manager

President-elect Barack Obama made the first big announcement following his historic victory last night by naming Midas Jones as his campaign manager for his re-election bid in 2012. Obama said he expects to spend quite a bit of time on the stump, raising funds and mobilizing the base for his historic re-election.

“We have a chance to reach out and make a real difference,” Obama told a stunned crowd. “I have a lot of experience campaigning, and I don’t plan on letting it get out of date. And I’m not going to let this historic chance for re-election slip away from me!”

A source close to Obama said that the president-elect enjoyed the grueling, two-year campaign, and that “he’s never had this much fun in his life. In addition to crushing Hillary Clinton, he got to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on his favorite project: himself.”

Obama told his supporters not to despair. “If something comes up in Washington that I’m needed for, I’ll be there in a heartbeat. But I trust Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to continue to provide us the leadership they’ve shown the past two years.”

Joe Biden also jumped in to help, telling reporters that “we’re better off without Barack having his finger on the button, because he’s still cheesed off at Pennsylvania and might nuke them.”

The Obama campaign later notified reporters that Biden would not be available for comment until 2013.

In case you missed it...

Congress Dist. 3
Ron Kind (D) (inc)

Paul Stark (R)

Kevin Barrett (L)

All that attention paid to nutburger Kevin Barrett and he only got 2% of the vote.

It is truly frightening though that up to 2% of the populace is nuts enough to vote for that guy.

I can't be too disappointed

Long time no post

While I did not vote for Obama, I can take his victory and make the most of it in my classroom. Too often today minority children are forced to listen to how hard it is for them in America. Well, a black man worked his way through one of the toughest universities in America and will take hold of the most powerful position in the world this coming January. This should be an inspiration to all children in the world that you can work and achieve even the most daunting of goals.

That said, the NAACP should close its doors now as there cannot possibly be any further advancement, right?

I'm actually encouraged this morning (on a local level).

Last night the country made a decision to go in a different direction.

However, right here is Racine there was a referendum on the ballot asking for a small increase in taxes in order to hire additional police officers.

That referendum went down 56 to 44%.

I can tell you that the people in this town would love to have more cops, they are just not willing to pay any higher taxes. Not willing to pay higher taxes, if the Democrats don't get that concept they will have a VERY short lived majority.

While Racine clearly voted for new national leadership Paul Ryan won a resounding victory garnering 68% of the vote. Likewise, the favorite punching bag of the local left, Robin Vos, easily won re-election with 64% of the vote.

It does appear that the local populace said no to higher taxes and rewarded solid conservatives for their good work.

On a very down note, it does appear that the state legislature went to the Democrats. That cuts the last line of defense in this state against massive tax increases and a huge expansion of state government.

It is my opinion that the people of this state simply can not bear any additional tax burden. I hope the new Democratic leadership understands that basic concept, especially in a trying economy. They should proceed with caution, however my guess is they will not.

Democrats, embolden by their new power, will likely view this as payback. They'll shove their socialist agenda down our throats with great zeal. We the people will need to rise up and let our voices be heard more than ever before.

There is one check and balance left my friends, us. Don't bow your heads, raise your voices. Don't let them expand government, don't let them raise taxes to economy crippling levels.

November 4, 2008

First Space Votes Make History

In a historical first for any election, astronauts aboard the International Space Station today cast their ballots for president. The voting, widely hailed as "taking Democracy to the stars," went smoothly despite the obvious logistical problems attendant with taking votes from people thousands of miles away from their home states.

"It makes Dixville Notch look like the pompous, backwards jackasses they really are," said spokeswoman Helen Thomas-Crudump from ACORN, which had spearheaded the charge to register the astronauts. "And with seven hundred and forty-five people in the space station, most of them registered Democrats from the state of Pennsylvania, it's clear that we need to make sure that their votes are counted."

She noted that "it's just like Fort Penguin, Antarctica, where over two thousand soldiers from the Third Ohio Infantry are currently serving, who ACORN helped to vote early. We're committed to getting every vote to count, in our zeal even sending the same vote to two or three different precincts."

Not everyone was pleased with the move, however. Joe Biden warned that he felt "this might be the first step on the road to a war with the Klingons, or the Russians, whichever one of them it was that had those big ears and drooled a lot. Oh, yeah, that was Laura Bush!"

When no one laughed Biden promised to "throw your asses all in prison once I'm in the White House."


Late Sunday evening I posted a piece highlighting an Obama flyer telling people how to vote.

Among the items listed there was a line telling if you could not prove who you are to bring along a neighbor to vouch for you.

I thought that illegal and researched and posted as much.

The next morning it was brought to my attention that idiotic standard was indeed legal so I did the right thing and deleted the post immediately. Funny thing though, whenever I do the right thing the left always complains about the way I do it. That's what the left does, complains about the right.

The left in their unyielding idiocy has been screaming for a retraction. Sometimes I don't have time to write a flowery piece and only have time to press the delete button, this was one of those times. Until someone starts paying me to blog, that will be the way things are around here.

Fact is in Wisconsin there are no standards to be able to vote.

I apologize for that post in error on Sunday evening.

However, I'm still waiting for all the lefties in the area to put up posts regarding the clearing of Sarah Palin in Trooper-Gate. One sided outrage is such an ugly thing.

Double Voting In Philly

What the hell is going on in Democrat Philly?

Posted for those who will doubt the accuracy of the night-stick story.

Voting Intimidation By Black Panthers In Philadelphia

Vote fraud in Wisconsin.

Follow the days events here.

Palin completely cleared in Trooper-Gate.

Media and their blog attack dogs, silent.

The treatment of Palin in this process has been a complete joke. I do hope people show up today and vote for her and against the ridiculous leftist attack dogs.

And so the Democratic party fraud begins.

A Repeat of 2004 Philly Voter Chaos, Fraud
Posted by: Amanda Carpenter at 7:46 AM

GOP Election Board members have been tossed out of polling stations in more than half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because of their party status.

A liberal judge previously ruled that court-appointed poll watchers could be NOT removed from their boards by an on-site election judge, but that is exactly what is happening.

It is the duty of election board workers to monitor and guard the integrity of the voting process.

Those on site as describing it as "pandemonium" and there may be video coming of the chaos.

Some of the precincts where Republicans have been removed are: the 44th Ward, 12th and 13th divisions; 6th Ward, 12th division; 32nd Ward, Division 28.

“Election board officials guard the legitimacy of the election process and the idea that Republicans are being intimidated and banned for partisan purposes does not allow for an honest and open election process,” said McCain-Palin spokesman Ben Porritt in a statement to Townhall.

The City of Brotherly Love was roiled in controversy during the 2004 election because of rigged voting machines that showed nearly 2,000 votes for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry before the polls had opened. A man also used a gun to intimidate poll workers at Ward 30, division 11 in 2004.

November 3, 2008

Shocking: Obama's Attack Ad On Himself

H/T No Runny Eggs

Write In Casper

Remember, if in doubt, write in Casper.

Let's bring back Bill the Cat & Opus.

I'm tired of politics.

From now on, all Leave it to Beaver all the time.

MRQ, you're still probably a racist.

If the lunch truly is free, the demand for free lunches will be large. Ann.

you’re still probably a racist Lance.

you are just selfish. Patrick.

I’m dumb, but I ain’t THAT dumb! Kate.

I have no intention of chasing anyone stealing yard signs clad only in a bathrobe. Wigdy.

One Darth Vader, struggling with his helmet. Two young Jedi, lean and taut. They seemed less interested in tracking down the Sith Lord than in my basket of Smarties, however. Grumps.

It's like I ate a bran-muffin with a little TV Guide mixed into it. Casper.

Say “Sieg Heil” to the nice people. Peter

I’m voting against Barack Obama’s white half. Aaron.

I categorically deny I’m a scumbag. Steve Egg.

Florida wants a nude polling place. Hale-Bopp (Talk about suppressing the vote)

International crisis in 3, 2, 1... Josh.

Or maybe she just wanted him to register to vote. Again. Leslie.

I think you left a hanging chad... Heather.

OH MY GOD!!!! You’re trying to find the Halloween Candy!!!!!! Tony.

I was going to dress up like a communist for Halloween, but Barack Obama stole my costume. The Chad.


Obama's energy plan. Bankrupt new plants. TAB.

I can still drink I'm good. Michael.

in fetal roll with hands over ears. chanting "no no no..." Badger Blogger.

no one even half drunk should be allowed near a keyboard Pete.

Suicide Bunnies, ghosts, and the worst tv shows of all time. Dan.

If I were a moose walking around Atlanta I'd be nervous Keith.

What? There's no actual Joe the Plumber country album coming out? *Sigh* Ally.

100 Days of Moo. Amy.

FREE STUFF for voting. Morning Brew.

dude, I know Obama says you should have Nov 4th off, but the Big Boss says you can have Sunday off! Jones.

Why does YouTube sometimes now default to French kevin.

okay, fine. Be that way ;) Chris.

Damn skippy I'm a wuss! Kate.

It's the NFL version of Teddy Higuera. Wigdy.

Once again, I'm extra-crispy. Egg.

Oprah says the touch-screen voting machine didn't register her vote. Who the f@#$ cares? Its CHICAGO. EM

Four hours of lit dropping, two hours of trick or treating. Lance.

November 2, 2008

Slippery Slope 3.0

Drinking Right Election Night

Sign thieves caught in Burlington.

Racine County McCain Co-Chair Joshua Kuehn caught a pair of sign thieves in his yard last night.

I'll let him tell the story...

I was going out to my truck to get my laptop, all of a sudden I see this guy running through my yard. He grabs a hold of the Women for McCain sign from my front yard. I yelled to him " Hey want to go to jail?"

The guy looks at me and starts running across the street. When I rounded the house (in my bath robe, mind you) I noticed a white jeep. I left the chase for the guy and ran towards the jeep as I was trying to see the plate number. The lights were off on the truck so I could not see the license plate. Once the driver realized what was going on he put his foot on the gas and took off down the road. I turned around ran inside (put some clothes on) and then called the police. I jumped in my truck and went around the block. I found the jeep one block away picking the other guy up.

I then called the police back and followed the truck, about 8 blocks away the cops caught up to me and pulled the Jeep over. Inside were two while males who looked to be in their young 20's. The police pulled two of my signs out of the Jeep. The officer came back and asked me, "What would you like done?"

I stated, "I want them to go to jail." The one officer nodded to the other. Then they were both taken out of the Jeep placed in hand cuff's and put in the back of the squad car.
Pay attention on the 10 o'clock news tonight, I understand channel 58 & channel 12 are going to cover this story.
Racine GOP Chair Bill Folk issued the following press release:
Obama Supporters Caught Stealing McCain Yard Signs.

Burlington, WI - On the evening of 1 November, McCain-Palin Racine County Co-Chairman Josh Kuehn spotted someone in his front yard. As he watched, the man grabbed a McCain-Palin yard sign from his front yard.
Kuehn then noted a vehicle moving slowly down his street with its lights out. He shouted for the man with the sign to stop, but he ran off, and the vehicle drove off at a high rate of speed. Kuehn quickly called police and took off after the thieves. He quickly spotted the vehicle a block away, picking up his dismounted accomplice. Kuehn followed the vehicle until police arrived and arrested the two perpetrators. The attached photographs document the arrest.
Additionally, the Racine County Republican Party would like assistance in solving the thefts of hundreds of yard signs in the Racine, Mt. Pleasant, and Caledonia areas. Multiple victims have provided a description of a white, late model, full size, short-bed pickup truck driving suspiciously in the area around the time of the thefts. The Racine County Republican Party is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver of this vehicle.
The Racine County GOP encourages those who have been victimized by intolerant Obama supporters to pick up replacement signs at our Racine Victory Center, located at 6500 Washington Avenue in Mt. Pleasant, or our Burlington Victory Center, located at 248 North Pine Street in Burlington.

The Racine GOP has sought to take the high road in this election, and offered to issue a joint statement with the Racine Democratic Party, condemning yard sign theft and offering a joint reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing or vandalizing any political signs this campaign season. The Racine Democratic Party has not responded to this offer.

Hey Bill, next time you talk to them ask them about the hundreds of illegal Obama Biden signs in the area being distributed by the unions. Oh yeah, no one cares when Democrats break election law.

Good Question.