October 25, 2008


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October 24, 2008

Daffy Duck Donates Dollars to Democrats

Hollywood superstar Daffy Duck today confirmed reports that he had donated thousands of dollars to various Democratic candidates, and said that in his estimates nine out of ten cartoon stars support Barack Obama for president.

"Everybody I know is hoping for Obama to win it," said Mr. Duck. "That's why cartoon stars as diverse as Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat have come together to support him. Even Popeye, like most other members of the cartoon military, is voting Obama this year."

Like many early cartoon stars, Mr. Duck has seen his box-office appeal slump in recent years as computer-generated cartoons manufactured overseas have come to dominate the industry. "Obama will change that, though," Duck said. "He supports tariffs on studios that do cartooning outside the US, to help us regain our competitive edge. I've urged all my friends to do everything they can to help him get elected. That's why I've been so pleased to see that they all show up on his donor list, even Doctor Feelgood, who I had thought was strongly apolitical."

"And it's not just Obama, either," Mr. Duck continued. "We're contributing to those down-the-line Democrats as well, including one of our own, the cartoonish Al Franken."

Support for the Democrats was far from universal, though. Perhaps the most famous holdout is Bugs Bunny's foil, Elmer Fudd, who is also president of the National Animated Rifle Association. Fudd, who like most 70-year-olds now suffers from early-onset dementia and a severe speech impediment, said in a statement that "we must be vewy, vewy, qwuiet, because I'm hunting wabbits."



If everyone is going to vote obama....
If the rest of the world wants obama to win....
If the news media and hollywood are in the tank for obama....
If all the polls show obama up by 2-13 points....

Why does acorn need to produce all those fraudulent voter records in about ~10 "swing" states?

NBC is a joke

Film at 11.

Be careful folks.

The Dems want to come after your 401Ks now.

October 23, 2008

Where's the news?

TMJ 4. Raw Video: 300 Ballots Disappear In Racine

Racine Journal Times Online. _____________________________________

Nowhere is a story to be found on this issue. (one of their community bloggers has a post up, but nothing from the paper itself)


Had to steal this one from Patrick.

October 22, 2008

UPDATE on the Obama textbook story.

Last night The Racine Unified School District met and among other things discussed the process of how they review and choose textbooks.

The district still misses the point that the teachers hold a great deal of power and could have chosen to at least cursorily cover John McCain but they made the choice not to do so. This was exceedingly bad judgment on their part and should be considered and discussed as well.
One very interesting comment popped up from our original post on the issue. The poster unfortunately used the anonymous tag but they seem to be someone within Racine Unified Schools who knows what they are talking about.

Here is what that individual had to say:

Interesting posts. But what most people do not know is that the book was the only textbook delayed in being sent to the school. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY!!!!!!! It was a different version than the textbook approved by the teacher’s council that selected that book. The original version that was reviewed and chosen by the teachers DID NOT have the text about OBAMA. This text was added without notifying the teachers or school administration. Talk about Mein Kompf. This is indoctrination by the publisher himself. What no one is asking is what the publisher's connection is to OBAMA and potentially Bill Ayres. AGAIN THE TEACHERS DID NOT APPROVE THE VERSION SENT TO THE SCHOOL. IT WAS ADDED SECRETLY BY THE PUBLISHER!!!

Do remember that the publisher, Alfred McDougal, has given maximum donations to Obama, Dick Durbin as well as state and national Democratic Party organizations (including Wisconsin). If what this commenter claims is correct, I believe a complete review of all material published by this company should be reviewed for basic fairness. My educated guess is that their bias comes through in the vast majority of their printed texts.

Our students should get an education that is not biased to one side or the other.

The school district does seem serious about doing a review; hopefully the full truth will come out.

Possible Threats to a Nascent Obama Presidency

Thanks to inside sources close to Obama campaign, I have managed to procure a copy of the list of crises that they think will present a clear and present danger within the first 90 days of an Obama presidency. Further, they've outlined what they think the most probably response of President Obama would be, and taken the pains to outline some other scenarios which present better outcomes.

I understand that the list has not yet been reviewed by Obama, because he's been too busy working on his acceptance speech for the 2012 inauguration. But here it is, as imagined by his own campaign:

The Moose Shot Heard 'Round the World

Dangerous radical Sarah Palin, known member of the Alaska Independence Party, will formally secede from the United States and declare Alaska an independent theocracy as punishment for losing the presidential election. The breakaway province will likely be supported by both Russia, to weaken the US, and by Canada as punishment for rewriting NAFTA.

Obama's Response: "So long, rednecks! Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you!"

Better Response: Implore the UN to insert peacekeeping forces in Alaska to secure a long-lasting peace similar to what is enjoyed in spots around the world where the blue-helmeted soldiers have become synonymous with peace and harmony.


When a group of eager Cub Scouts tramples the White House garden, first lady Michelle Obama will be furious and insist that the President "show those rude boys proper behavior." She may even insist on corporal punishment.

Obama's Response: With a fearsome will reminiscent of Walter Mitty, Obama will call the Cub Scouts in for a meeting. In a hilarious turn of events, Obama will end up as Pack leader and take the boys on a campout where, after a series of misadventures, he will end up swamping his canoe and lighting his shoes on fire.

Better Response: Disband the boy scouts and require 40 hours per week of community service from every child under the age of 18, just to show that Obama is not the be trifled with.

A Night in Ford's Theater

A high school drama company stages a performance of the dreadfully unfunny "The Mouse that Roared." The President and his entire cabinet are held hostage for four hours by the troupe, who are only slightly more lifeless than your average George Romero zombie.

Obama's Response: In a tearful emergency State of the Union address, Obama announces that "this day I have surrendered, totally and without precondition, to the Grand Duchy of Fenwick. I pray that they will be merciful and just to us, even though we don't deserve it."

Better Response: All high school drama groups are outlawed. It's just a cover for illicit drug use and people shagging in the costume rooms anyways. And everybody knows the cool kids do debate and chess club anyways.

Maltese Missile Crisis

Long jealous of Sardinia's excessive influence over the naming of small canned fish, Malta obtains short-range missiles and insists that unless the world henceforth renames Anchovies the "Royal Sovereign Fish of Glorious Malta" they will destroy Sicily.

Obama's Response: After insisting that "this is not the Malta that I thought I knew" he'll invite all parties involved over to the White House for a reconciliation dinner of his favorite dish, "Pizza with olives and Royal Sovereign Fish of Glorious Malta" and a side of "Belgian Fries" just to be on the safe side.

Better Response: Surgical air strikes on Portugal which, though not involved in the controversy, should serve to prove that the US means business. This will be followed by an angry speech by President Obama in the UN, ending with him banging his shoe on the table and shouting "we will bury you!"

The Thomas Cruise Incident

Katie Holmes shocks almost no one when she announces that she's separating from Tom Cruise, calling him "a religious weirdo" and implying that he is a closet homosexual. Hollywood is outraged and demands that President Obama do something to set the young starlet straight, particularly to prevent Tom Cruise from ruining yet another nubile starlet, as is his wont.

Obama's Response: Unable to refuse such a powerful part of the Democratic party, President Obama swings into action and requires that the couple attend weekly marriage counseling with supertherapist Dr. Phil, with Obama himself sitting in to "help heal their fractured souls." He also creates a bill (quickly passed) requiring that all divorces must be approved by the husbands. The bill is approved by NOW, which calls it "a significant progress in equalizing the sexes."

Better Response: Those are pretty good, but also Scientology will further be recognized as "the guiding philosophical principle of the United States" since it was the religion of the founding fathers. This will not require a constitutional change, since on the back of the constitution they find written in crayon "Scientology rules! TJ"

New York Post retracts Obama Lobster story.

The New York Post has retracted the Obama room-service story.

They say Obama did not even stay at The Waldorf while in New York.

I'll be deleting the blog post I did on that story, it would not be fair to keep it posted.

Election 911

H/T Peter

Open Thread.

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Amuse yourselves for a little while.

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October 20, 2008

MRQ, go get the damned bear.

Messiah is above my pay grade. John McCain.

The entire mess emits a stinkAnd makes me start to crave a drink.... Dr. Sanity.

pffffffffft Owen. (Owen has a leak folks.)

Aaron the Drunk and part-time Buckeye. Aaron.

for the love of all that's global warming, go get the damn bear. Jones.

I didn’t know it was Sweetest Day…. I’m a loser Ric.

Curse you, Target! Elliot.

Men… think before you speak or breathe Tony.

Excuse me while I go and find my insolated socks! Shoe Box.

I’d compare them to animals in the zoo, but that’s an insult to the animals. Peter.

I like 70 degree October weather Jimi.

Go team! Just, don’t go where we can see you J Gravelle.


What am I going to drink now? Jones.

so many ideas in my head... Amy.

I got Congress beat by 14% bitches!! Nick.

wonderinf if the Red Sox would be nice enough to teach the Cubs how to actually mount a rally. Keith.

I would have chosen porn but to each his own. TAB.

Writing really punny headlines. Michael.

A shot of espresso or a shot of tequila... which is more helpful on a frantic day? :-/ Ally.

I pay better attention when I'm asleep :-) Egg.

Some things are worth the $.99 EM.

I have to say...I planned that "Joe the Plummer" thing pretty well. Bill Clinton.

Playing whirly ball!! Pwn'in some n00bz Justine.

(sadly) this one is rated PG-21 Aubs.

MRQ of the week catch up.

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9-15 Winner, Should Barrack Obama focus his efforts on battleground states or should he continue with the 57 state strategy? Denis.

9-8 Winner, Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work? The Asian Badger.

9-1 Winner, I swear, blogging is like crack. Lance

8-25 Winner If we drink at all Biden's gaffes, we'll be stumbling to the polls in November Leslie.

ACORN history.

Ballotpedia has a wonderful historical record about ACORN.

Check it out.