August 30, 2008

Hypocrisy on parade.

Isn't it fun to watch the Democrats come right out and tell women they should not vote for a woman in Sarah Palin strictly due to her sex yet they have no issues with people voting for Obama just because they want a black President.

Ah, having it both ways, the status quot for Democrats.

Pelosi's Energy Event Gets Crashed, Then She Hops in an SUV

Red State Update: Sarah Palin Picked As McCain's VP

August 29, 2008


Q: Do you think the "Democrats of JFK" of today would ever utter the sentence "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for you can do for your country"
A: Chances are slim to none and slim took the last train out of town.

This is not the original video, but the words are so unbelievably on cue.

Not so proud.

A coworker hit me up with something that struck him while watching the Hillary speech the other night... A couple of things actually.

She went on and on about how she was a proud Democrat, a proud Mother, a proud supporter of Barack (censored) Obama, a proud just about everything.

Except one.

No where did Hillary mention that she was a proud wife.

Also, while Bill was there applauding Hillary, when Bill spoke Hillary was nowhere to be found.

What's it all mean? Beats me, but the writing would appear to be on the wall for the couple from Hope.

It is apparently official.

Sarah Palin will be John McCain's VP.

August 28, 2008

Guess the number game.


Update: Kudos to Petunia on this one. 0, the amount of time I expended on the Obama coronation.

Isn't this precious.

'Ole Vlad the Invader is actually blaming Bush for his country invading Georgia.

He should write for Dim Underground.

Clinton Simply Following Obama Pattern?

New York's Junior Senator Hillary Clinton may have ended her 2008 presidential campaign last night by encouraging her supporters to acclaim Barack Obama the nominee, but make no mistake: she's following a template forged by the master politician himself.

"Think back to the 2004 convention, when the Democrats nominated their weakest candidate in a half-century," said a source at Politico. "Who delivered an electrifying address that catapulted him onto the national stage? An unknown Illinois politician with thin credentials and a far-left background named Barack Obama, that's who. Is there any reason to think that 2012 won't see history repeat itself?"

Though many were sad to see the end of what has been called "Donna Reed meets Cinderella meets Mr. Smith goes to Washington", Clinton Supporter Evelyn Millbanks put the loss into perspective. "Four more years of seasoning and accomplishments will definitely put her on the short list for 2012. After all, a dream deferred is still a dream, right?"

Pundits said that, while few rated her chances late last year, her campaign success has opened eyes to just how far a woman can go. "To come this far, and almost grab the brass ring, really shows you how far this country's advanced," said one commenter. "There's no shame to losing out to two political heavyweights like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, that's for sure. She can be proud of what she did."

Read the real record.

Our liberal denier Folkbum recently told us in comments that Obama was not really all that liberal.

Oh really?

Go read this Washington Times article that shows time and time again that Obama is left of most Democrats. They do this by (gasp) looking at Obama's actual voting record.

Congratulations Democrats you are nominating a guy who votes against tougher sentences for gang bangers and votes in favor of sex offenders. (Ferraro was correct)

H/T Jay Weber.

There goes that economy not fitting the template again....

Economy rebounds in 2Q, mostly spurred by exports

Quick response? Nah...

The ads write themselves.

I didn't know there was "xtreme" reality.
(yes, foust, those are indeed scare quotes)

August 27, 2008

Poll: More People Eating Dog Food

A recent Zigby poll showed that the number of people who answered that they have eaten dog food in the last two months has more than doubled. Analysts said that the reason for the sharp increase could be a variety of factors, from the rising cost of food and fuel to the increasing homelessness forcing people to steal food from their neighbor's dog to anxiety over the war in Iraq.

The phone poll, taken from August 21 to 24, surveyed 832 people and asked the question "Have you eaten dog food for any reason in the last two months?" 0.6% respondents answered "Yes", whereas only 0.2% of respondents in a similar poll taken in June answered affirmatively.

Poller John Zigby said that this signaled a shift in American attitudes about eating pet foods. "It used to be that only college students, two-year-olds, and the elderly ate dog food, but now we're apparently seeing more and more people eating it as a meal. I'll grant you that it is delicious, but to me this is an indictment of the entire military-industrial complex and the unlawful Bush war that has led to people eating first their pets, then pet food. Soon they will be reduced to devouring their shoe leather."

Both campaigns seized upon the poll as evidence of why they should be elected president, with Obama saying that McCain "will only continue to drive you to the pet-food instead of the whole-food aisle" and McCain telling an audience in Iowa that "the only choice Barack Obama can offer you is whether you want dry food or canned."


Oooo things are getting fiesty.

Why I'm A Conservative Republican


Tax for Charity?


The Chairman of the Ohio Democratic party is calling for increased taxes so government can give back to charities. You see if they would be given a choice, greedy Americans would choose not to give to charities so we need government to do it for us.

What an ass.

Maggie has the details.

Why doesn't this surprise me?

Team Obama trying to silence free speech.

Its not like the people have a right to know about the man trying to become President....

August 26, 2008

Fantasy Football Update.

The Cheddarsphere 4 League is full. (Draft is this Saturday morning)

If you would like another shot at me the JT IRregulars league is looking for two more victims to fill out their league. (I'm looking at you Spiraling Colby)

League ID: 407124
Password: Becker

Be sure to join under Football '08, not Football Plus '08

Democrats Suffer Buyer's Remorse

Democratic stalwarts today admitted that they had made a "grave error" in nominating Barack Obama, admitting that his wife Michelle would make a "much more compelling candidate" and hoping that in the Obama administration the position of First Lady "can be something more critical than simply welcoming dignitaries and hectoring children about drug use."

"Her speech was fantastic," said independent journalist Keith Olbermann. "Simply the greatest oratory delivered within the last hundred and fifty years. All of the passion, courage, and political conviction that you can possibly imagine was wrapped up in that speech. I cried so hard my glasses fogged up."

Even opponents were amazed at her political acumen. "Who would ever have thought to use children and touching anecdotes of a candidate's personal life to connect with voters and earn their sympathy?" asked conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan. "She's like the cool of JFK meets the political wizardry of FDR! Continuing to keep Michelle under wraps would be a morally outrageous equivalent to putting a tarp over the Statue of Liberty or waterboarding Bozo the Clown."

Not all Democrats were pleased. Former president Bill Clinton told reporters that the speech didn't do enough to heal the wounds from a bruising primary. "I didn't hear enough about Hillary or about my legacy," he said. "This convention should be about how the Clinton legacy has been tarnished by eight years of Bush and the Republicans, and what we're going to do about restoring it. And the first step of restoring the Clinton legacy is to have a Clinton at the helm."

Where's Folkbum?

On the news of a Milwaukee School Board member ripping off the taxpayers by charging them for a conference she never attended, I assumed Mr Holier than thou liberal education guru would have some words to share.

Shouldn't a teacher be upset over taxpayer dollars being wasted that could be used for supplies or really important thing like more wages and benefits?

That's right Folkbum has degenerated into nothing more than a leftwing attack dog. He doesn't have time for looking into his own house...

Caption This Beer Related Tragedy.

Hey, Lucy...

Could one of the Obamalemmings esplain to me how selecting a grey-haired, white man who has spent 30-some years in congress, ran for presitent 3 times (?), has been summarily dismissed by voters during those attempts is a greater harbinger of change over selecting a woman who gathered almost 1,900 of the primary delegates and wants to change basically every part of the "system?"

(Don't get me wrong -- in my opinion, this is akin to Obama bowling....)

Let the chirping begin.

Do you care?

The Big 10 network is coming to your Time Warner cable box.

Do you care?

I don't.

August 25, 2008

MRQ before the sun goes down even...

Sabathia has wood. Battlekow.

DAMM....Drinkers Against Mad Mothers. TAB.

My give a damn is busted Kate.

it is the hour of the PUMA TeeBee.

Yep, I see a 57 state landslide now Patrick.

Do blue-collar guys get hair plugs? Mary

Dude, where's my bounce? Plebian.

Beware the PUMAs! Egg.

I watched the whole thing... Who won? :-) James.

this chap has a better chance of encountering Bigfoot than a "hot naked girl." Dustbury.

How do I get named Jerk of the Week? Wigdy. (Dude, they named the statue the Wigdy, what more do you want?)

60% of my posts will deal with funny hats. Chris.

Jimi found these, sorry he did not have links but they are worthy!

Anonymous bloggers suck.

The Olympics are over. I can get back to porn.

So they downgraded global warming to climate change. Isn't that what's known as seasons?

I could save Microsoft 10 million with this: make it work.

Hillary was passed over . . . again. She ought to be used to it by now.

I hate cats. I hate dogs, too. Especially weird owners.


I have Twitter's Block Dr. Blogstein.

in an undisclosed location, with both VP nominees and the real Bigfoot Conrad.

will have to fall back to plan B.. Bolt cutters Badger Blogger.

Ok, synchronized swimming is so effin creepy. Felicia.

Got my obama txt... Amy.

From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee. Nick. (KAHN!!!!!!!!!!!)

Pack wins....Crew wins....and Biden is the Veep candidate. A perfect day. TAB.

The Inexperienced, Geographically-Challenged Ticket. kevin.

If we drink at all Biden's gaffes, we'll be stumbling to the polls in November. leslie.

JT IRREGULARS: Lets play "Guess Who Said This...."

JT IRREGULARS: Lets play "Guess Who Said This...."

Gee that was the easiest quiz in the history of mankind.

Drug Raid Uncovers ACORN Vote Fraud

Nothing to see at ACORN, move along, keep writing checks.


New McCain ad featuring Waterford's own Debra Bartoshevich.

You go Debra!

August 24, 2008

Uncle Jay on the Conventions.

MRQ Polls

I am waaaaaaaaaaaay behind on the whole MRQ of the week thing.

I'll be posting multiple polls, please vote in as many as you can!

Our last MRQ of the week winner and the second entry in the third quarter semi-final round was Peter.

And Rosie O’Donnell will be the next Miss America.

Our second quarter semi-finalist turned out to be... me.

I suddenly feel the need to grab my Bible and go buy a gun.

I just have to say it.

After all that build up about be the first to know via text message.

Barack (censored) Obama even teased us a couple of days in advance saying he had reached his decision.

All that planning to get headlines and what happens? The press gets leaked the name hours in advance of the text message and when Obama is ready to introduce Biden he introduces him as the next President of the United States.

All that buildup and all Obama proved is that he could not even get a simple announcement right.

Brewer Brooms

Bring on the Cards.